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Budget for 100 Layers Poultry Farming In Nigeria We can estimate that a total of 1,426,551 Naira is needed to start a 100 layer poultry farm in Nigeria. Note: This amount is estimated. It may vary depending on several factors Depending on the duration you want to hold your birds. #300,000 can hold 100 layers for 3+ months and they will be healthy. Their drugs are very expensive, there are drugs of 20k and if you miss any, blindness may crop your birds in one week. Happy Farming. aridedon Active Member Answered on November 17, 2017 For example, the following are the estimated cost of rearing about 50 layers, 100 layers, 200 layers, 300 layers and 400 layers respectively in a tabular form; Cost of Raising 50 layers in Nigeria, Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000 The total cost of rearing 100 broilers in Nigeria is; Total Cost = (DOT + Plywood + Charcoal + Charcoal burner + Starter feed + Finisher feed + Vaccine + Vitamin and Antibiotics + Feeder, Drinker, and Wood shavings) Total Cost = (36,000 + 1,900 + 3,000 + 3,000 + 40,757 + 109,763 +3,030 +11,400 + 13,500)₦ = ₦222,35 And some of you requested the cost of raising 1000 layers in Nigeria. So, in this post, I am going to give an estimated cost and profit for raising 1000 layers in Nigeria with an estimated cost of 1000 capacity battery cages. As usual, this article will be divided Into two parts; Part 1: Cost amount for raising 1000 layers in Nigeria

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Each type of feed is priced slightly differently on the basis of a different balance of ingredients. But taking an average, in Nigeria broiler feed could fetch for ₦240.00 per kg. So the equivalent cost of feeding a broiler bird from day one to week 6-7 is roughly speaking: ₦1272.00. Layers Cost of Rearing 100 Layers in Nigeria (2021) Cost of Rearing 500 Layers in Nigeria (2021) Search. Disclaimer!! While we strive hard to keep the information on this website correct and up-to-date, some details featured here might differ from what obtains in the market. Browse Our Site Ade3000yrs:. Cost of setting up 1000 capacity Poultry (layers) In Nigeria COMPETITION farmers-customer relationship should be created by giving some incentives and prompt supply of eggs which will be well packaged so as to attract referrals,Integrity et Hello afrimash,am interested in rearing 300 layers of bird but I want the prices of the birds and cost of feeding them,cost of the battery cages to contain the 300 layers.i need your response urgently my address is Port Harcourt

Cost Analysis for 100 layers The poultry sector is one of the most organized and vibrant segments of the agriculture industry in Nigeria . This sector generates direct and indirect employment and income for about 1.5 million people. The daily increase in population as make the demand so high The price of a Carton of Layer chick in Nigeria is Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Naira (N15,300). You can still use this formula to calculate for the cost of 100 layer chicks, the cost of 200 layers, 300, 400 and so on. Cost of Raising Layer in Nigeria. There had been several questions from new farmers as regarding how much it cost to feed 100. Profitability Analysis of Layer farming in Nigeria. 500 birds have the potential to produce 8,670 egg crates for you over 18 months if well raised and handled, i.e. 17 crates a day from the 2nd month to the 18th month. For N900 - N1000, you can conveniently sell one crate of the egg. So, eggs alone will produce N7, 803,000 (8,670 X N900. Cost Of Rearing 100 Layers In Nigeria. May 21, 2021. Write A Comment Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. READ THESE. Lastest Roofing Sheets Prices in Nigeria 2021. By Rotimi Artful July 1, 2021. 7 Most Common Types of Toilet in Nigeria

Today on this space, I will be answering the question what is the cost of fencing a plot of land in Nigeria. I'm doing this cos even though I've written so much about calculating the number of blocks required to fence a plot, an intending landlord also needs to know the cost of fencing which includes the cost of blocks, cost for cement and the amount set aside for workmen on site Looking for small scale poultry farming in Nigeria, the profitability of poultry farming in Nigeria, poultry farming in Nigeria pdf, poultry farming business plan in Nigeria, layers poultry farming in Nigeria, how much can start a poultry business in Nigeria, feasibility study on poultry farming in Nigeria and cost of rearing 100 layers in Nigeria?see details her Poultry farming in Nigeria is already and established and profitable business idea. The economy of Nigeria is mostly dependent on farming or agriculture sector. Poultry farming in Nigeria can play a important role in the total national income of the country and fulfill the annual nutrition demands Komorov at 16 weeks N750 per 100 dose. Total cost for vaccination = N7,050. Total cost of raising 500 layers in Nigeria so far =612,000+7,440+7,050= N626,490. At 21 weeks they start Laying. Will expect 80% of the 500 birds to be laying. =400 eggs per day. We have 400eggs/ 30per creates= 13.33 creates x N 850price per create= 11,333 in a da COST ANALYSIS FOR 2000 LAYERS FROM DAY OLD TO THE POINT OF LAY # : k1. 2 Labourer for brooding/rearing (5mths) @ #10,000 each 100,000: 00 One Of The Most Profitable Businesses In Nigeria

cost of rearing 100 layers in nigeria. by February 26, 2021. by February 26, 2021 0 comment. After the investment the poultry farm will generate an annual income of about 30 000 SEK. supplier fails to deliver, or you fail to pay - agree compensatoin which will be collected appropriately, to reflect the loss of the other party. The following. Poultry Farming in Nigeria startup costs: 500 birds (point-of-lay layers): N800,000. 5 cages (96 birds-per-cage) to house the 500 birds: N400,000. Cage house or pen construction: N1,000,000. 18-months' worth of feeding (using packaged feeds): N4,968,000. Total startup capital for 500 birds (layers): N7, 168, 000

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  1. 676633.8. Benefits Cost Ratio (BCR) = 676653.8 (income/expenditure) 523346.2 (cost/expenditure) = 1.30. Thus, using the benefit cost ratio as a tool of analysis for the above broiler production cost and returns, the business is viable. NOTE: all the values used in the above calculation are the best of the real and contemporary obtainable values
  2. According to ThisDay Newspaper, Nigeria's poultry industry is worth over N1.2tn as of 2017. From a market size perspective, Nigeria's egg production is the largest in Africa followed by South Africa. Chicken importation (with the exception of day-old-chicks) was banned by Nigeria in 2003, which spurred growth in domestic poultry production
  3. g income if you are growing broilers. If you are doing 100 - 1,000 birds you need about 100,000 naira - 700,000 naira to raise them and your revenue will be within 200,000 naira - 3 million naira. If you are doing 1,000 - 3,000 birds you need about 800,000 naira - 2.5 million naira
  4. Battery Cage. ₦ 125,200. Quick views 1.Dimension of cage: 1950L*2050W*1650H (mm) 2.Dimension of cell390*450*380 (mm) P 3.Capacity:4 chickens/cell, 5 cells per cage; 3-tier cage feed 120 chickens per unit. 4-tier cage feed 160 chickens per unit. 4
  5. g options in Nigeria. 1. Goat far
  6. Small Scale Example: Cost of Rearing 100 Layers Example [A]: Cost Projection For Raising Layers For Eggs in Nigeria. 1. His online research has lead him to get up to speed quite quickly. More than 311 best deals for sale Buy Poultry Cages online Jiji.co.ke is the best FREE marketplace in Kenya! Cost is 2500 x 8 = Kshs 20,000 per month
  7. A fully grown healthy chicken sells between 2,000 to 2,500 naira in Nigeria. Therefore, if you produce 12,000 chickens in your farm, you will be making N24 million by the time they are completely sold. 4. Egg market in Large too - Apart from the chicken, the egg is another money of it's own

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  1. Feed cost or Chicken cage cost? cost of rearing 500 commercial layers; january 23, 2020. cost of rearing 500 commercial layers. People often ask me. The following is estimated cost for raising 100 kienyenji chicks once you have a structure build to house. You mean you run a farm in a slum? What the exact cost for rearing 1000 layers in a chicken poultry farm? Instead of feeding 1,000.
  2. Cost summary: a. Doc- 19,000 b. Wood shaving-400 c. Charcoal-600 d. Vaccines-1,600 e. Drugs/Vit-2,300 *f. Company made feeds-43,400 g. Your own feed-26,000 *Transportation cost of feeds -1,500 Total -#49,900 *omitted in Total. What I have just shown you is the production cost of raising 100 Broilers. You also need a housing for your chickens.
  3. Cost of Rearing 100 Snails within Six (6) Months. Now going back to our main topic of the day, below is how much it will cost you as a snail farmer or an intending snail farmer to breed 100 snails within six (6) using Nigeria as a case study. STAGE 3: Cost of buying breeder snails called point of lay @ N400 each (100 Pieces) #40,000

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  2. Budget Assumptions: All prices in USD and a rough guide. Mortality (death) rate of 5%. Production period - approximately 6 weeks. The poultry structure or cage and equipment is already available e.g. chick fonts, chick feeders, drinkers, feeders, infrared lamp, brooder, etc. Live weight after 6weeks ranges between 1.95-2.4kgs
  3. g means raising egg laying poultry birds for the purpose of commercial egg production. Layer chickens are such a special species of hens, which need to be raised from when they are one day old. They start laying eggs commercially from 18-19 weeks of age. They remain laying eggs continuously till their 72-78 weeks of age
  4. Broiler and egg farmers have called on the government to intervene to alleviate losses associated with the high cost of procuring day-old chicks and feeds as critical inputs in poultry production
  5. YAP Proposal #254: 200 Layers Poultry Production (Zainab Yalma, Nigeria) I am Mrs. Zainab Yalma, from Biu local government area of Borno State Nigeria, I was born on March 7, 1988. I'm a Bsc. Holder of Zoology at the University of Maiduguri, I own a business enterprise named NKWAR BWALA BUSINESS VENTURES registered under the Borno Youth.
  6. Poultry Layers start to lay eggs at about 19 weeks of age. When starting a poultry egg production business, you will have to make a decision of whether you start with day old chicks or point of lay birds. You can buy layer chicks and feed them till they are 19 weeks

A 1000 layers poultry farm. To farm 1000 layers is not a joke. You need to automate as many tasks as possible. The layers are in cages. The cage can fabricated a the farm using the normal wire mesh. The wire mesh can be painted to increase durability. Feeders can be improvised from drainage water pipes cut in a half The prices of chicken feeds vary in Nigeria, depending on the brand, seller, and several other factors. Here are the average prices of 25kg bags obtainable on the market. This price list answers the question how much is a bag of poultry feed in Nigeria? Hybrid Feed Layers Mash: N2,500 - N3,500; Hybrid Feed Growers Mash: N2,750 - N3,10

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Such as Ghana, Uganda and so on. A.The cost of battery cage is very different. 1.common battery cage. Small farmers make themselves, for 100 birds or 200 birds, even less, they bought wire mesh, feeding and drinking tough to assemble simple battery poultry cage. 2.battery cage made in Local. Cage suppliers own shop and simple factory, cutting. 5 out of 5 (4) ₦ 375,500.00 ₦ 359,750.00. Buy Now +. We have the 16 weeks point of lay, 14 weeks point of lay and 12 weeks point of lay hens. The 16 weeks old point of lay birds are not vaccinated with the 3-in-1 vaccine NB+IB+EDS). As most farmers prefer to supervise the final series of vaccination in their farms before the onset of laying. Starting Poultry Farming in Nigeria. Poultry farming is of different types such as duck rearing, rearing chicken, quails, turkey, emu, broiler, etc. However, the principles and practices underlying are the same. Below are the five basic steps you need to follow to start a profitable snail farming business in Nigeria. Steps include This article about layer feed consumption chart and weight gain will also do well to answer your many questions, including: How many bags of feed you need for your layers. What the average weight of layers should be per week. The average weight of layers at point of lay. The expected feed consumption rate per week for layer The Egg Breeds (Layer lines) PS Layer line, consists of the popular and high performing ISA Brown, Bovans Black and Dekalb-Amberlink. These Layers are the most popular brand in Nigeria with over 60% market share. They are highly adaptable layer breeds known for optimal technical and economic performances. Product

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In Nigeria, most of the duck rearing in the country are raised on a free-range system alongside with domestic chickens. The most popular species in the country are Muscovy, White Pekins, Buff, Blue Swedish, Aylesbury, etc. You can start the rearing with a foundation stock, which is sold for N20, 000 depending on the breed Poultry house construction for a 1,000 layer farm in Nigeria, for example, could cost you for carpentry, bricklaying & labour: ~N.120,000 (this is an absolute guess, based on these two posts: Total Cost To Start A Poultry Farm - Nairaland / How To Start A Profitable Poultry Business - Mr. Pepe

i am a distributor of high quality poultry feed in nigeria. i sell at an affordable rate of #2,500 per 25kg bags and #5,000 per 50kg bags. we have starters,growers,finisher and layers mash available.we distributes to all parts of nigeria. *paim oil (25liter) #8,000 *unadulterated honey (1 liter) #2,800 *a day old broilers #360 *a day old layers. Cost of setting up 5000 capacity Poultry In Nigeria 1. Building: A single building that can contain three rows of cages would be suitable. The width should be a minimum of 12meters and length of should be 35meters. Utilize the cage detail below in construction bearing in mind that each row will have a gutter. Cage: Poultry Chicken layers cage. Below is the cost estimate for raising 100 Improved Kienyeji Chicks up to the time they start laying the eggs. Mostly, they start laying at around 4 to 5 months. Kindly note that the calculation are based on the current market prices which may vary with time and with your locality The major problems that poultry farmers encounter in the study area are inadequate capital (100.00%), pest and disease (100.00%), lack of credit facilities (100.0%) and high cost of feeding (80.0%. Cost of raising 500 layers in Nigeria and profitability analysis. 10 Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria. Agriculture. January 15, 2021. 10 Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria. 10 Effects of Erosion on Agriculture in Nigeria. Agriculture. December 29, 2020

Layer poultry farming is a very common and popular business throughout the world. Starting this business is very easy and simple, even the beginners can also raise them. Actually layer poultry farming means, 'raising eggs producing birds for the purpose of eggs production' The total cost for hiring business consultant - $2,500. The total cost for payment of insurance policy covers (general liability, workers' compensation and property casualty) at a total premium of - $9,400. The amount required for the purchase of the first set of layer chickens - $10,000 Feeding till 22 weeks 130,000 naira. That implies it would cost 179,000 naira to raise 200 pullets to the point of lay. Meanwhile, when the birds start dropping eggs, the consistency only starts from third to fourth week. By then, each bird is supposed to drop one egg daily Taking the weight of poultry birds, averagely 1 kg, you can earn about 10,000 (birds) X Rs. 100 (lowest meat rate in the market) = Rs 10,00,000 means in a very short time period, you are going to earn about 100 % of returns, which you had spent to establish this business Poultry house design of 5000 layer with chicken cage in Nigeria. 1.Chicken house: L × W × H = 168ft × 22.6ft × 11.5ft (51m×7m × 3.5m ) 2.Wall height: 1.65ft 3.Wire mesh height: 9.85ft 4.Walking way: 3.6ft 5.Pit width: 5.9ft 6.Distance between cage row and front wall or end wall: 5ft 7.24 sets/row 8.2 rows totally 9.48.

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Kienyeji Poultry Farming: Below is the cost estimate prepared by Neo Chicks for raising 100 Improved Kienyeji Chicks up to the time they start laying the eggs. Mostly, they start laying at around 4 to 5 months. Kindly note that the calculation are based on the current market price estimates which may vary with time and with your locality System of rearing: Deep Litter system: Batch size: 1000+5% extra: Batch interval: 52 days(45 days rearing +7days. cleaning period) Mortality of birds: 5%: Cycle size: 1000: Cost of day old chick: Rs.25: Cost of kg of feed: Rs.28.00: Cost of equipments( waterers feeders etc.) Rs.15/bird: Cost of insurance medicine vaccine etc. Rs.4/bird/yea This revised guide is for individuals interested in raising poultry for egg production, whether on a commercial scale (full or part time basis) or as a hobby, with some financial benefits. The guide provides basic information to raise a poultry flock of 500 birds. The information could be adapted for any number of layers one wants to raise From the day a layer chick hatches, the chicken takes about five months before it starts laying eggs. As a poultry farmer you must be prepared to meet the expense of rearing these young birds (pullets) through this period. Feeding the young pullets is a major challenge. In an effort to cut down costs, many farmers make the mistake t You can sell a healthy, full-grown chicken in Nigeria for 2,000 - 4,500 naira depending on the size and weight. If your farm yields 1,000 chickens, you can make a minimum of 2 million naira by the time you have completely sold them. You can also make money by selling the eggs of the layers

2; Set Up a Tilapia Business Plan. The major step you should take when trying to set up a tilapia farming business is to first write a business plan. This business plan should contain your capital, the estimated amount or cost of feed. The amount of money you spent on purchasing the tilapia fish fingerlings List of prices in Benin City (Nigeria) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Mar 2021. Compare the Cost of Living in Benin City with any other city in the world Provide five hanging feeders, each 50 cm in diameter with 20 - 25 kg capacity for 100 layers. Place the feeders within 3 meters of water. Stir the feed few times a day to promote eating. Water space of 2.5 linear cm per bird should be provided. Increase watering space 25% when temperature goes above 27oC Feed for Laying Birds. Starter: Layers can be given broiler starter in their chick stage. This is given for the first 8 weeks. They can also be given chick mash. Grower Feed: Given from 8 to 20 weeks or when 5-10% of the birds start laying. Layers Feed: It is introduced when 5-10% of the birds start laying and it is given until the birds are sold

Noiler Farming In Nigeria, the New Game Changer. Noiler farming in Nigeria has come to stay, especially for those seeking to attain economic and financial stability.. Visiting and having a first-hand experience on a free-range Noiler farm on the outskirt of Minna the Niger state capital, has aroused in us an unwavering love for this colorful, good looking breeds of chicken Estimated Cost Breakdown to Open a Poultry Farm Business in 2021. It is important to note that poultry feed cost is one of the most important factors contributing to the overall cost of a poultry farm business and should be considered as a major factor when carrying out your costing and economic analysis Always watch out for the hidden costs before making a final decision. GET YOUR FISH FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA. To place an order, pay N10,000 to. After payment text your name and your e-mail address to 08060565721 and you'll receive your FISH FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA / FEASIBILITY STUDY PDF

Brahma Chicken. ₦ 7,000. Matured brahma chicken for sale, at an affordable prices. they are very healthy and strong, both for consumption and for breeding. note that the price is for each one. Ogun State, Ipokia, Jun 27 - Livestock & Poultry - Chickens Snail farming in Nigeria is a type of animal farming which involves the rearing and raising of snails in an artificial or man-made environment. Unlike other types of animal farming, snail farming is an exceptionally good agriculture business because of the following reasons: ProfitabilitySnail farming in Nigeria is very profitable. The gross profit margin possible in snail farming is a minimum.

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The total operating cost of the project is Ksh 84,990 to get a gross profit of Ksh 3.510. Similar to raising 100 chicken, the labour cost is Ksh 6,000 to get you a net loss of Ksh 2,490. As a beginner, you will incur a one-time capital expenditure of Ksh 143, 740. costs and profits of rearing 500 broilers in Keny Kienyenji is the most economical and marketable as it is dual purpose type of poultry. Improved kienyenji chicks can begin to lay eggs after 4 - 5 months. The following is estimated cost for raising 100 kienyenji chicks once you have a structure build to house. The cost may vary depending on time and the locality. 100 Chicks 3 days old kshs.

A KW/H of electricity as at March 2019 from the Electricity company of Ghana cost 0.05 Dollars that's 0.27 gh per Kw/h. For 100 broiler a 13-15 watts bulb would be okay. therefore each broiler would need about 0.15 watts [ 0.000015 Kw] Electricity consumption for each broiler I Cost of construction one no. of brooder cum rearing shed space size 1 6 per bird a low cost poultry shed with cemented floor size = 800 sqft 26 6 x 30 = 798sqft Rs90/sqft 71,820.00 II. Cost of Poultry equipment such as Feeder, waterer, brooder& misc. items Rs25/bird 12,500.00 III. Cost of othe expenditure on power, adm.and othe How many bags of feed for 100 broilers? A broiler would consume an average of 4.25 kg from day old to end of the 8th week. So, 100 broilers would consume (4.25 X 100) = 425 kg or 17 bags of feed for 8 weeks. How much would it cost to feed 100 broilers to maturity? It would cost you roughly #83,640 to feed 100 broilers in Nigeria

A 100- 150 mm layer of straw, wood shavings or rice hulls is placed on the floor of the shed. Keep the litter at a depth of 150 mm by adding more fresh material when necessary, as the scratching of the birds and their droppings cause the material to break down into a compost-like material adjusted by raising or lowering the lamp. Heat lamps should be hung securely by a chain, to minimise the risk of fire. They must not be hung by the electric lead. Because of the possibility of a lamp failing, a spare globe should be available. For brooding small batches of chickens (up to 50) a normal incandescent 100 W spotlight globe may b In budgeting for feeding, a bag cost about N2,200 today and could feed 100birds for 3 days. A bird at good lay point generate between N6 to N10/day as gross profit. This means that a flock of 100 laying birds could generate N800 profit per day, and about N24,000/month hence by implication 500 birds could generate N120,000/month Achieving a 100% in the method of organic farming in Nigeria is far from being actualized. One way or the other the organic farmer has to make compromises in housing, pedigree, feeding, drugs etc. Many organic poultry farmers in Nigeria usually have to combine natural and synthetic means when rearing organic poultry

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As a result, many poultry farmers in different parts of the country want to know how they can make their own feeds in order to cut down costs of production. Feeds account for more than 80% of production costs. A farmer who manages to bring down this cost to about 60 to 50% will make good returns in the poultry business Whichever way, Layer farming is considered the most lucrative of all poultry farming. This is because Layers do two things, they lay eggs which fetch good money in the market, and are equally sold for the meat. A full crate of pullet eggs sells for about N500, while a crate of semi-pullet sells for N650 wholesale price Total crates =6446 × Ksh 320 (cost of one crate) Total revenue = Ksh 2,062,720 Gross margin = Ksh 970,720 Profit per Month = 51,090 Conclusion. Therefore rearing layers is profitable in the long run, i.e in the two years. You need to plan before investing in layers as your hens will stay for up to 18 weeks before starting laying meaning no. While broilers if we start with 400 birds it is possible for us to loss 20 birds to diseases at the process of rearing them. LAYERS If layers are been rear, it takes 18 weeks to start laying egg, if we start with 1000 birds and we loss 5% of it so we have 950 surviving layers and with proper management of feeding and other maintenance of the. days. The Starter represents a small proportion of the total feed cost and decisions on Starter formulation should be based on performance and profitability rather than cost. The digestible amino acid levels in the feed are important aspects and must be considered when purchasing feed. (See Table 1

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Expected Income Returns for Pig Farming are high. The average weight of Boar =200 kg. The cost of 1kg pork is Rs. 200 Rs. (However, it varies). Meat cost from 1 Boar/sow = 200 x 200 = Rs. 40,000. Average income from 20 Boars/Sow = 40,000 x 20= Rs.8,00,000 Broilers Vs Layers Startup Cost Initially, starting a poultry farming business requires much capital to begin with but the less startup cost is needed to start a broiler farming compare to layer. Broilers need clean water, few vaccines, space, light, and food, within 7 weeks (roughly 2 months) they will be ready to sell and you can start. These are:-. 1. Fats. Chicken use fats for energy since fats have high energy density. A type of fat known as linoleic acid is known to improve on the egg size. Chicken need between 3% to 5% fat in their feed. 2. Carbohydrates. Chicken require energy for all the activity, growth and production B. Different sizes of nail cost $67 C. Building Planks will cost $1000 D. Zinc 10 bundles $434 Once a carpenter has completed his work on the land, a bricklayer needs to work on the land as well. A brick layer's work on the land is to dig the deep litters, smooth-en the floor with cement and to set bricks round the pen house Price of total animal cost = 250 x1675 = 4,18,750 (Four lakh eighteen thousand and seven hundred fifty) Goat Farming Cost and Profit - Cost of Feed/Fodder:- The following is about feed consumption cost calculation. Feed consume by goat kids per kg weight gain = 3 kg. Number of goat kids born = 90

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Point of lay chickens/Layer chicks. Chicken Layers start to lay eggs at about 19 weeks of age. You can buy layer chicks and feed them till they are 19 weeks, or the more popular option of buying them when they are at the point of lay i.e. at 19 weeks of age Consider purchasing started pullets. Evaluate the cost of raising a started pullet yourself so you can compare it to your dealer's prices. Here are some tips and tricks to help you calculate costs. Multiply your chick cost by 1.1 to allow for possible death or culling. From hatch to 20 weeks-old. Leghorn pullets will eat 16 to 18 pounds per bird

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Poultry farming is the raising of domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. Poultry are farmed in great numbers with chickens being the most numerous. More than 50 billion chickens are raised annually as a source of food, for both their meat and their eggs Main findings were the following: • Aquaculture production reported for the five countries was found to vary between 1 000 and 30 776 tonnes per annum. While Nigeria was the largest producer, Zambia reported the lowest production. • Nigeria was the largest producer of manufactured aquafeeds (10 760 tonnes both in 2000 and 2001)

The total cost of 200 pigs is N500, 000 + N600, 000 = N1, 100, 000 After six months, I assume that 200 pigs will be added making a total of 400 pigs. This assumption is based on the lowest possible birth rate. On the average, a pig gives birth three times a year with average birth rate of 10 piglets I'm going with the assumption that you just have capital, and nothing by way of land, infrastructure, and the chicks to start with. Now, for the land, it depends on your location. Land is cheaper and readily available in the rural area, and better.. Raising Broilers Broilers are hybrid chickens bred for fast growth and finish. Typically raised to about 5 pounds, they are usually processed between 7 and 9 weeks of age. Birds slaughtered between 9 and 12 weeks of age, typically weigh between 7 and 10 lbs. and are called roasters. It's possible to enjoy a continuous supply of chicken by.