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  1. Protect Your Ornamental Trees and Shrubs. Superior Lawn Care's regular landscape tree and shrub maintenance program provides the tools that are needed for the health of your vegetation. During each season, our experienced, licensed technicians monitor and treat insect and disease activity on all plants covered by our maintenance program
  2. Tree & Shrub Care Program. APPLICATION 1: Horticultural oil for over-wintering insects, sucking insects and scales. Applied as a liquid to targeted plants and small trees. APPLICATION 2: Balanced ten-month fertilizer and micro-nutrient package specific for plants and small trees. This application maybe applied in a drenched or as an injected.
  3. Expert care for your valuable trees, shrubs, & groundcover plants! Insects, mites, and diseases are targeted for control depending on current and expected activity, as well as fertilization utilizing a soil-injected liquid for larger trees and shrubs and a granular material for shallow-rooted shrubs and ground covers
  4. The primary goal of a plant health care program is to keep trees and shrubs healthy, which can be achieved by developing the best environment for them. A good plant health plan should include careful evaluation of your landscape, regular monitoring of problems, speedy and safe dispensing of the essential health care plan
  5. g, root collar excavation, adding fertilizer, getting rid of pests and weeds, etc. You can have a landscaping expert or arborist do the technical tasks while you handle the simpler.
  6. Plant Health Care Programs. Choosing the right Plant Health Care program for your home or business will promote the beauty, longevity and vitality of your trees and shrubs. Ultimately, it should also improve your enjoyment and appreciation of your landscape
  7. The Gold Tree & Shrub Care Program - This program includes all the services and benefits of our Silver program plus 2 additional visits to inspect your trees and shrubs for insects and diseases and treat accordingly. The gold program has a total of 7 annual services. Our Service Advisors will be happy to guide you to the program that is the.

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From fertilization to insect and disease control, we work through the seasons to enhance and safeguard your trees and shrubs, and to help ensure that you reap the best return on your investment. Your customized TruGreen Tree & Shrub program will include: Consultation and estimates. Insect/disease control. Environmentally responsible products. Landscape Protection and Inspection. Maintainer Care from Lawn Doctor is aimed at protecting trees (under 20 feet tall) and foundation plantings (plant beds and landscaping found around your home) to give you the best in tree and shrub care. Your local Lawn Doctor experts aim to keep plants healthy and thriving throughout the year, in addition to monitoring plants for indications of disease or.

The Signature Tree and Shrub Program includes year round monitoring and treatment for insect and disease activity on all plants covered by our program. We use a specially formulated landscape fertilizer with macronutrients for plant development and health. Tree and Shrub care treatments are scheduled at five to six week intervals to provide. Tree and Shrub Program. Our tree and shrub care programs will: Nourish your trees and shrubs to good health. Protect plants from insects and damaging mites. Suppress diseases. Allow your landscape to thrive. When your trees and shrubs are properly cared for, they can go a long way toward making your whole home look more beautiful Let the trained professionals at Terra take care of your tree and shrub care needs so you may spend your free time enjoying the beauty of your property. Terra's program will not be targeting any fruit baring trees nor will it be treating anything that is over twenty feet tall

This is why the foundation of our tree and shrub program is adding beneficial microbes and natural botanical to enhance good soil biology. Tree Shrub Health Care Program. An alternative to pesticides, our Tree and Shrub Healthcare Program enhances the biological life of your trees and your soil...instead of creating a chemical dependency Our 9 step tree and shrub care program provides nutrients, controls damage due to insects and prevents damage due to hot, dry weather conditions. The need for expert tree and shrub care often goes overlooked. But a flourishing landscape will greatly enhance the overall health and appearance of your property while increasing its value Ornamental Tree and Shrub Program. The Weedex Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care Program will protect and maintain the beauty of your lawn's ornamental trees and shrubs. Our lawn care experts fertilize your trees and shrubs. This treatment guards against insects and disease. This program includes seven (7) treatments throughout the year Our tree and shrub program takes full advantage of the colder winter months by spraying horticultural oil to control overwintering eggs while temperatures are at their lowest and the oil is most effective. This helps prevent harmful pests that can be especially difficult to treat during the spring and summer months

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Tree and Shrub Program. We are pleased to introduce our tree and shrub care program. Your landscape represents a considerable investment, often adding as much as 15% to the value of your home. Our program is designed to keep your landscape as healthy and attractive as possible. We offer the highest quality program using the best products on the. Ohio & N. Kentucky's Tree & Shrub Care Experts. With the help of our tree and shrub care experts, you can relax knowing that your trees and shrubs are getting the proper care. With Oasis, you can enjoy a healthier, more beautiful landscape and benefit from the long-term payoff that comes with caring for your investment Tree and Shrub Care Program. Grosh's Lawn Service offers a tree and shrub care program tailored towards the plant's needs. A well cared for landscape needs the protection from our Tree and Shrub Care Experts to protect your investment and increase the value of your property with well cared for trees and shrubs all year long

Our Tree & Shrub Care Department is headed by our International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist and supported by our New Jersey Licensed Tree Expert. Through experience, they've created a 6-step program that maximizes tree and shrub growth while minimizing problems like insects and nutrient deficiency Tree and Shrub Care Program. Trimline Landscape offers a custom Tree and Shrub Care program tailored to the Rochester area. We are familiar with the varieties of trees and shrubs in our areas' landscape, and will create a custom program based on your property's plant types, health, and needs This is the thinking that inspired us here to introduce our tree and shrub care program. Using the best products available, our experienced applicators will apply the right products at the right times to get the most out of your landscape

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  1. Tree and Shrub Care - Includes two root zone fertilizations and three visits per season to control pests on your woody ornamental trees and shrubs. Our techs are licensed tree care specialists. Call us (603) 505-858
  2. The yard professionals at Fairway Lawns treat and care for every aspect of your lawn, even your trees and shrubs! It is estimated that proper landscaping can increase your property's value between 10 and 15 percent. That's why our comprehensive Tree & Shrub Care Program is designed to not only enhance the beauty of your property but also help protect the investment you have in your landscape
  3. Tree & Shrub Care Program Designed to Keep your Landscape Healthy. We know how much time and money goes into a beautiful landscape. Dyna-Green's Tree & Shrub Care program is designed to keep your landscape healthy by controlling insects and diseases throughout the year
  4. Tree and Shrub Care Program. We know how important your trees are to you and the value of your home. Unfortunately, many of the problems caused by insects and diseases go unnoticed until it is too late. Our specialists are expertly trained to recognize potential problems and treat them accordingly
  5. 7-Application Tree & Shrub Health Care Program. $432. Add the Home Shield Permimeter Pest Control. $126. Add The Lawn Safe Mosquito Control. $126. Total. $ 432. (*price includes up to 93 plants

The importance of tree & shrub care is to greatly enhance the overall health and appearance of your property which will increase its value. TREE & SHRUB PROGRAM. Fertilization (Spring and Fall) Insect and Mite Control; Disease Control; Dormant Oil to protect from the winter damag Tree And Shrub Program Includes: 1. Dormant Oil: This is an organic spray applied to the landscape plants during the dormant month . This spray helps control many plant pests (scale, aphids, mites, etc.) which can be difficult to get out of the landscape and they can be trouble. 2

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In late winter or spring, prune deciduous trees, fruit trees, and deciduous shrubs that are not spring bloomers, but make sure the temperature is above 20 degrees F. Learn more! Check out our tree and shrub care guide Tree & Shrub Care Program (Spring & Summer) Step 1 - Spring Horticultural Oil - Application to control early-stage insects such as aphids, mites, eggs, larvae, and nymphs by smothering them with an environmentally-friendly oil.. Step 2 - Spring Fertilization - sub-surface soil/root injection of nutrients. Healthy trees and shrubs begin with healthy soi

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TreeHelp is your tree care specialist for unique and targeted tree/shrub care products, supplies and general how-to guides to help your trees and shrubs stay healthy. Covid-19 Update free shipping on orders over $10 Season-Specific Tree & Shrub Care Program. Trees and shrubs need just as much maintenance and care during summer and fall as they do during the early parts of spring. With Go Green's all-in-one, year-round tree and shrub care program, your plants will receive: Growth-stimulating nutrients; Disease control and preventio Our five-step program features a high quality fertilizer, insecticide and fungicide to prevent any pest issues while promoting the growth of green and healthy ornamental trees and shrubs. March to April: Systemic insecticide and fungicide to prevent insect and disease problems throughout the year. Preventative treatment for crape myrtle barkscale TOP TURF TREE AND SHRUB PROGRAM 3 BENEFITS OF DEEP ROOT FERTILIZATION. 1. Reduces Soil Compaction: Loosens the soil around the tree allowing the tree roots to breathe more easily. 2. Provides Effective Soil Aeration: The roots have easy access to water and nutrients that are essential for growth. 3. Allows For Better Root Function: Promotes root growth which increases the health and stability.

Request NJ Tree & Shrub Care Program Estimate. Whole 9 Yards' technicians provide you with superior service during every visit, and offer free on-site estimates to discuss your customized tree and shrub care program. Call 908.788.7998 to set up your consultation, schedule lawn service, or add lawn care services to your comprehensive landscape. Our Tree and Shrub Care Program. Below is a description of our Tree and Shrub Care Program. We want you, our customer, to always know what we are putting down, when we are putting it down and why. Of course, please feel free to reach out to us if you still have any questions on our program. Spring Tree and Shrub Feedin Organic Tree & Shrub Care. Our commitment to bringing you the healthiest plants doesn't end with just your turf. We have developed a Tree and Shrub Program that's specific to the Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio region, based on organic fertilizers, to help your landscape thrive, too Tree & Shrub Program. A complete Berks County tree care program with All Green consists of 7 rounds of applications. These rounds are our professional recommendation for your trees & shrubs to look healthy and remain free of disease and insects. Of course we work with every budget, and you may pick and choose the rounds that you prefer

Keep your trees free of insects and diseases with our tree and shrub care program. Our program inspections also target additional problems such as improper pruning and plant location. Call us to start with a free estimate ORNAMENTAL TREE AND SHRUB CARE PROGRAMS. Platinum Program - Our seven application Platinum Program consists of the following treatments: Pre-Emergent weed control, Dormant Oil, Insect and Mite 1, 2 and 3, Deep Root Fertilizer and Anti-Desiccant. Planting beds will be treated for weeds with each application once the pre-emergent has been applied

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The Arbor Patrol Program incorporates our holistic approach to tree and shrub care. With the use of paraffinic oils, botanical extracts, biological treatments, acrylic polymers, beneficial insect release and pheromone traps, we are able to successfully contribute to the ecological balance of your property 5-Step Tree & Shrub Care Program. Your trees and shrubs are a major investment. A big part of keeping your home and property looking its best is to keep your landscape healthy. Our 5-Step Tree & Shrub Program protects against the most common problems and improves the overall health and beauty of your landscape ornamentals

Tree & Shrub Care Program. Protect Your Trees With Our Help. We Save Trees! Call The Tree Guy for Free Estimates! Personalized Care for You and Your Trees. Flat Plains Services Inc. has created a personalized approach to protecting your trees and. shrubs. Our program is designed to help you have an insect and disease-free landscape TREE & SHRUB CARE PROGRAM. Extensive Tree and Shrub Care Program. Trust us to provide you with quality lawn care, tree, and shrub care, and snow removal services. You'll get estimates, soil sampling, and tree analysis for FREE. For snow removal, we are available 24/7. Call us now 5-Step Tree and Shrub Program. Round 1: Dormant Oil Application - Dormant oil applied to all trees and shrubs to prevent overwintering insects from emerging in Spring. Round 2: Fungicide + Systemic Insecticide - This application uses two separate products to help landscape plants to stay healthy throughout the Spring

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There are hundreds of insects and diseases which can attack and infest your landscape. Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control offers the finest and most comprehensive Ornamental Tree & Shrub program available in North Texas. Our 85 years of combined tree & shrub care experience is specific to the North Tarrant & Southern Denton County area Our Tree & Shrub Care Application Schedule: Our Tree & Shrub Program is designed to maintain a more colorful, lush landscape free from insects and disease. Round 1. Deep root fertilizer - promotes lush colorful foliage. Round 2. Insect and disease control - controls damage causing insects and disease. Round 3 Shrubs are special plants that have their own requirements for care. This includes regular pruning to ensure the continued health and vigor of the plant. There are several techniques for pruning shrubs such as: renewal, rejuvenation, shearing, shaping and hedging Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care Program. The Lawn Sense 5 step Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care Program is designed to enhance the beauty and health of your landscape. Every treatment is carefully customized to your landscape needs. Our program will provide you with a healthy, beautiful landscape... Guaranteed Applications exceeding the quantity in the contract would require an additional charge. As with our Lawn Care Program, treatments are applied to specific trees and shrubs only as necessary following a thorough plant inspection. This helps to protect our environment by using pesticides only as necessary for the health of the plants

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Tree and Shrub Program Get general pest control, prevent fungus, and fertilize your trees and shrubs for the year with the three-step tree and shrub program from Trinity Lawns. Count on us to monitor the trees on your residential or commercial property and recommend specific treatments depending on what is happening in your environment We offer a tree and shrub program that will ensure your ornamentals are healthy and taken care of in every season. Our six-cycle tree and shrub program includes: Round 1: Horticultural Oil is applied to effectively suffocate overwintering insect larvae and sucking insects. Round 2: Ornamental fertilizer with pre-emergent is applied to trees and. Tree & Shrub Care. We're fully focused on maximizing the potential of your lawn and landscape. Our TruGreen® professionals work to protect your tree and shrub investments by constantly searching for more effective ways to control the many diseases and pests that can attack your trees and shrubs. The TruGreen Tree & Shrub program benefits your.

Tree / Shrub Services. Horticultural Dormant Oil. Tree and Shrub Deep-Root Fertilization. Fungicide & Insecticide Sprays. Anti-transpirants. Year at a Glance Calendar. Emerald Ash and Bronze Birch Borer Preventive Insecticide. Specialty Pest Control for Smaller Plants and Beds. Tree Injections / Banding We provide tree and shrub care services in and around Memphis, TN and Olive Branch, MS. Learn how our comprehensive Plant Health Care program can help protect and improve your plants. (901) 854-1888 | Customer Logi Find the best Tree and Shrub Care near you on Yelp - see all Tree and Shrub Care open now. Explore other popular Home Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers Custom Tree and Shrub Care. In designing a custom plant care program for your ornamental trees and shrubs, your licensed and trained technician will carefully evaluate the overall health of your landscape plants and base all recommendations on the specific needs for each of these plants Special price is for first tree and shrub application only and for new tree and shrub residential customers only. The special price applies to installed plant material and shrubs and excludes mature, native and specialty trees such as fruit or certain ornamentals. Application includes up to 5 trees, no more than 25 ft. in height

Virginia Green inspects and treats for insects, disease and weather damage as a part of its comprehensive tree and shrub program. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and deep root fertilization processes ensure that your ornamental trees and shrubs are protected against damaging insects and properly fed for growth and color Trees and shrubs need extra protection. Our Guarantee: Natural Way is committed to providing the highest quality service. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the results of any treatment, simply notify us and we will re-treat at no extra cost to you. Get That WOW! Factor For Your Landscape Over the past 30+ years Custom Turf has been in business, we designed a 6-step treatment program that provides superior root growth, color, flowering potential, and insect and disease resistance. The result is a beautiful landscape your entire family can enjoy! Tree and shrub care is also a great addition to our lawn care program

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Tree & Shrub Services. As beautiful as it may be, the typical neighborhood environment cannot provide the same benefits to trees and shrubs as a natural forest. When it comes to caring for your outdoor home environment, regular tree and shrub care is just as important as lawn care. You can protect your landscape at a price you can afford with. Tree and Shrub Care in Beavercreek, OH Posted on August 22, 2014 September 13, 2017 by lawndoctoradmin Lawn Doctor's Maintainer Care is designed to protect trees (less than 20 feet in height) and foundation plantings (landscaping and plant beds found around the home) Organic Tree and Shrub Care Service | BR Green. BR Green provides an organic tree and shrub fertilization program that feeds the trees and shrub directly into the root system. We inject a rich mix of nutrients and organic matter into the soil. Our treatment for trees and shrubs improves the soil, providing a nurturing environment for the tree

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Arbor Shield: Joshua Tree's Plant Health Care Solution. We offer 3 options for tree and shrub care treatment packages that aim to protect and improve the health and appearance of the trees and shrubs on your property. In order to decide which tree and shrub care option above is best for your landscape, our experts consider the following factors Choose Pine Valley Turf For Your Tree Care Program. Dormant oil is one of 6 annual treatments that makes up the Pine Valley Tree and Shrub care programs. The professionals at Pine Valley Turf are here to help feed and protect your trees and ornamentals so that they look their best and survive the winter. Call us at (704) 831-8917 or request a. StayGreen USA Premium Tree & Shrub Program consists of 7 applications that will help your trees and shrubs reach their true potential for healthy growth, ultimately creating a beautiful landscape. Applications may change due to climatic or agronomic conditions to best suit the needs of your trees and shrubs

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