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Nothing beats wood lacquer for thick build up. Some woodworkers use polyurethane, some like varnish or shellac, but all of the latter products take forever to use and leave a rubbery finish that's. Glaze Coat Epoxy Sealer is a clear, easy-to-use finish that can be poured onto almost any clean, dry material to create a gorgeous high-gloss surface. Just measure, mix and pour! One coat of Glaze Coat is equivalent to approximately 60 coats of varnish. This beautiful finish is waterproof and heat resistant to 120 degrees and needs no polishing

WEST SYSTEM® epoxy is an invaluable resource for creating a clear coating that showcases both the beauty of the wood grain and gives you four times the thickness of a single coat of polyurethane.In just a few simple steps, you can achieve a beautiful, bubble-free wooden surface using epoxy resin. Bubbles are a frustrating side effect of epoxy coating that can make your clear-coated wood. Stir the clear finish well before and occasionally during use. Be sure to mix in all material that may have settled to the bottom of the can. Never shake a can of clear finish. Shaking will cause bubbles in the dried finish. Always apply thin coats. Thick coats take longer to dry and are more likely to be uneven and attract dust Achieve an ultra-thick, ultra-glossy, waterproof finish instantly with Rust-Oleum Parks Super Glaze Pour-On Finish and Preservative. Just 1 pour of this crystal-clear epoxy is as thick as 75 coats of varnish. Perfect for bar tops, kitchen islands and more. Pour on finish and preservative in ultra-thick high-gloss, crystal-clear epoxy that. 1. Sand the surface with 280-grit sandpaper. Rub the sandpaper over the surface of your wood until it feels smooth to the touch. Inspect the surface closely and smooth out any major bubbles, specks, and runs. You want the wood to be as smooth as possible before adding the last coat of polyurethane. 2 Your referring to that thick clear coating that covers the raw wood or over an applied stain, it's called lacquer or polyurethane clear gloss. Exactly how to obtain that extra thick finish I am not exactly sure of. That part I will leave to the professionals in this forum to reply to

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This video is all about clear coat and how to build it up nice and thick when you need to. You won't always need to or want to, but when you do, this should. Coating tables and bar tops with thick clear pourable plastic. A discussion started in 2002 but continuing through 2019. 2002. Q. I have been to eating and drinking spots with unique tables. On the surface of the table, underneath what seems to be one-half or three-quarters of an inch thick clear coating, are maps and coins and beads and other. Triple thick glaze's high solids formula quickly builds a bright, clear coating giving the illusion of depth One coat equals three coats of many other clear aerosols Used on many types of materials wood plaster, bisque, metal, plastic and pape Coat natural wood countertops, bar tops and tables with a super thick 3D layer of liquid glass epoxy. Add color to create a faux marble countertop, quartz countertop, soapstone countertops, slate countertops or other natural stone countertops. Add heat resistance to faux marble or natural stone countertops . ADVANTAGES OF PREMIUM CLEAR FX POX Varathane® Ultra Thick Floor Finish offers a thicker, stronger and faster project completion than traditional floor finish polyurethane. The advanced self-leveling technology allows floor finish projects to be completed in only 2 coats instead of the traditional 3-4 coats

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  1. This compound will make your wood a glass-like finish on to the clear coat. You can use spray polyurethane to get a flawless appearance on the wood. Once you have sprayed polyurethane onto the wood surface, let it sit overnight. Use a soft polishing pad and automotive wax paste to buff the wood shine. It will highly shine the wood even further
  2. And while most blends contain UV inhibitors, not much defense can be packed into a clear coat that's only a few microns thick. If the piece spends most of its days outdoors, you should plan on making regular inspections and applying a fresh coat of finish as soon as the wood appears dull (about every year)
  3. The name of this finish often is used generically for a finish or top coat. It's very durable because it contains a higher ratio of solids. Spar varnish is perfect for outdoor projects and for raw wood used for exterior doors and trim on rustic homes. In addition to protecting the wood, it also provides natural ultraviolet light protection
  4. This wood and concrete top coating epoxy has a 1/8 inch self-leveling high gloss finish epoxy that is UV stable for surface flood coating. This table top epoxy produces a rich super gloss water-like look. It is typically used for a 1/8 in. thick finish coat for bar tops, tables, river tables and most any table or counter top surface

Alibaba.com offers 827 thick clear coat wood products. About 0% of these are Hangers & Racks. A wide variety of thick clear coat wood options are available to you Thick and Clear. Epoxy-It 80 provides incredible coverage. After sealing off porous surfaces, you can apply flood coats that are up to ¼ inch thick. The manufacturer seems to understand that DIYers are going to get their hands on this product. As such, complete instructions and phone-based technical support are offered with every purchase While stains may enhance the texture, color, and beauty of the wood, clear coats do another job. Clear coats will increase the wood's durability, protect the wood, and help it to last longer. The coat will also protect the wood from water damage, chemical damage, and everyday wear and tear. Lastly, clear coats can give wood a beautiful shine. 5. Apply a thick layer of clear coat to the rest of your floor, using a paint-roller extension pole for ease of use. Move first in the direction of the wood grain, and then across it The main difference is that a clear-coat does not alter the color of the wood while a stain does. If desired, these two options can be combined for a mix of beauty and durability. A good finish, whether a clear-coat or a stain, gives you a chance to lock out moisture and remove the risk of rot, mold, or mildew

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epoxy may be a better choice for thick coats. Depending on the wood, usually a coat or two brushed on to seal the surface, sand smooth between coats. Sealing the surface allows the top layer to flow out better and helps minimize any air bubbles. i4walleye. Original Author DecoArt Clear Pouring Topcoat - 8 oz. Current price: Create a smooth, high-end finish for your acrylic paintings with DecoArt Clear Pouring Topcoat. Ideal for canvases, wood panels, and other flat art surfaces, this topcoat flows into a thick, self-leveling, crystal clear coating. It dries into a hard and glossy lacquer-like finish that won't. Rust-Oleum® Triple Thick Polyurethane is 3X thicker than a traditional polyurethane. It is an advanced self leveling formula that allows projects to be completed in one coat. This water-based formula provides excellent scratch and stain resistance. It also provides fast dry times as well as the convenience of soap and water clean-up. It is suitable for use on all interior wood surfaces. It can go directly onto raw wood, but I usually apply it after the first thin coat of finish. Either way, the application method is the same. Most water-based fillers are sold extra thick, so mix them with water to the consistency of cream

West Systems recommends using 3 coats of their epoxy with 207 clear hardener on all sides, all applied on the same day so they link chemically. Then 2-3 coats of varnish over the top of that. The epoxy seals the wood to prevent expansion and contraction, and the varnish protects the epoxy from UV Clear coat painting over ink jet photo. Nov 27, 2007. I want to decoupage a photo that is printed on Epson Premium Photo paper onto a piece of wood. It is intended to give a protective finish for graphics on a home-made game. I experimented with water base polyurethane that I had on hand Make a nice job of it and add an extra coat or even two for more durability and your customers will love it for many years. From contributor M: Duravar will suffice, however it is a nitrocellulose product and not quite as durable as MLC's Krystal or CV200 (they are basically the same but CV200 is a low-odor formula, and superior in my opinion) Krylon Triple Thick is an amazing product when used properly. We make wood furniture and signage, and I used to spend days coating and recoating wood pieces, and waiting for them to dry in between coats. With Triple Thick I can coat twice in one day, and the next day it's ready to go

A clear top-coat for natural wood tones. Engineered as a top-coat finish or as a long-lasting maintenance coat for Natural ENS base colors. Resistant to wear, highly UV stable and loaded with UV inhibitors to prevent discoloration. VIEW PRODUCT >> 286449 Triple Thick Clear Finish Satin (946 mL) .PRODUCT APPLICATION . REFURBISHING Existing finished wood may be refurbished without complete removal of the previous coating. After using furniture polishes for many years, wood can absorb contaminants that interfere with Varathane Triple Thick Clear Finish Flat Clear and Translucent Coating for Wood, Natural, 1 gal. Item # 2NTA7. Mfr. Model # 140.0003000.007. UNSPSC # 31211706. Catalog Page # N/A. Country of Origin USA. Country of Origin is subject to change. Wood stains or finishes are meant to be exposed to an outdoor environment, typically used for protecting wood siding or decking materials.

Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze creates a bright, glass like coating. Bright, high-gloss finish looks like glass and gives the illusion of depth. Permanent, protective coating to extend the life and look of your project. Ideal for wood, metal, plastic, paper mache, glass, plaster, ceramic, dried silk flowers, paper and wicke Apply your first coat of pure varnish, working with the grain, then let it dry completely. Create a key by gently sanding the surface with very fine sandpaper. Apply as many more coats as you need, generally 2 to 3 coats is the norm, but additional coats can be applied for greater depth of finish, gently sanding in between each coat

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  1. As with all wood finishes, good results depend on smooth, clean wood surfaces, but this goes double with clear finishes such as polyurethane. Sand your wood with at least 220-grit sandpaper. For open-grain woods (like oak, ash, or walnut), you can apply a wood grain filler before the polyurethane, to create an ultra-smooth finished surface
  2. The varnish is slightly amber and doesn't look good over white surfaces, but if you surface are wood or darker colors the varnish top coat will appear clear. We also have a not user friendly, two part poly (like auto clear coat - Acrylic Poly UV plus - $$$) that can be sprayed on to provide UV and scratch protection
  3. g you didn't sand it at all
  4. Step 3. Apply the first coat of polyurethane. Dip your foam brush in the polyurethane mixture and brush it on the bar top in square-foot sections. Use back and forth motions in the direction of the wood grain. Brush each section repeatedly until most air bubbles and brush strokes have disappeared. Move to the next section and repeat the process.
  5. Apply at least three coats on exterior surfaces. For interior surfaces, apply at least three coats on unfinished wood and two coats on surfaces already finished. After final coat, allow 24 hours before normal use. Clean-up: For easy clean-up, use lacquer thinner following the manufacturer's safety instructions
  6. Wood Grain Filler Application. Application varies some from filler to filler, but in general, you trowel or brush the filler on, squeegee or wipe of the excess, wait for it to dry, and sand it level with the surface of the wood. Grain fillers are fairly easy to use, but one thing does take a little skill and thought: getting the color right
  7. The solvent in the finish can dissolve the stain or the color in the wood and cause it to bleed or get muddy looking. To avoid this, prime these types of projects with several thin mist coats before applying a thicker coat of finish. Apply a mist coat by raising the can higher than normal and moving the can faster than usual

Epoxy creates a thick, durable top coat for tables with a rustic surface. The down-sides of such a thick finish are that it is costly, increases lead times for production and it can't be repaired easily on-site. Another drawback to epoxy is that it can yellow over time There's thick clear coat between the black paint and wood, so if any burst corrections are needed, we won't mess up the stain. The photo below shows guitar after a couple of clear coats - it's not shiny yet because it's not polished and it still has some of the washboard surface left To prevent that, most woodworking projects—from newly refinished flooring to hand-crafted benches—end with a protective top coat, no matter whether the wood is raw, painted, or stained Epoxy resin will adhere to any clean, dry, rigid and flat support. Metal, wood, stone, concrete, paper or canvas glued on masonite -all will work. You may have seen paintings on canvas with a thick, clear coat of resin in art galleries Seal coat application: Brush. When applying to wood or porous surfaces, be sure to apply a very thin skim coat of epoxy to seal the surface, and allow it to cure before applying more epoxy. Maximum pour depth per layer (flood coat application): 1/2″ for river pours, slab pours; 1″ for smaller castings using less than 16 oz. of epoxy

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However, clear enamel is more durable than lacquer. Another distinction is that clear enamel is a topcoat. You can't mix it into paint as you can with lacquer. This is why many people refer to clear enamel as a varnish. However, that term is more correct for wood versus metal applications. Clear coats come in spray and paint-on applications RELATED: Picking the Right Wood Floor Finish Applicator. Control Air Flow: Air movement across the finish causes it to not flow and level as it's designed to do, so the more air flow there is when you're coating, the more likely it is you'll have problems with coating, uneven finish, debris in the finish, streaks, etc Allow wood to dry completely before applying polyurethane. Test it with a few drops of water -- if they don't immediately soak in, the wood is too wet to paint. Avoid building up coats of satin or semigloss finish. If you need to build up coats, do it with gloss material, then use satin for the last one or two coats to cut the sheen Uh oh, something is amiss here, Sally! When applying Rust-Oleum Triple Thick Polyurethane it is important to use a high-quality synthetic bristle brush. The coating needs to be applied in the direction of the wood in one, thick smooth uniform coat. If refinishing a previously coated surface or a second coat is desired, sand with 220 grit sandpaper 1. Sand the wood to create a flat, smooth surface. If the piece of wood you plan on coating in epoxy is rough or uneven, use a sandpaper grit between 120 and 220 to sand the wood. Create an even, smooth surface so the epoxy will go on effortlessly. Sand the wood going with the grain to create the smoothest surface

Bar & Table Finish pour-on finish; is an ultra-thick, high gloss, crystal clear epoxy that provides maximum durability. One coat is as thick as 75 coats of varnish. Ideal as a waterproof finish for table and bar tops, it is also great for crafts and refinishing furniture. This water, heat and chemical resistant finish can be used over almost any surface from rough and finished to stained. Premium Wood Finish for Floors, Water-Based in Satin Clear, 3.78 L Varathane Premium Diamond Wood Finish Interior provides protection for your wood that is diamond hard, diamond clear, and diamond beautiful. Varathane Premium Diamond Wood Finish Interior is specifically developed to enhance the natural beauty of wood while providing the best scratch and stain resistance available SureCrete's Dura-Kote premium clear floor epoxy 100% solids is a high-quality clear thick build floor coating for a high gloss shine used as a top coat or part of a system to create a 3D metallic floor.Dura-Kote DK series is also available in a Standardized lower cost option as well as a thin viscosity formula to help the movement when adding metallic pearl additives

Apply the sealant coat on the wood using a brush then wait for 30 minutes. Slightly sand the wood using a ball of 0000-grade steel wool. Adjust the air pressure regulator on your spray gun to 30-PSI. Fill the spray gun with lacquer and less than 30% thinner. Carefully apply the lacquer on the wood to create an even coat The thicker the coating, the stronger the stress force will be (which is why coatings applied too thick crack easily). If the stress is stronger than the cohesive strength of the coating, it will crack to relieve the pressure. On the other hand, if the stress is stronger than the adhesion, the coating will delaminate (peel)

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  1. Measuring Lacquer Thickness of Guitars. DeFelsko manufactures hand-held, non-destructive coating thickness gages that are ideal for measuring the dry film thickness of lacquer on guitars. Lacquer is applied to the guitar to attain a glass-like sheen while showing the beauty and luster of the instrument. Although this article focuses on lacquer.
  2. Step 6: Apply sealer. Using a brush, paint roller, or sprayer, apply a thin coat over a two-to-three-board section. You can always add another thin coat later as it will apply and dry better than one thick coat. Back-rolling may also be necessary to create the best coat possible. This requires one person to apply the seal and another person to.
  3. Varathane 1694637 11.25 oz Triple Thick Transparent Polyurethane Clear Gloss, Pack of 6 Varathane 262006 1 Quart Dark Walnut Fast Dry Wood Stain Varathane 262005 1 Quart Early American Fast Dry Wood Stai
  4. um wheels, chrome bumpers, marine railings, chrome or alu
  5. Clear Coat is ideal for clear coating wood, and the wetting out of fiberglass cloth for bright finished boats. Use as a build coat for clear linear polyurethane or varnish coatings and as a penetrating first coat for blister repair on fiberglass boats. Use also for those applications that require a long pot life and low viscosity

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  1. This product is NOT to be used for normal 1/8 flood coat pour. This is a 1.5 gallon kit mixed at 2:1 Mix this material slowly with a paint stick not a drill, then when trying to pop bubbles pop then as you pour 1/4 at a time then add more material and continue to torch as you go to get a crystal clear deep pour
  2. This thick clear coat adds depth to the countertop and makes it look very glossy while the wood underneath isn't glossy at all. The only thing I can think of is adding an actual object over the surface and using a glossy and transparent shader, but this is finicky and inconsistent for more complex modeling
  3. Krylon I00500A00 Triple Thick Clear Glaze Spray 12 Oz Aerosol, High-Gloss Finish Triple thick glaze's high solids formula quickly builds a bright, clear coating giving the illusion of depthOne coat equals three coats of many other clear aerosolsUsed on many types of materials wood plaster, bisque, metal, plastic and paperMany other uses in studio, home crafts and shop projectsComes in 12-ounce.
  4. FAMOWOOD® GLAZE COAT® HIGH BUILD EPOXY COATING is an ultra-clear, high gloss finish epoxy versatile enough to be used on just about any surface, either smooth or rough, stained or painted. This easy-to-use, 1:1 ratio is ideal for household and craft projects - just one pour equals 70 coats of varnish. WHERE TO USE / APPLICATION
  5. ArmorTrak is a tough, one-part (no mixing), flexible, water resistant urethane coating. ArmorTrak will chemically bond to most clean and dry surfaces. It works as a coating for wood, concrete, fiberglass, metal, rubber, sound-painted materials and more. Some metal and extremely porous surfaces may need to be primed
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  2. Paper mache, collage, and decoupage need a protective coating. In these cases, look for a triple-thick clear spray. This spray gives a three-dimensional appearance and it won't crack. It also works well on plaster, creating a porcelain-like glaze. Apply it in quick, continuous strokes across the surface for best results
  3. MirrorCoat is a pourable, self-leveling bar and tabletop coating. Easy application. Cures crystal clear. Exceptionally tough; scratch resistant, waterproof, alcohol proof. A single application give the appearance of multiple coats of varnish. 100% solids; no solvents, low odor. Apply multiple coats to create striking three dimensional effects

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If you're in need of a multi-purpose solution to protect your property against weather damage, hazardous chemicals, and daily wear and tear, Dura-Rubber liquid rubber coating is a fast-working, single-part sealant that's both tough enough for professional use and easy enough for anyone to apply. Dura-Rubber a 100% waterproof and resistant. (Photo 9) - Blisters occurring in a clear-coat applied at three times the recommended thickness over wood substrate. METHODS OF COATING THICKNESS MEASUREMENT In a perfect situation, the wet film thickness of the coating material should be checked as application occurs to help ensure that the specified thickness range is being met Acrylic Lacquer: A new, low voc clear coating for wood. No two finishing lines are exactly the same. Nor are the finishing standards or production goals identical from facility to facility or shop to shop. To satisfy a wide range of variables relating to application, curing, finish durability, appearance, environmental requirements, green sustainability initiatives, and cost, I have been. All wood projects require preparation sanding before clear coating with a topcoat. If you skip this critical step, your finish may be rough and uneven. RAW WOOD: See our video: How to Prep Sand Raw Wood. 1. Sand open grain wood with 120 grit sandpaper, followed by 150 grit, then 180 grit NAKED FUSION Epoxy Resin Deep Pour Crystal Clear Formula - 2 Inch Thick Pour Casting Resin for River Tables, Deep Resin Molds, Live Edge Wood, and Deep Art Casting: 9.1: See on Amazon: Art 'N Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin - 32 Ounce Kit: 9.2: See on Amazon: ArtResin Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Non - Toxic 1 Gallon Kit: 9.3.

Well, I bought it because it was triple thick. That was appealing. I wanted a nice thick, clear coating. And it said it dried in 24 hours (to avoid fingerprints.) It's not plastic, it's bone. Posted at 3:07am Jul 2, 2008 EDT. MoonMystic says. Thanks for the compliments on the pendant Formulated for use as a clear finish on bare and stained interior wood surfaces. Available in Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss finishes. Old Masters Gel Polyurethane is a clear oil-based gelled finish that produces a soft, hand-rubbed sheen. Its thick formula enables multiple hand-applied coats without drips or brush marks. Available in a satin sheen howdy ogre, not sure if i got it right, maybe you can clarify your back to back method above, say : 1. lay down fiberglass cloth on HWS deck. 2. apply resin on cloth on deck with a roller until fully wetted out right to the taped-off rails. 3. siesta nap until first coat is touch-dry . .

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But with a clear or semi-transparent wood stain, a second coat will just sit on the surface of the first coat. It might start peeling when the sun hits it, making it look like your deck got a. 13. Stone Coat Countertops Epoxy - Epoxy for Wood Countertops. When you have a nice, expensive wood or stone countertop, it pays to protect it with some kind of water-resistant coating. You have a lot of options in that department, and this one is a top-coating you may choose. Tough, Waterproof, And Versatil Our Deep Pour Epoxy is a commercial grade casting resin specifically formulated for river tables, charcuterie boards, arts, crafts, and more. Cast deep molds or pour an entire live edge river table in a single pour. - Pour up to 2 Thick in a Single Pour - Crystal-Clear, Bubble Free Surface - Self-Leveling, High Gloss Finish - Low Viscosity and Long Working Time - Works with all Epoxy.

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When applying Rust-Oleum Tripe Thick Polyurethane it is important to apply in the direction of the wood grain in one, thick, smooth uniform coat. Since the surface was already previously coated, it is recommended to sand the surface with 220 grit sandpaper to create a surface profile Revolutionary Varathane Triple Thick One Coat Clear Finish is 3x thicker than a traditional polyurethane. Instead of applying 2-3 coats of a traditional finish, you get the job done in just one coat Clear finish. 6 oz. (170 g) Goes on smoothly without stroke marks and self levels. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Nontoxic. Glossy spray is ideal for adding a glazed ceramic look to a variety of hard craft surfaces. Because it is extra-thick, most surfaces need only one coat. When finished, it adds the illusion of depth

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Car clear coat is a thick, transparent layer covering the color coat of your car's paint. Clear coat provides protection for the paint layer below, keeping the color of your car looking flawless. The clear coat also affects the appearance of the paint, such as glossiness. A car's paint has several layers, each having a different function Varathane® Triple Thick Polyurethane is 3X thicker than a traditional polyurethane allowing you to complete your wood project with only 1 coat. Its advanced self-leveling formula provides a smooth, durable finish. Water-based formula provides exceptional scratch and stain resistance for bare and stained wood Typically we only get two coats of 207 on in a day, the clear coating epoxy. 205 - again, on a painted surface, something you're not worried about the petin changing the color, and you want a nice thick build up, you could get three, if not four coats of epoxy, rolled on this over the course of the day if you catch it at the right time

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Spray a fourth wet coat 2-3 mils thick and dry 1 hour. Spray 3 more coats, 1 hour between coats, for a total of 4 coats the second day. Let your project dry 1 week, then: Level sand dry with Mirka P800. Dry sand with Mirka P1200. Dry sand with 2000-grit Mirka Abralon. Note: Do not use any lubricants of any type for sanding. Final Clear embossing powder is popularly used in crafts because it can be melted in a special melting pot and then used as a clear coating material. A common variant of this embossing powder is called Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE). UTEE can be used to coat polymer clay projects, giving a thick, clear surface like resin Wood trim, wood cabinetry, and other woodworking projects usually receive a finish of wood stain followed by a protective coat of some kind of varnish. Unless the natural wood is top-coated in its natural state or is painted, stain-and-varnish is the finish of choice for the vast majority of woodwork and woodworking projects And I hate to say this but for easy floor maintenance you really do need at least 3 MODERATE coats of poly on a wood floor. I would never try to apply more than 500 square feet per gal of any oil based poly finish. Too thick a coat will take months to cure hard, and this can weaken the finish. Your floor contractors methods of using the sealer. On some areas the difference in sheen is VERY noticeable. In other areas it's clear he didn't put enough coats of lacquer. In other areas he use wood that was not dried appropriately as there is expansion resulting in exposed wood about 1/4″ thick

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Fire retardant and intumescent paint is applied to wood and timber structures to slow down the spread of fire and it is an effective way to delay or avoid the collapse of a building in the case of a fire. In response to heat, fire retardant paint produces a flame-damping gas that limits the spread of flames across the surface Rule-breaker #3. Ask your finish retailer for a low-maintenance, clear, water-resistant exterior wood finish. Then wait ten minutes for them to stop laughing. You might as well be asking for rainbow-colored unicorn milk. The reason? Exterior finishes take a beating from the one-two punch of ultraviolet (UV) light and exposure to the weather How to apply glaze finishes. Pour some glaze into a pan and grab a blending brush, left, and an application brush, right. Use paper shop towels to wipe, and steel wool or nylon abrasive pads for grain effects and feathering. Start with wood that has been sealed with at least one good coat of whatever finish you choose Clean the log surfaces of any dirt, oil, or bark, which can reduce absorption and shorten the life of the finish. A pigmented finish will normally out-perform a clear one because pigment works as a sunscreen to keep the wood from graying. Apply the recommended number of coats to increase UV protection

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After the first coat of primer, seal window surrounds and door joints with siliconized acrylic latex caulk. For the second coat of primer, use an acrylic latex to prime for all top coats. Brush Work. For old paint in good condition or primed, bare wood, you'll need about one gallon of paint per each 400 square feet Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze. Current price: It's so thick, one coat equals three coats of many other clear aerosols. Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze offers a bright, clear coating that gives the illusion of depth with a flexible acrylic formula that won't crack like lacquer. It's an ideal way to brighten and porcelainize artificial flo..

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