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  3. ister in a palatable¶ÿgel¶ÿformula.¶ÿEquest Pramox¶ÿmelts in your¶ÿhorse's mouth¶ÿto reduce the risk of being spat out. Order online from Wormers-direct The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience
  4. ate ponds, waterways or ditches with product or used syringes. Dispose of any unused product and empty syringes in accordance with guidance from your local waste regulation authority. Uses: Moxidectin is a second-generation macrocyclic lactone of the milbemycin family
  5. Equest Pramox 19.5 mg/g + 121.7 mg/g oral gel Names used: EQUEST PRAMOX ORAL GEL in all the countries except Germany: EQUEST PRAMOX 19.5 mg/g + 121.7 mg/g Gel zum eingeben Spain: EQUEST PRA-MOX Portugal and Poland: EQUEST PRAMOX 19.5 mg/g + 121.7 mg/g oral gel Denmark: Equest Pramox Sweden: Cydectin Comp Vet. 2
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  7. Now:£15.90. (You save ) Bulk Discount. Buy 5 - 9 and get £1.55 off. Buy 10 - 19 and get £1.75 off. Buy 20 or above and get £1.90 off. Equest Oral Gel horse wormer is for the treatment and control of adult and larval stages of important internal parasites in horses and ponies with a single dose. Number of Horses

Bundle A - 3 Faecal Egg Counts and 1 Equest Pramox. Equest Pramox only treats up to 700kg. Horses weighing over this will need two syringes. Just add an additional Equest Pramox to your order and we will include in your bundle. £48.50 inc P& www.wormers-direct.co.uk is an online horse and animal-health store, specializing in the dispensing of worming products and herbal supplements. Operating for over 20 years, wormers-direct has built up a gold standard reputation for advice and recommendations for horse and pet health care. At wormers-direct we have three SQPs (Suitably Qualified.

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Equest Pramox contains the same unique active ingredient as Equest Gel but the difference is it also contains the drug of choice for the control of tapeworm, encysted small redworm and bots. Each tube of Equest Pramox treats 700kg. Equest Pramox will control Tapeworm for 6 months and the regular dosing interval is 13 weeks. Equest Pramox is safe for use on horses View Details. Embotape Horse Wormer - Single Syringe. £7.54. In stock. Rating: 100%. 2 Reviews. Embotape Horse Wormer is an easy to use wormer for horses. For the treatment and control of adult infections of large and small redworms, ascarids and pinworms found in the gastro-intestinal tract of horses and other equines You are here: Shop Online: Wormers Direct Shop. Go to a specific Category : Birds Equine Livestock Pets . E002 : Equest - NEW 700kg syringes. A clear gel. Price Options. Option Qty 1 - 5 Qty 6 - 14 Qty 15 - 25; Click to add: £ 16.99: £ 15.49: £ 14.99; E022 : Equest Pramox **** NEW 700KG SYRINGES **** A pale yellow to orange/pink gel. Price.

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Messages. 5,762. Location. Cairngorms! You shouldnt need Pramox at this time of year as the extra thing it has above Equest is the tapewormer, and that is given spring and autumn as its the start and end of the best time to 'get' the tapeworms. So if your worming programme is currently focused on moxidectin (the roundworm ingredient in both. If not i would give Pramox now (after hard frost) but don't give it again 13 weeks later (spring), just give a normal Equest. Equest is given every 13 weeks so you are covered for ESR and roundworm all year round. Pramox is just Equest with Praziquantel added in for Tape. Last edited: 9 November 2013 Its getting to that time of year and i'm going to worm Tru before she goes out to grass to get rid of any nasties but just wanted to share this with everyone. I buy all my equine/cat/dog medical stuff from VET MEDIC (google the name and you'll find them). Soooooooooooooooo much cheaper than.. Equest Pramox Syringe is a long lasting and reliable oral gel horse wormer, helping to treat roundworm, tapeworm and bot infestation. The Equest Pramox syringe performs a dose by dialling to graduations in the horses bodyweight of 25kg to help in getting the dose right. Equest Pramox horse wormer is suitable for use in pregnant mares as well as use ponies horses, and foals that are over 6 mont

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Turn the knurled ring ¼ turn to lock in place. Make sure the horse's mouth contains no feed. Remove the plastic cap from the tip of the nozzle. Insert the syringe into the horse's mouth at the interdental space. Advance the plunger as far as it will go, depositing the medication on the base of the tongue Equest Pramox contains the same unique active ingredient as Equest Gel but the difference is it also contains the drug of choice for the control of tapeworm, encysted small redworm and bots. Each tube of Equest Pramox treats 700kg. Equest Pramox will control Tapeworm for 6 months and the regular dosing interval is 13 weeks Verm-X Pellets For Horses - 2 x 250g Promotional Pack. £19.95 inc VAT. Add to Basket. Add to Compare. NAF Off Citronella - 2.5L. Special Price. £14.99. Regular Price. £19.99 inc VAT

Hadrian Equine is one of the UK's leading online suppliers of equine medication products. We offer same day dispatch and free delivery on all orders over £50. Visit our online store to find your horse medication and vaccines at discount prices Equest Wormer is supplied in a 14.8g syringe of oral gel containing 18.92mg/g moxidectin, 37.84 mg/g benzyl alcohol and 0.24 mg/g disodium edetate as preservatives. One syringe contains enough gel to treat a 700kg horse at the recommended dose rate. The syringe is split into graduations and each graduation is equivalent to a 25kg dose Treat for Roundworm, Large & Small Redworm with Eraquell, Vectin, Noromectin, Pyratape P, Strongid P, Equimax, Duo, Equest, Equest Pramox, Panacur or Telmin Year Round All products can be used throughout the year for routine worming ( with the exception of Equitape ) with specific products being used at specific times when necessar The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is calling on the veterinary medicines regulator to classify all anthelmintics (wormers) as POM-V, meaning they can only be prescribed by a veterinary surgeon, rather than by vets and Suitably Qualified Person (SQPs) as at present. The BVA has written..

Equest horse wormer has a long duration of action of 13 weeks making 'four times a year' horse worming possible. One tube will treat a 700 kg horse. It is important that you read the product datasheet before administering this product and that you use the product only as detailed within You can purchase your horse products online, at a time suitable to you, 24 hours a day. We specialise in horse products. Finally, we all own horses and understand the pleasure and responsibility of caring for a horse. If you do need assistance, please call us on 1300 251 739. The right supplement for your horse Verm-X Daily Plus 100% Natural Pellets for Horses. With Added Dandelion and Astragalus for Intestinal Hygiene, Liver and Kidney Function and Immune System. Vet Approved. Wormwood Free Recipe. £35.84. £35. . 84 (£35,840.00/kg) £38.40 Equest® Plus Tape long acting horse wormer and boticide gel is the only horse wormer effective as a single dose against encysted stages of small strongyles: developing stages (DL), late encysted stages (LL3/EL4), and aids in control of early encysted stages (EL3) including inhibited larvae (greater than 90% effective)

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  1. Although,Wormers Direct NHS discount & Health Service benefits do not currently unavailable, there will be another way to get savings at Wormers Direct. Wormers Direct offer amazin discount codes. & special offers regularly. Regardless you are an ordinary customer or an NHS staff, these savings should not be missed. Enjoy up to 90% off
  2. g Programme. With a limited number of wormers available for treatment of worms in horses wherever possible, an intelligent targeted wor
  3. Equest Pramox Horse Wormer From: £20.90 to £22.00 Save up to 5% with multibuy options Equest Pramox is a unique combination equine wormer. Containing moxidectin and praziquantel in a palatable gel, it is the only combination wormer to control with a single dose: roundworms,.

Equest Pramox in the UK is the same as Quest Plus here Wormers-direct.co.uk, Horse wormers direct,UK sales and horse worming guidance and advice Tel 0844 808 6070 Didn't know that,i'll do the strongid P this fall then,was always told praziquantel was the one to use for tapes. Doing two tubes of the strongid ,would be easier then 4 weeks of. We are the very first pet pharmacy offering pet prescriptions from our pet dispensary, veterinary medicine, and animal Health including wormers and flea treatments and other pet supplies such as veterinary diet dog and cat food. We have a number of trademarks such as the Canine Chemists, Pigeon Pharmacy, the Feline Pharmacy and the Equine Pharmacy direct Further information is available from Zoetis UK Ltd, Walton Oaks, Dorking Road, Walton-on-the-Hill, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7NS www.wormingyourhorse.info EQUEST and EQUEST PRAMOX are registered.

Equest Pramox is an oral gel containing moxidectin and praziquantel for single dose control of all three species of tapeworm, roundworms - including encysted larval stages of small redworms, and bots For example, Equest Pramox should not be used on a pregnant mare, and Eqvalan Duo should only be used after the first 3 months of pregnancy. Check with your vet or retailer. Additionally you can find more advice here Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. Try again Many in the Uk just worm 4 times a year with Equest and Pramox I use it rarely as it is very strong and can affect hoof sensitivity. For a rescue I would use Panacur 5 Day guard for the insisted redworm and a separate tape wormer a month later. Goldens Rules of Worming with Chemicals - Wormers Direct Equest Pramox contains Moxidectin and Praziquentel This is a combination of two drugs in one horse wormer and treats roundworm, tapeworm, bots and encysted redworm larvae stages in horses Ideal to use in Spring and Autumn - Palatable Gel with No need for two syringes

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Equest - The longest lasting wormer available which treats against large and small redworms, large roundworms (ascarids) and seatworms (pinworms), lungworm and bot ; istración oral. Mientras sostiene el émbolo, gire el anillo moleteado del émbolo un cuarto de vuelta a la izquierda y deslícelo de forma que el anillo de tope esté en la marca. Equest pramox, Equimax (Tabs), Eqvalan duo, Furexel combi, Hippopraz duo. Pour lutter contre les larves de mouches • (gastérophiles) les lactones macrocycliques Pour lutter contre les vers ronds (strongles, ascaris, strongyloïdes, oxyures) • les benzimidazoles : - fenbendazole 1 - mébendazole 2 • le pyrantel 3 • les lactones. Best price on horse wormers keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this websit

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  1. Equest Pramox Cheap. Equest Horse Wormer is good for the treatment and charge of adult and larval stages of internal parasites, including small redworms, significant redworms and spiders in horses plus ponies. If typically the recommended dose is given, it supplies effective control regarding moxidectin sensitive traces of most common parasite
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