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Mini Lop Rabbits come in a range of different colours. When buying a rabbit it is a great idea to know what colour rabbit you would like unless you don't mind on the colour. There are two main groups of colours, self colours and broken colours. Self colours are when a rabbits colour is only one colour. Chocolate Magpie Harlequin Chocolate/GO is best bred to Chocolate/GO and to Lilac/GF. Japanese harlequin Mini Lops; genotype A-B-CCD-ej-enen are not a showable variety yet they are extremely valuable in a breeding program since you will produce fewer 'charlie' tri's in your litters Our Mini Lop Does Our Mini Lop Bucks Our Lionhead Does Hutches / Hay Our Lionhead Bucks Funny Bunny Page Contact Sales Policy/ Deposits Moonlight is a gorgeous Broken Lilac otter and Whatchamacallit is a chocolate harlequin. ADULTS/JUNIORS FOR SALE All AVAILABLE HOLLAND LOPS All AVAILABLE FLEMISH GIANTS All AVAILABLE MINI LOPS All AVAILABLE. Harlequin is due to the (ej) gene. Harlequins also come in black, blue, chocolate, and lilac. A black harlequin is the same genetically as an orange except the non-extension gene (e) is replaced with the harlequin gene (ej). Broken variations are known as tri-colors, which are showable in Hollands

2 Purebred Satin Mini Lop Brothers. Holywell, Flintshire. £60. The last two of the nest, stunning boys, ready to be reserved now and ready to leave 2nd April. Mum's a chocolate harlequin satin and dad's an orange self satin... preloved.co.uk. Report Hickory + Bjorn's Holland Lop Litter. Reservations June 18th at 6 pm. Ready to go home July 3rd. Born May 8th. Ross - Black Otter White Ear buck - $250. Joey - Chocolate Harlequin (lightly marked) buck - $220. Phoebe - Chestnut doe #1 - $175. Monica - Chestnut doe #2 - $175. Click here to reserve

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  1. i Rex baby bunnies * £40 each * ready to leave tomorrow 11/6/21 2x black otter girls 2x chocolate self (1 boy, 1 girl) 2x Harlequin (1 boy, 1 girl... 10 gumtree.co
  2. Harlequin rabbits are called such because of their coloring, which is based in multiple dark colors, including chocolate, blue, lilac, or black. This breed comes in two different color varieties: the Japanese Harlequin, which alternates orange and dark colors, and the magpie Harlequin, which alternates white with dark colors
  3. The Harlequin Gene ej and the Dark Extension gene Ed A Tricolored Holland Lop has the ej gene. A Tricolor is basically a broken harlequin. Photo by Amy Hinkle [Editor's note: The five E-series genes in order are Ed, Es, E, ej, and e. The above only covers three in much detail, so here's a quick summary of the other two
  4. Our Mini Plush Lops. At Ellie's Rabbitry we strive to produce the highest quality Mini Plush Lops with excellent confirmation, impressive fur quality and of course, personalities that make a perfect family pet. Our selective and intensive breeding program has continued to produce animals that set our rabbitry apart from all others
  5. i lop bucks 50 sooty fawn, black, choc torte and gumtree.com.au Report A


  1. Chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop Doe for Sale Mini Lops are a very docile breed, they make great pets and are an excellent choice for young owners. Our mi. We want to hear your opinion! Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. Help us by answering a short survey. To the Surve
  2. 1. 2. Get Directions. 07447 569XXX Reveal. Message Me. Mini Lop Female Chocolate Harlequin in Basingstoke. £65. hollyblueburrows. Posting for 2+ months
  3. Yeti Yoda Yogi Yoko Yo Yo Yoshi Return to Top . Mini Lop Rabbit Names Z: Zeus Zippy Ziggy Zina Zoe Zorro . A caring home for loving bunnies. Send us an email. Join Mini Lop Scotland on.
  4. i lop - $55.00. Ready to go. Hop Tart is a beautiful chocolate harlequin male

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Dwarf Lop & Mini Lop Rabbits. Home; Mini Lop Does; Mini Lop Bucks; In The Nest/Babies For Sale; Caring For Your Rabbit; Prices & Terms; Contact Details; Guestbook Chocolate Harlequin girl. Blue Split girl. Chocolate Otter Vienna Marked girl ©2006 Chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop Doe Bred from unknown. Carmel Harlequin Mini Lop Doe Bred from unknown. Boo-Boo Chocolate Torte Split Minilop Doe Bred from Jo's Mini Lops. Zebedee Black White Eared Split Mini lop doe Bred from James Mason. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates

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Our blue butterfly mini lop doe is for a pet home only, she is nearly 2 years old, has a quite temperament and is well handled. Vaccinated against VHD1 and VHD2 - booster due 01/03/2022. She is £25. All of our rabbits come with a birth certificate, care sheet, bag of change over food and advice on how to care for your new pet Recent Photos. Our Does. No bunnies on this page are for sale, please see for sale or in the nest pages. All our does here at mybunnykingdom are very affectionate and have excellent temperements, which passes on to their babies. twink123123@yahoo.com Energizer: pure-bred, friendly male mini lop - $55.00. Ready to go. Energizer is a beautiful chocolate harlequin male mini lop. He was born April 3 and is ready anytime. He is pure-bred... member: xltpslmdxzw. from: East Earl, Pennsylvania. member for: a year. listing updated: 12 hours ago Mini Lop Does Mini Lop Bucks Lionlops Litters Due Mating Plan 2016 Reserving A Bunny Sales Info The Five Freedoms Branston aka Mr Pickles Bred from Harlequin Mantle - VM Chocolate Mantle Bred by Leawood Lops. Esme Blue Eyed White Bred from Blue Eyed White and Blue Otter Spli

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  1. These are our very own sweet bucks + does that are the current contributors [or future contributors] to our breeding program. They are each named and loved greatly! *They are not available for sale. George Washington is a BEW Holland Lop Buck. [ PEDIGREED] Raven is a Black Holland Lop Doe. Brina is a VC Tort Holland Lop Doe
  3. ^Black/orange Harlequin Mini Lop ^Black/Orange Harlequin Lionhead ^Harlequin Holland Lop . Harlequin - May be any combination of orange/black, orange/chocolate, fawn/blue, or fawn/lilac. Color should be rich and even distributed. Eyes - Brown or Blue-gray. Faults - Stray white hair

A combination of either black, blue, chocolate or lilac with orange is called Japanese harlequin, while any of the darker colors alternating with white is referred to as Magpie harlequin. A harlequin Mini Lop has either Japanese or Magpie harlequin coloring. While pretty to look at, the color is not an officially recognized variety of the breed White eared vienna marked harlequin buck Candi . Blue eyed Sooty fawn doe Armarni . Blue eyed chocolate tort split doe Pearl . B.E.W doe Archie . Chocolate Harliequin mini lop buck. my mini lop does my mini lop bucks my french lops baby bunnies available new homes/e-mails & pics new homes page 2 things you should know babies bred by me colour - chocolate harlequin mantle vc d.o.b - 07/10/20 bred from - (jemma) chocolate harlequin vc x ( hamish) harliquin mantle vc. name - jessie colour - chocolate harliquin v Mini Rex Color Guide Velveteen Lop Color Guide Wildriver Rabbitry. Again, this is due to the rabbit carrying a harlequin/tricolor gene recessively. In some cases, Agouti colors can show harlequin pattern. These Agoutis carry the harlequin/tricolor brindling gene recessively. Chocolate Otter:. Harlequins are also one of my favorite breeds of rabbits. I love their colors and patterns, their excellent mothering ability, and sweet, friendly dispositions. I have both varietes of Harlequins - the Magpies and Japanes, in all 4 colors (Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac.

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Berry, NSW. 17/05/2021. Female purebred mini lop rabbits. 1st photo chocolate $200 (sold) 2nd photo harlequin $150 3rd photo $150 4th photo orange butterfly $200 5th photo black butterfly $200 All come from great bloodlines. They are handled daily and have beautiful temperaments English Lop Harlequin - Magpie Jersey Wooly Lilac. Ontario Canada At Home Pets. Email Address - av.athomepets@gmail.com Breeds and Varieties Harlequin - Japanese and Magpie Holland Lop - Mini Rex - Broken, Chocolate Chinchilla and Tricolor Polish - Black, Blue, Broken and Chocolate Pedigreed Holland Lop Harlequin- VIENNA CARRIER June 14, 2020 Colors in pedigree: Tricolor, Broken Blue, Broken Opal, Harlequin, Harlequin-VC, Chocolate-VC, Blue Eyed White Dam: Pocket Change Bunnies Dumbledore Sire: Pocket Change Bunnies Ritz Lines: Roberds Rabbitry, Pocket Change Bunnies, Cranberry Trails, Spoiled Acres, Dowling's, Lomar Chocolate mini lop girl. This advert is located in and around. Manchester, Lancashire. I have available 1 lovely mini lop girl for sale chocolate female ready to leave now pm me for more details thanks. Favourite this Advert. 6 days ago. £40 For Sale Mini Lop rabbits available. Countesthorpe, Leicestershire. Updated ad when reserved ** We currently have 2 mini lop rabbits left for sale ready to leave on 11/06/2021 when they will be 8 weeks old £50 each Colours are 1x Chocolate vm (white nose) 1x Choc split I've also added a picture of the. Age

Rabbit Breeders Directory : Breeds D thru M. Click a breed name to jump to that section: Dutch - Dwarf Hotot — English Lop and French Lop — Flemish Giant -Florida White- Harlequin — Himalayan — Havana - Jersey Wooly —Lilac — Lionhead -Lionlop- Mini Lop. — Mini Satin (Currently no listings for Giant Chinchilla) I strive to keep this directory current Mini Lop Does Mini Lop Bucks Lionlops Litters Due Mating Plan 2016 Reserving A Bunny Sales Info The Five Freedoms Branston aka Mr Pickles Contact Us Baloo Chocolate Self Bred from Lilac Harlequin Mantle and Chocolate Self Bred at Topcliffe Bunnies. Alfie Blue Otter Split Bred from Blue Otter Split - Beige Extreme Split . Cosmo Lilac Self Bred. Although not a true dwarf, the Mini Lop is still one of the smaller breeds. It weighs in at no more than 6.5 pounds. Despite the relatively small size, the Mini Lop is a stocky and sturdy breed with a compact body shape and short neck. The lop ears hang down the sides of the face and have rounded, furred tips Chocolate Harlequin VC (harlequinized agouti) Brown Eyes Genotype A-bbC-D-e(j) Vv. He has a throw back gene from a previous ancestor making bigger than average mini lop (dwarf lop possibly). Dam is a fawn split and sire is a chocolate split. He was born on the 26th of July, 2017. Coco Black Torted Magpie Extreme Split Blue Eyes Genotyp

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updated on the 31-3-2018. location melton victoria. breeding quality mini lops. please read all this below. we have some adorable mini lop babies. to loving pet homes. proudly approved registered club member and a breeder of purebred mini lops. all babies are $125 each unless stated otherwise. the hippopotamus toy in the photo is smal Lynx Holland Lop Blue eyed. Siamese Sable American Fuzzy Lop. Lilac tort English Angora. Blue/Fawn Harlequin Mini Rex. Black Otter Jersey Woolie. Blue Sport Holland Lop Blue eyed. Black/Orange Harlequin Matchbox Mini Rex. Black/Orange Tri Matchbox Mini Rex. Black/Orange Harlequin Matchbox Mini Rex Mini Lop Does Mini Lop Bucks Dam is a blue broken and sire is a chocolate marten, lion head cross. She lives at my dads house. Nebula was born on the 13th of May, 2019. moment) with other younger rabbits. She's good at being handled and doesn't fuss at all. Her dam is a blue and cream harlequin (harlequinized agouti) and her sire is a. Mini Plush Lop Does - fabledheartsrabbitry. Mini Plush Lops are a unique breed comprised of carefully selected rabbits over a span of 12 years to create a small breed of rabbit with a compact body, short face, flopping ears, and a dense velvet coat. Plush Lops are generally 2-4lbs who shed minimally beyond molting, do not make a lot of noise.

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  1. Split/VM/BEW Mini Lops Satin Mini Lops Other Mini Lops In The Nest For Sale Sales Information Other/Past Pets SPLIT/VM/BEW MINI LOP DOES. GABBY. LILAC SPLIT. (Blue Eyes) Sire: Chocolate Split GSire: Chocolate Split GDam: Chocolate Split Dam: Chocolate Otter Split Chocolate Harlequin GDam: Blue Torte. DAWN. EXTREME LILAC SPLIT. (BLUE.
  2. As of 2017, there were at least 305 breeds of domestic rabbit in 70 countries around the world. A rabbit breed is a distinct variety created through natural selection or, more often, through selective breeding for specific characteristics, including size, fur (length, quality, or color), feed conversion ratio, climate adaptability, or temperament.Groups such as the American Rabbit Breeders.
  3. Olaf - Black Butterfly Mini Lop Buck. Born 26.04.15 Dam - Drew, Sire - Alfie. Lunar - Harlequin Mini Lop Doe. Born 26.04.15 Dam - Lacey, Sire - Frankel. Olaf and Lunar went to live with Joanne and Scarlett. Photos show them with Scarlett in their run and their lovely new home
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3 velveteen lop babies for your consideration. 1 chocolate tri color buck, one Harli buck, one harli doe. Pedigreed. Chocolate tri color, broken chocolate, and chocolate harlequin. Mini Rex babies, I love these colors! 03/27/2020 . Our Mini Rex momma's! 03/15/2020 Sunshine Bunnies Registered show breeder in mini lops & netherland dwarfs have been showing breeding for 4 yrs showing for 3 1/2 yrs speaciallise in harlequin mini lop,sealpoints,working on chocolate & orange in netherland dwarf

The Mini-Rex rabbit is a small rabbit. Its maxium senior weight of 4 1/2 pounds for does and 4 1/4 pounds for bucks. It has a short and compact body with a high rise of the back. It has short, thick ears, no longer than 3 1/2 inches and are carried erect. The mini-rex's most notable feature is its fur Cabbage Patch Bunnies, Clovis, California. 506 likes. My page showcasing all my rabbit adventures including those for sale, new litters, and cute moments! I am ARBA certified and my rabbitry is.. This guide pertains to the rest of the Lopped breeds: Mini Lop, English Lop and French Lop. Pictures needed: Tri Color, Blue & Lilac Pointed White, Sable Point, Silver/Silver Fox, Steels, Fawn, Red Submit your pictures to kimringenbach@gmail.com. Click on an any picture to read the color description

Solid Broken Charlie Marked Vienna Marked Rabbit Pattern. Abyssinian Abyssinian Satin American American Satin Coronet Peruvian Peruvian Satin Silkie Silkie Satin Teddy Teddy Satin Texel White Crested Cavy Breed. Beige Black Blue Buff Chocolate Cinnamon Cream Gold Lemon Lilac Red Red Eyed Orange Saffron Slate White Cavy Base Color/s Cabbage Patch Bunnies, Clovis, California. 505 likes. My page showcasing all my rabbit adventures including those for sale, new litters, and cute moments! I am ARBA certified and my rabbitry is.. Although my rabbits are Holland lops, other rabbit breeds have the same colors though the precise color names and recognized colors may differ. Included in this rabbit color chart is orange, cream, frosty, chinchilla, chestnut, opal, sable point, black tort, blue tort, chocolate tort, lilac, black, blue, chocolate, blue eyed white (BEW), ruby. Harlequin - Japanese 57. Harlequin - Magpie 58. Havana - Black Mini Lop - Solid 84. Mini Rex - Black 85. Mini Rex - Blue 86. Mini Rex - Broken 87. Mini Rex - Castor 88. Mini Rex - Chin 89. Mini Rex - Chocolate 90. Mini Rex - Himi 91. Mini Rex - Lilac 92. Mini Rex - Lynx 93. Mini Rex - Opal 94. Mini Rex - Otter.

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Mel & Mitchee's Alvin Chocolate Harlequin DOB : June 30,2015 Sire: Artie Dam: Lila 3lbs * 2nd place Jr. Mini Rex Buck at Tara Fair 2015 Harlequin as a color in rabbits, including Mini Lops is an alternating pattern of either black and orange or white and black. It is similar to tortoiseshell coloring in cats, but with an obvious pattern of patches. A harlequin Mini Lop has either Japanese or Magpie harlequin coloring Mini Rex babies Black bucks and does Harlequin buck Opal doe Blue buck Dutch babies Blue and chocolate bucks and does Holland lop babies Harlequin and magpie bucks and does 1 Tri Buck and proven breeders bucks and does some are exposed to bucks already sallender, tort, magpie, harlequin ECT.. about 15 available Lionlop breeder doe Mini Rex standard per BRC. (*noted only as REX in the BRC Standards) RING SIZE: E. FUR: to be 1.27cm (1/2 inch) long, with fine/silky texture, very dense, smooth & even, firm- yet plush, with no guard hairs standing out. TYPE: graceful carriage that curves gently up to well-rounded hindquarters, strong legs, and medium bone; broad and.

CHARLIE - HARLEQUIN MINI LOP - BORN 15TH MARCH 2011 DAM - BLUE EYED WHITE MINI LOP SIRE - HARLEQUIN MINI LOP BRED BY MANDY AT STARS STUD Charlie is a stunning buck, he is the brother of Cleo and Darcy, my harlequin does, and once again, all credit goes to my friend Mandy at Stars Stud See what Eray Aksit (aksiteray) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas Split/VM/BEW Mini Lops Satin Mini Lops Other Mini Lops In The Nest For Sale Sales Information Other/Past Pets SPLIT/VM/BEW MINI LOP DOES. GABBY. LILAC SPLIT. (Blue Eyes) Sire: Chocolate Split GSire: Chocolate Split GDam: Chocolate Split Dam: Chocolate Otter Split Chocolate Harlequin GDam: Blue Torte. DAWN. EXTREME LILAC SPLIT. (BLUE. BEW (blue eyed white) March 26th 2013 Dam: harlequin (blue) Dutch split Sire: Beige Dutch split loves tunnels : Watershipdowns.Mini Lop ear Rabbits. Home; About me; Past and present; My Set up; Mini lop Doe's; Mini lop Bucks; Chocolate tort otter vm Born :19th Harlequin Dutch Split.

The Harlequin rabbit is one of the oldest breeds of rabbit, which was developed in France in the 1880s. It is a colorful breed based around the coloration and markings, rather than fur and body type. The Harlequin rabbit was developed by putting together the semi-wild Tortoiseshell Dutch rabbit with truly wild rabbits The Harlequin rabbit breed is often called the clown of rabbits due to their unique colors and markings. There are actually two kinds of Harlequin rabbits: the Magpie and the Japanese. Japanese Harlequin rabbits are usually orange and combined with either lilac, chocolate, black or blue. Magpie Harlequin rabbits are usually white combined with. Vater: MINI LOP Harlequin Split BE (Züchter: M. Böhmer) Mutter: MINI LOP IMPORT Opal Self = Perlfeh (Züchter: Hawitt+Ley UK) Züchter: Henry Rathjen (D) ***** Papa: Mini Lion Lop Chocolate Split. Züchter: Eigene Nachzucht ***** Adele. Rasse: MINI LION LOP. Farbe: CINNAMON SPLIT . Augenfarbe: BLUE DOB: June 23, 2020. Color: Harlequin. Weight: 4lbs. Comos is a super cute doe! She's very typy and has a lovely crown. Cedar Point Jewel of Time. Sire: Cedar Point American Rhythm. Dam: Cedar Point Brie. DOB: October 17, 2020 The red is a reddish sorrel color. The stomach area is lighter with a creamy color. I've never personally seen this variety in Mini Lops. The fawn is a golden yellow color, with a white stomach area. Hope that helps. Forum Moderator. Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America District 9 Director

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The rabbits we usually have in stores are generally pet quality Mini lops, brood and show quality Netherland dwarfs and occasionally Lionheads. They range from SGD$360-580 on average for the mini lops and brood netherland dwarfs. $700 to $1,000 for show quality netherland dwarfs I am a BRC registered bunny breeder (miniature lops, Netherland dwarfs, miniature rex's) and my son and I will start to exhibit our bunnies in 2018. I am based in the beautiful village of Market.      Magpie Harlequin- Magpie harlequin is alternating patches of white in combination with black, blue, chocolate, or lilac. Tricolor-Tricolor is Harlequin and Broken combined creating a calico like effect. Japanese Harlequin-Japanese harlequin is alternating patches of tan in combination with black, blue, chocolate, or lilac Vienna-marked Beige (Blue Sooty Fawn/ Tortoiseshell) / possibly Chocolate Albino aa BB/Bb CC/Cc dd enen ee Vv Home-bred A very friendly and inquisitive, sweet little girl. A real stunner. Flora's Photo Gallery A first generation cross-breed for plush miniature lop breeding mini lop and lion lop kits for sale **UPDATED 2 JULY 2021** Baby Rabbits are £45 each unless otherwise stated and come with a supply of food for the changeover or you can buy a bag from me for £7.00

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Fuzzy Tail Rabbitry. Fuzzy Tail Rabbitry is a small rabbitry that raises Holland Lop, Polish, and Mini Rex rabbits to show and hop. We are an ARBA registered rabbitry and we are members of the Radical Rabbits 4-H club in Wyoming County, PA. We have Holland Lops, Mini Rex, and Polish available now. Please see our sale page for more information Rabbits come in an array of breeds, all having different colors, sizes, shapes, and coat types. The subtler differences between breeds are mostly of interest to those who show their bunnies, while the average owner is focused mainly on the size and type of coat. Keep in mind that a pet store rabbit is not necessarily purebred; it may not meet ideal breed standards Mini Rex rabbits are a dwarf breed of rabbit. Most of my breeders are 3 - 4lbs as adults. They have a soft and dense velvet like fur. While I keep pedigrees on all of my Mini Rex breeders I do not sell them with pedigrees. Most of my breeders are pet quality MILO - Chocolate, Mini Lop , Buck - AVAILABLE Half Pedigree Available-----MOLLY - Black Butterfly (choc carrier) , Mini Lop , Doe - AVAILABLE PUMPKIN - Harlequin , (Mini Lop carrier) , Doe - AVAILABLE lop ears seemed to have skipped a generation & still have not dropped - with pedigree. Chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop Buck for Sale Ready to collect from 20th Jan onwards Mini Lops are a very docile breed, they make great pets and are an e... BPM. Fondant Ugly Cakes Chocolate Easter Cake Chocolate Rabbit Rabbit Cake Jelly Cake Valentine Cake Pastry Art Dessert Decoration

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Mini lop rabbits are known for their sweet nature and hardy constitution, qualities that make them excellent pets. Mini lops, like all rabbits, need a clean hutch, a nutritious diet, and gentle handling in order to thrive and be happy. Buy.. 1 year old male harlequin rabbit for sale. Rabbits For Sale. looking for forever homes 3 girls a dark grey and 2 dark grey pintos 3 boys one very dark grey with a black mask and 2 chocolate mums and one dad is here to be met one is on loan for stud duty! Cute mini lop pure breed for sale ready to leave on the 10th of april you can.

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as19j00043 vienna chocolate holland lop rabbit. RHQ Rabbit Headquarters is the home of winning Show Quality Holland lop , Netherland dwarf , mini rex & lionhead R abbit in Singapore. Our Foundation lines are from the finest breeders all over the World. Head down to the 1st and Largest Rabbit Showroom in Singapore and view our wide range. Mini Rex babies Black bucks and does Harlequin buck Opal doe Blue buck Dutch babies Blue and chocolate bucks and does Holland lop babies Harlequin and magpie bucks and does 1 Tri Buck and proven breeders bucks and does some are exposed to bucks already sallender, tort, magpie, harlequin ECT.. about 15 available Lionlop breeder doe

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Description Gorgeous Mini Lop kittens, Red Eyed Whites, Smoked Pearl, Blue Self, Chocolate Butterflies, Black Butterflies, Black, Sooty Fawns, Cashmere's, Japanese Harlequin, Black and Gold Harlequin, Magpie Harlequin and Tri colours all have had a five week calici vaccination.Ready to go to new homes now, Magpie Harlequin Does, REW Buck's, Black Doe, Black Butterfly Buck & Doe all come with a. Colors: Holland Lops are categorized into eight color groups for showing, with more than 30 recognized colors overall. Year Recognized By ARBA: 1979 (first official showing in 1980) • In Holland and in countries guided by the British Rabbit Council, the breed is called the Miniature Lop. • Holland Lops are nicknamed The Hallmark Breed Baby Harlequin & Mini Rex Bunnies $100 (Lebanon, CT) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $20. Mini lop bunnies available $125 (htf > Farmington) 6 chocolate mold trays - hello kitty, roses, hearts bears ad bunnies $3 (isp). Smithfield: Wildwood Rabbit Stud - Miniature Lop, Dwarf Lop, Cashmere Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Fox - silver, Smoke Pearl, Harlequin (magpie & japanese), Mini Rex, standard Rex, Satin, Chinchilla Giganta, American Flemish, New Zealand White, Jersey Wooly, English Angora, Mini Cashmere Lop, Satin Rex, British Giant, Flemish Giant (BRC standard. Rabbits: mini rex and Holland lops for sale or trade - $25 (Leitchfield) Please text or email if interested I may consider trading these for other Holland lop doe's, velveteen lops, mini rex doe's, fuzzy lop doe's, mini lops, netherland dwarfs, chickens or ducks3 mini rex buck's dad fully pedigreed and mom's side is 2 generation pedigreed $25 to $50 each 6 weeks old take all 3 for $1002 harli.

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The Holland Lop got its start in the 1950s in Netherlands. A Dutch breeder Adriann de Cock wanted to combine the qualities of a French Lop and a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. These are two very different breeds, so it was an intriguing mix to say the least. Sadly, The resulting litter of six was unsuccessful Springtimes Barnaby DOB: 03.03.2012 Colour: Chocolate Magpie Dam: Blue fawn harlequin Sire: Harlequin Proven: Yes Owner: Kell DAM - CHOCOLATE OTTER MINI LOP SIRE - CHOCOLATE BUTTERFLY MINI LION LOP CLEO - HARLEQUIN MINI LOP - BORN 15TH MARCH 2011 DAM - BLUE EYED WHITE MINI LOP SIRE - HARLEQUIN MINI LOP BRED BY MANDY AT STARS STUD This is Cleo, she is a litter mate of Darcy and Charlie, she is really friendly, I hope to get some beautiful babies from her. Thank you. Holland lop babies. Ready soon. Tri-color, orange, black tortoiseshell, harlequin. Adult weight 2.5 to 4 lbs. The Netherland dwarf is the smallest breed of bunny rabbit in the world at 1.5 to 2.5 lbs. Our dwarf mini rex are truly tiny at 2 to 3 lbs fully grown. Most mini rex are 4 lbs or more, in comparison I currently have 1 Harlequin Mini Rex Sr. Doe, 1 Black Mini Rex Sr. Buck, and 1 New Zeland White Jr. Buck for sale. All are very friendly and would make good show/ breeding/ pet rabbits. They are all $25 but would be willing to trade for cages or negotiate price. Also we are expecting a litter of Castor Mini Rex to be born on April 24th