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icloud upload so slow Open | Phone Recently my friend bought an iphone 12 128GB, he currently has an iphone 7+ 256GB last ios version updated, the problem comes when trying to pass the data from his older iphone to his new one since he has 138GB of data (right now) Hey. I have an issue that my upploading is very very slow, (it doeasnt upload for 2 days a 77mb video) from PC to iCloud. Any idea? Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts As the title says, I get awful upload speeds. Tried to upload a movie yesterday (3.2Gb) and it took maybe 3-4 hours? Anyone know how I can fix this? My bandwidth is 100/100 mbit/s so that is not the issue. I live in sweden btw. Thanks! As far as I know, iCloud is way to slow, always

Upload to iCloud photos is terribly slow. I have about 18k of photos and so I decided it would be nice to not lose them and store them on the iCloud. But after THREE days, I still have 16k photos to go. My home connection is fiber with 1/1gb speed... Anyone has any idea why it is that slow or I should just cancel the iCloud and go for google. I remember how slow and bugged iCloud was, endless creating a backup.. and stuff like that. Now I have a iPhone 12 Pro Max with 11.000 photos and im trying to upload them. Well, after 8 hours only 1500 photos are uploaded. Yes charged, restarted, paused/continininiuted, nothing works. Since 15 Minutes the upload dosent continue

Slow upload : iCloud - reddi

Sign in to iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using Apple services To do that, visit Apple's System Status page, and then look up the status next to iCloud Drive — a green-colored dot indicated no issues, while a red-colored dot denotes the opposite. If iCloud.. One of the common problems with iCloud Drive is delay in updating. You've just waited for ages for files to be uploaded to it, but once they're there, you can't see those additions from your other Macs or iOS devices iCloud sync is usually reliable, but sometimes you'll find contacts, calendar events or other content fails to sync between all your devices in the few seconds it should take Generally, photo upload is very slow on iCloud especially when a full library is uploaded. If there are iPhone videos to be uploaded to iCloud, it's going to take even longer. It will be quite normal to take hours for a large photo library. This is not an iCloud photos not uploading problem and you may just wait

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  1. Sometimes the old backup might make iCloud backup slow or stuck because it is the incremental backup that iCloud produces. The compatibility of two backup files might conflict. Deleting the old backup and try again. #6 Check backup size. iCloud backup might be stuck by no enough storage
  2. In iCloud Drive on iCloud.com, select the files you want to download, then click in the iCloud Drive toolbar. The files are saved in the Downloads folder on your computer (or other folder specified in your web browser's preference or option settings). Learn how to use iCloud Drive on iCloud.com on a phone or tablet. See also Upload and.
  3. Solution 1: Restart Your iPhone/iPad. If the videos on iPad not uploading to iCloud, we recommend restarting the iOS device. This is a simple fix, but in most cases, a simple restart is capable of fixing most of the issues on iPhones or iPads. So, press, and hold the Power button
  4. Uploading will automatically restart at the next hour, day, or month, depending on which limit was reached. If you enabled iCloud Photos on your iOS 8.3 device or on OS X Yosemite v10.10.3, My Photo Stream will upload your most recent photos to share with devices not using iCloud Photos

Stop Using iCloud. Apple's iCloud has a long and troubled past, but the company keeps pushing it for iPhone and Mac users with every new operating system update. Don't be fooled. The service. Despite the iCloud preference pane throwing an ominous error, the problems did indeed disappear. However, there's a nasty side effect of turning iCloud off and back on: iCloud Photo Library needs to re-upload all your photos. It does this in order to compare the library's contents to the synchronization truth at iCloud

Jul 25, 2017. 1,206. 1,433. Apr 12, 2021. #1. Anyone else notice that the uploading of photos to iCloud is slow, erratic and is paused more times than not? Even with full battery, on wifi, plugged in, most of the time I check and it says paused so I have to hit resume to start it uploading again. It's maddening. 12 Pro Max iCloud Drive is a convenient option for cloud storage on Apple products, but there are serious privacy concerns. Apple iCloud security has greatly improved since the days of the infamous photo.

And this also slow down the speed you upload photos to iCloud. Follow the steps to see how to turn it off. Go to Settings > Battery. Turn off the low power. See, you've turned off the power mode on your device. Fix iCloud Photo Library Cannot Download Photos via 3rd Party Tool Real Working iCloud Data Recovery - iMyFone D-Back [iOS 15. Click the iCloud icon in the Windows Notification Area on your PC. Click Download Photos. Choose the photos and videos you want to download and click Download. If you edit a photo on your PC that you've already uploaded to iCloud Photos, you can change the filename of the photo and upload it to iCloud Photos again For the longest time, Google had the pricing advantage over Apple as they offered a free plan that covered most people's needs. With the discontinuation of that in 2021, it's now time to put. There is a clue suggested by Apple, one of the very few non-generic fixes available for such problems: create a new document and save it [to iCloud] to see if it uploads to iCloud. If it does, see if other documents start uploading. Yesterday, in the midst of multiple updates and downloads, I tried uploading a 5 MB file from one Mac. 1.) Yes, you can pause the upload for one day by going to Photos -> Preferences -> iCloud. 2.) Deleting all photos from Recently Deleted may DRASTICALLY reduce the number of photos being uploaded. For me it went from needing to upload 1200 to needing to upload 700

No further progress. iCloud Drive will not upload to iCloud. Everything that appears to be queued is stuck at 95%. No new directories are created. No files transferred. bird is busy doing whatever bird does, and brctl monitor com.apple.CloudDocs|grep % returns a huge list of docs waiting to upload. As mentioned Oct 27, 2014. #1. For over a week iCloud Photo Library on iOS 8.1 has not uploaded anything. It says Uploading 230 items. If I take a new picture, the number increases. Yesterday I got a notification saying iCloud Photo Library has not updated in 7 days. :roll eyes: No idea how to fix this, and it's really bugging me Click on iCloud. Click on Options next to iCloud Drive. If Desktop and Document Folders is disabled, enable it. If it enabled, un-enable it. Uncheck the Optimize Mac Storage and click Done. Redo the opposite of this to re-enable iCloud. Move all Documents and Desktop items back to their respective area

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Slow iCloud sync. Assuming that iCloud is set up correctly (as shown here), your cards should automatically update on all your devices, usually within seconds (there is no sync button that you have to press).However, sometimes it can take a while, from minutes to hours, for your changes to appear on your other devices iCloud — Apple's iCloud has been a poor experience in Windows, but a new update seeks to fix that It brings over several iCloud features that weren't available in Windows before Next, select photo > settings > iCloud > optimize mac storage or set to download originals if you'd like to make a backup at the same time. You'll need to have enough iCloud storage to store.

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Tap iCloud. Tap Photos. Make sure iCloud Photos and Upload to My Photo Stream are toggled on. 5. iCloud Storage: Do You Have Enough? If you don't have enough iCloud storage, your iPhone or iPad won't be able to perform several key functions, including uploading pictures and videos to iCloud Photos Open iCloud for Windows. Make sure you're signed in with your Apple ID. Next to Photos, click Options. Select iCloud Photos. Click Done, then click Apply. Turn on iCloud Photos on all of your Apple devices. In iCloud for Windows 10 or later, you can also choose to use Shared Albums, and customize the location of your Shared Albums folders To select 500 Photos, click on the First Photo > Scroll down 50 rows > Hold the Shift key and click on the Last Photo in 50th row. If you have less than 1000 photos, you can follow the steps below to select All iCloud Photos and download them to an External Hard Drive. 1. Using Mac or PC go to icloud.com and to your iCloud Account Sometimes your iCloud backup is slow. There are several reasons why iCloud backup is so slow. It is slow because, it uses Wi-Fi network to backup your iPhone or iPad. Network speed and backup size are two main factors which affect the iCloud Backup speed. You can easily increase iCloud Backup speed

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  1. See your photos on any device, anytime. Add or edit photos and videos on one device, then see them on all your devices. Set up and use iCloud Photos. To explore the iCloud User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page, or enter a word or phrase in the search field. If you need more help, visit the iCloud Support website
  2. The first paid plan Dropbox offers to consumers is Dropbox Plus, with 2TB of data for $11.99 per month. This (out of the box) matches the top end of iCloud's storage, costing $2 more per month.
  3. Upload photos to iCloud using CopyTrans Cloudly. If you got yourself an iPhone driven by its intuitive interface, you are going to like this: CopyTrans Cloudly is easy to navigate and can upload big amounts of data to iCloud in just a couple of clicks. Besides, Cloudly is the only app to help you out if you need to recover your permanently deleted photos
  4. Sometimes content doesn't upload to iCloud or it uploads okay but doesn't sync to your other devices. When this happens, you can force it to upload or sync again by turning iCloud off and on in your settings. Take a look at your iCloud settings for the particular device that isn't syncing, use the instructions we gave above to do this.
  5. In iOS 10 and earlier, iCloud Photo Library would only upload over Wi-Fi. But in iOS 11, Apple enabled uploading over cellular data. This is great if you've got a high data cap, but not so good if your cap is low and you shoot a lot of high-res photos and slow motion video. So here's how to turn it off

With iCloud for Windows, you'll have your photos, videos, mail, calendar, files, and other important information on the go and on your Windows PC. Download iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft Store. Here's what you need. Make sure that your PC or Microsoft Surface is updated to the latest version of Windows 10. Stay connected and wait for the restore process to finish, then complete the rest of the onscreen setup steps. If possible, keep your device connected to Wi-Fi and plugged into power after setup. This allows content like your photos, music, and apps stored in iCloud to automatically download back to your device How to Make Sure iCloud Is Backing Up, Syncing Your Data. If you've felt the pain of losing all the photos, videos, and documents saved on your iPhone, or want to avoid it, iCloud is your friend Apple confirmed on its system status dashboard that many iCloud services were experiencing slow response times. The features affected are iCloud Mail, iCloud Drive, Find my iPhone, Back to My Mac.

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  1. To install iCloud for Windows, use the following steps. Download and install iCloud for Windows. After installation, launch the iCloud app and sign in with your Apple ID and password. In the iCloud app, select the option to sync Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks, then click Apply. Once the setup has finished, launch Outlook
  2. Whether you're moving a file over to iCloud Drive or copying a file to iCloud Drive from the Mac, you may want to know the upload progress as the file is transferred to iCloud. Fortunately the Mac Finder makes this easy, and you'll be able to see the status of uploads to iCloud Drive from several locations in the file system
  3. Step 3: Delete the iCloud backup. Lastly, you can just get rid of the iCloud backup file as it could be accumulating unwanted space on your iCloud storage. For this, just go to your device's iCloud Settings > iCloud Storage or Manage Storage option. Now, tap on the Backup option to select a relevant backup file, and delete it subsequently

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While iCloud Photos is a great feature for viewing your entire library at a glance from any device, it comes at a cost: You need to have an internet connection to truly take advantage of the service's cloud storage.. If you're syncing and uploading your images over Wi-Fi, this isn't a huge deal, but if you tend to look at a lot of images and video over cellular, you may want to take a look at. To do this, go to Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Backups -> iPhone/iPad. Doing this will take you to the following menu, as shown in the screenshot below. Here, you can use the toggle to uncheck the data that you don't want to include in your next iCloud backup and reduce the size of your backup effectively

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A Comcast upload-speed mystery — Comcast hides upload speeds deep inside its infuriating ordering system Comcast upload speeds of 3 to 35Mbps are hidden until last page of checkout From what I know, uploading to iCloud will always be slower than downloading from there. However, a more accurate answer (if my understanding is flawed) could be given by developers directly involved in building Apple iOS apps Involving secure and.. I have two 50KB files saved in iCloud Drive. Using FileManager, saved in an iCloud container. The problem is that they take forever to upload. I waited 2 hours and they are still in this waiting to upload status. Both my iPhone and iPad having this issue. Is there a way I can force it upload? Or at least put it into priority queue The issue is, iCloud, just like every other cloud storage application, relies on a fast, stable connection in order to function properly. Automatic syncing of documents, images, and videos can be interrupted or fail to transfer altogether, manually downloading that important work document when you're at a jobsite can be equally problematic. I have 1/2 a gig of upload speed but i'm showing about 200 gig going up and I have not limited by upload speed at all. When doing an icloud backup from an iOS device it uses ALL the bandwidth and that slows other devices on the network and often disrupts connections so I think this may be intentional to throttle the upload of photos

Contacts, calendar events, and to-dos. iCloud syncs all of this, so copies exist on every device. Disabling iCloud or iCloud going away won't delete local copies unless you choose to remove data. Part 4: iCloud backup best alternative: Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS). iCloud backup taking forever may persist because this method is inherently slow and somewhat outdated. We have for you Dr.Fone toolkit- Phone Backup (iOS), which is the fastest and most efficient alternative to backup your iOS data and also restore it whenever you'd like Upload files directly from an external hard drive using the iCloud website. From the iCloud Drive page, you see an upload button at the top of the window. This only allows you to upload a single file at a time. It isn't possible to transfer multiple files, or even folders, to iCloud Drive without first storing them on your computer


- From Reddit. Situation 2: YouTube uploading is slow. I tested my upload and it seems OK, so I guess it has something to do specifically with YouTube. How do I fix it? Any fast solution to solve how to make YouTube uploading faster? - From Quora Reddit; iCloud Photos is probably one of the most impressive services that Apple is currently running. It's built into every iOS, macOS, and tvOS device (and iCloud.com), and Apple has to be.

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2. Tap Preferences. 3. Tap the iCloud tab. 4. Ensure iCloud Photo Library and Download Originals are selected. This will download and keep all images on your Mac. 5. Alternatively, if you have Optimize Mac Storage selected, simply select Download Originals instead and wait for the download to complete You can upload photos to iCloud from your iPhone, iPad, PC, or Mac computer and easily sync photos across all of your devices. Menu icon A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines

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The iCloud daemon seems to upload changes within a few seconds to the iCloud server when changes are made when the device is online. However, I've notice that when changes are done offline to the local iCloud container and then the device goes online, the iCloud daemon is inconsistant on when it uploads the changes Apple made changes to iCloud.com and made it easier to download iCloud photos in bulk. You'll get a zip file of your photos and videos After sending an iCloud link, if you want to stop sharing your photos and videos before the link expires, disable it by opening the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and select the For You tab.

Apple has pulled version 12 of iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft Store, based on user reports.The update included support for the iCloud Passwords Chrome extension released on Monday.. As. iCloud backup is taking hours and days, but never finishes, like forever. It has exhausted all my patience, because every time I try to make a backup for my iPhone 6, iCloud backup is so slow. How to speed up the iCloud backup? Maybe we should answer why does it work so slow first Believe it or not, we've seen a few iCloud sync issues on devices where Wi-Fi was disabled, sluggish, or unstable! Check your iCloud storage. Try freeing up your iCloud storage anyway and see if the issue is resolved. Check iCloud server reliability. Occasional iCloud service failures are more common than you think Using an app specific password has helped many users fix the iCloud Drive does not sync issue and they were then able to sync their files with iCloud Drive without any issues. Generating a password for an app is extremely easy and the same can be done from the official Apple website. Once you have an app password, simply use it with the iCloud. Apple has always offered an iCloud app to allow you to access things like Photos, iCloud Drive files and other information on Windows. It's worked, but it felt slow and somewhat limited in features

1.3 Toggle iCloud in Messages on and off. Besides, switching iCloud in Messages button on and off may do the trick, too. You can have a try based on the steps below. Step 1: Go to Settings > your account on iPhone. Step 2: Click on iCloud option and under its lists, turn off Messages button. Step 3: After a while, turn it on again Learn how to free up space on iCloud or buy more storage from Apple.) Then follow the steps below to sync your iPhone photos to iCloud. Step 1: Go to Settings App on your iPhone in iOS 11. Step 2: Choose [ your name] > iCloud > Photos. Step 3: Toggle on iCloud Photo Library to start to upload your iPhone photos to iCloud

All your documents remain available in iCloud but are removed from your Mac-so you'll need to get them back; Step - 3 Transfer files. Now that you have chosen to remove desktop and documents from syncing to your iCloud drive, you need to transfer these files to their original locations on your Macbook Apple's iCloud Photo Library is a great service that makes it easy to sync and back up your photos and videos so that they're accessible across multiple devices, like the best iPhone, iPad, and Mac.However, we highly recommend even backing up your iCloud photos because no service is failproof — if you are serious about keeping irreplaceable photos and videos safe, you want a few redundancies.

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If you get the 'Not enough iCloud storage' alert you can still back up your iPhone. Yes, you should be backing up your iPhone regularly. Here's how to do it even if iCloud won't let you Its not Just SLOW Upload speeds that are a problem. Agonizingly slow Simple Searches are just 'not fit for purpose' with OneDrive for Business . When I search for files using Windows File Explorer on Windows 10 it is agonizingly slow. I have an i7 6 core computer and running Office 365 for Business iCloud photos sync to onedrive I operate in the Apple world and my wife uses Windows. We have Office 365 on my wife's windows laptop which has a 128G ssd - w/1T of onedrive cloud storage. I have a very large icloud photo library which is syncing to the onedrive camera roll which is not a problem - the problem is the onedrive is syncing back to. 1. Check iCloud.com. Numerous issues can prevent iCloud Photos from uploading photos from your iPhone in the first place. If that's the case, then they will not sync over to your other devices

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Photos hogged more than 2GB of memory on my iPad. Take advantage of the cloud. With any Apple device, you get 5GB of iCloud storage free. (If that's not enough, additional storage starts at just $.99 per month). Turn on iCloud sharing: go to Settings > iCloud > Login or setup a free account > Photos > iCloud Photo Library (Beta) 4. Complete. Turn off iCloud photo sharing. 1. Open Settings on your iPhone. 2. Tap on your name (Apple ID). 3. Tap on iCloud (should be the first subtitle below name, security, and payment). 4. Tap on.

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Apple. The Most Annoying iCloud Music Library Issues We Hate to See. Posted on August 12th, 2015 by Kirk McElhearn I recently wrote about a number of Apple Music annoyances; issues you may see when using Apple's new streaming service.But there's another source of headaches in the latest version of iTunes: iCloud Music Library Download and install iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac or Windows. Sign in to iCloud. Open iPhone Backup Extractor and click Click here to add an iCloud account, or the + icon. That'll bring up a window which will let you add your iCloud account. Signing in to iCloud with iPhone Backup Extractor

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Select iCloud option. A Storage & Backup window opens up. Move the slider from left to right to turn ON Back Up to iCloud. Tap Back Up Now button to upload videos from iPhone to iCloud. This is how you can upload videos from iPhone to iCloud iCloud is a great service released by Apple. With iCloud, whatever you download on one device can easily be downloaded on another device. Downloading photos from iCloud to iPad is common among ipad users. When you upload your pictures to iCloud, there are chances that you will want to transfer them back to your iPad at some point iCloud and OneDrive offer only 5GB of storage. You can pay $1/month for 50GB, $3/month for 200GB, and $10/month for 1TB on iCloud. The 200GB and 1TB plans come with family sharing options, which. How to Turn Off iCloud Desktop & Documents on MacOS. Go to the Apple menu in Mac OS and choose System Preferences. Go to Apple ID or the 'iCloud' preference panel. Look for 'iCloud Drive' and click the Options button next to it. Uncheck the box next to 'Desktop & Documents Folder' to disable iCloud Documents. Part 2: Common fixes to iCloud Drive not syncing on Windows 10 1. Enable iCloud Drive on Windows 10. After you have turned on the iCloud drive on the iOS device by going to Settings > [your name] > iCloud and scrolling down to turn on iCloud Drive, you still need to enable iCloud Drive on your Windows 10 computer.. Run the Start menu and navigate to the iCloud folder

Upload photos from iCloud.com If you don't want to deal with iCloud Photos (it does come with some headaches ), you can actually use the good old fashioned method of uploading to the web. That's right — iCloud Photos can be accessed from the web, and it's another way to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone, or any platform, really VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more. Open the Start menu and navigate to the iCloud folder. From there, you need to open the iCloud application. In the box that pops up. Tap the iCloud Music Library switch to turn it to the 'off' position. Turn back On the option for iCloud Music Library. Tap Keep Music or Delete & Replace. Launch the Music app on your iPhone or iPad. If you still aren't seeing the music you want synced, there may be a problem with iTunes. Continue on to the next step to try and resolve it I use iCloud Drive to share files between my MacBook Air, my iPhone 11 Pro Max, and my original iPad Pro with no problems. When I add a file to a directory on any of my Apple devices, it pretty much shows up immediately on all of the other ones. I also have iCloud Drive on my Windows PC, and syncing is simply not working well