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  1. ed by a gene known as a _____. The two different colors are a result of alternate forms of this gene known as_____
  2. Chapter 21 Genetic Inheritance. Mendel called the yellow trait that was expressed in all of his second generation pea plants the ______ trait and the green trait that was hidden he called the ______ trait. The factors that Mendel observed that came from the mother and the father and contributed to the traits in the offspring are called ______
  3. If the parents of a child have the following genotypes [Bb × Bb], what is the probability that they will have a child with the genotype [BB]? 25% In fruit flies the gene for vestigial wings will produce tiny underdeveloped wings at room temperature but will produce normal wings at higher temperatures
  4. ant allele and m is the recessive allele. What are the possible genotypes of individual 2 in the 4th generation (assume we don't yet know if she is a carrier)

father to son. Consider an autosomal trait that has a dominant (T) allele and a recessive (t) allele. A woman who is heterozygous for the trait conceives a child with a man who is homozygous recessive for the trait. Complete the questions regarding this cross. Following these questions, you will be completing a Punnett square showing this cross. 1 If crossed with another heterozygous plant, the majority of progeny will have the dominant flower color. True or False: The 3:1 phenotypic ratio observed among progeny of an F1 X F1 cross requires random union of gametes

Mendelian Genetics. A coin is flipped four times and comes up heads each time. What is the probability that the next coin flip will come up heads? Anything that happened in the past cannot influence the future (in biology), so it is a 1/2 chance that it will come out heads. Classify the following as Heterozygous or Homozygous; RR, Rr, yy, and YyRR Which of the following genotypes is heterozygous? answer choices . Bb. BB. bb. B. Tags: Question 6 . SURVEY . 300 seconds . Q. In a flowering plant species, red flower color (R) is dominant over white flower color (r). What is the genotype of any red-flowering plant resulting from this species? answer choices . rr . R. RR. RR or Rr The answer would be:C. SsWhen you say heterozygous, this means that the trait has both dominant and recessive alleles for a specific trait. The genotype then will have a CAPITAL letter and a LOWERCASE letter as seen in: Ss. ****It is actually redundant to say heterozygous dominant because when you say heterozygous, it is given that the dominant. Which of the following genotypes is heterozygous? TT Tt tt - 12442671 For each scenario identify at least 2 parts of the brain that are not functioning properly. 1 answer needs to be a lobe of the cerebrum and the 2nd an Which of the following best describes genotype and phenotype? The genotype of an organism describes the specific alleles for a particular gene, and the phenotype describes the appearance of the organism associated with the genotype. This organism is heterozygous for the A trait and will express the dominant trait

300 seconds. Q. B = brown eyes. b = blue eyes. What is true about these two brothers that have brown eyes? One has genotype BB the other Bb. answer choices. they have same phenotype and genotype. they have different genotypes and phenotypes. they have same phenotype but different genotypes Which of the following are considered to be HETEROZYGOUS? answer choices . rr. RR. Rr. Tags: Question 4 . SURVEY . Which of the following are examples of Genotypes? Select all that apply! answer choices Homozygous. Phenotype. Genotype. Heterozygous Dominant. Tags: Question 9 . SURVEY . 30 seconds . Q. A _____ is the physical appearance. Question 29. SURVEY. 30 seconds. Q. In certain rats, black fur is dominant over white fur. If two rats, both heterozygous for fur color are mated, their offspring would be expected to have. answer choices. four different genotypes and two different colors. two different genotypes and three different colors Two dominant Alleles TT, HH, RR In a monohybrid (single trait) cross, there are three possible genotypes. The Genotype is the possible pair of traits from the parents represented by letters called alleles The Phenotype is the possible trait displayed by the genotype. Using the Alleles T = Tall t = short The three possible genotypes (pairs of alleles) are: TT = Homozygous Dominant for Tall Tt.

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  1. SURVEY. 120 seconds. Q. Red/green color blindness is a recessive trait. A woman who is a carrier for this allele marries a normal-vision male. What is the probability that they will have a child who is color blind? (Punnett square might help!) answer choices. 25%. 50%
  2. ant allele is present. Q. having two of the same genes for the trait (sometimes called purebred). Q. having two different genes for a trait (sometimes called hybrid). Q. A single piece of coiled DNA found in the cells; contains genes that encode traits
  3. ant and f is recessive, the phenotype ratio of the F2 generation will be... 1:1 2:1 9:3:3:1 1:2:1 3:1 The usual F_2 phenotype ratio of a dihybrid cross is 1:1 2:1 9:3:3:1 1:2:1 3:1 Bob has blond hair, a.
  4. ant over white fur. If two rats, both heterozygous for fur color are mated, their offspring would be expected to have. answer choices. four different genotypes and two different colors. two different genotypes and three different colors

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a gamete that contains dominant allele for seed color must also contain the recessive allele for seed shape. a gamete that contains the dominant allele for seed color is equally likely to contain the dominant or the recessive allele for seed shape. possible gamete genotypes are AB or ab; each is equally likely to occur If T is for the dominant allele of a trait (eg. phenotype of brown fur) and t is the recessive allele of a trait (eg. phenotype of white fur), then a heterozygous dominant genotype for this trait would be Tt . Heterozygous means both alleles are different (so Tt, not tt or TT). A genotype is what the genes say (one allele for brown fur, one allele for white fur), while a phenotype is.

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Plz ! having a smooth seeds is the dominant trait. having wrinkled seeds is a recessive trait. the offspring of two plants with smooth seeds, a. must have smooth seeds. b. may have smooth or wrinkled seeds. c. must have wrinkled seeds. d. have a 25% change of having smooth seeds Transcribed image text: .3) Set up a Punnett square using the following information: (8 points) Dominant allele for brown fur in cottontail rabbits = B Recessive allele for white fur in cottontail rabbits-b Dominant allele for gray eyes in cottontail rabbits = G Recessive allele for red eyes in cottontail rabbits = g Cross a heterozygous parent (BbGg) with a heterozygous parent (BbGg) A

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Heterozygous is a state of having inherited different forms of a particular gene from each one of your biological parents. Now, by different forms we generally mean that there are different portions of the gene where the sequence is different. They may be inconsequential portions of the gene, or they may in fact be pretty important portions of. 5.ee Practice: Punnett Squares Label the following genotypes as heterozygous or homozygous. You can use abbreviations. 1. ΑΑ. 2. Bb 3. Cc 4. dd Based on the following genotypes, determine the phenotype. 6. Green pea pods are dominant to yellow. GG- Gg 7. Round pea pods are dominant to wrinkled. RR- Rr- 8 10. Label the following genotypes as hetemzygous or homozygous. Then indicate the phenotype for each genotype. Assume that E stands for large eyes and e stands for small eyes. Phenotype lap e ar e es Genotype Homozygous or Heterozygous he*oøz us hOrM0 14. In fruit flies, red (R) eye color is dominant over white (r) eye color Genotypes such as BB, bb, B 1 B 1 are homozygous. Heterozygous: Hetero means different. Heterozygous means that the two alleles are not the same. Thus, genotypes such as Bb, or B 1 B 2 are homozygous. Hemizygous. Hemi means half. The term hemizygous is actually an oxymoron. It literally means half-yoked

he female dog is heterozygous. The male dog is heterozygous. Figure out the phenotypes and genotypes of their .sible puppies by using a Punnett Square. Genotypes: Use the following information for questions 6-8: Phenotypes: Black fur: r. q Grey fur: 3'. q In fruit flies, red eyes are dominant (E). White eyes are recessive (e) Choose from: autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, X-linked dominant, X-linked recessive. autosomal recessive b) Write all possible genotypes of the following individuals in the pedigree. Use the uppercase A for the allele associated with the dominant phenotype and lowercase a for the allele associated with the recessive phenotype Both male and female are heterozygous for nose size (incompletely dominant). Which of the following is the correct ratio for the females: normal with large nose : carrier with large nose ; normal with medium nose : carrier with medium nose : normal with small nose : carrier with small nose 16:8:8:4:4:1 9:3:3:3:3:1 1:1:2:2:1:1 1:2:1:2:1:

A heterozygous man for this trait marries a woman who is also heterozygous. Make and complete a Punnett square. List the possible genotypes of their offspring. _____ Give the phenotypic ratio for their children. _____ Question: In humans, a widow's peak is dominant (W) over a straight hairline (w). A heterozygous man for this trait marries a. 5. If you crossed two heterozygous plants, how many of the offspring will also be heterozygous? all half 3/4 1/4. 6. A plant that has purple flowers is crossed with one that has white flowers. The offspring were half white and half purple. What were the genotypes of the parents? Pp x pp Pp x Pp PP x pp PP x WW. 7 For the following problems, list the parent genotypes, draw and fill in a Punnett square, and then list the offspring genotypes and phenotypes. 7. A homozygous dominant brown mouse is crossed with a heterozygous brown mouse (tan is the recessive color). 8. Two heterozygous white (brown fur is recessive) rabbits are crossed. 9

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Normal tails are dominant. Round seeds are dominant to wrinkled seeds in pea plants. No-cleft chin is dominant. Cleft chin is recessive. 2) For each of the following write whether it is homozygous dominant, heterozygous or homozygous recessive. AA Ff H GG ÞOM Pp He TT HOcoo Tt Use the following information for questions 3-5: Homo p€ A plant with round seeds would have either of the following genotypes: (RR) or (Rr). A plant with wrinkled seeds would have the following genotype: (rr). The heterozygous genotype (Rr) has the dominant round seed shape as its recessive allele (r) is masked in the phenotype Heterozygous Definition Biology: An individual if consists of two distinct alleles of the particular genotype.Pair of genes, called alleles, and each allele is located in the locus (specific position) on a chromosome.If the two alleles are different from each other at a locus, they are said to heterozygous. Like the word hetero, it means to do with things which are different, especially. Answer: The frequency of heterozygous individuals is equal to 2pq. In this case, 2pq equals 0.32, which means that the frequency of individuals heterozygous for this gene is equal to 32% (i.e. 2 (0.8)(0.2) = 0.32). PROBLEM #4. Within a population of butterflies, the color brown (B) is dominant over the color white (b) heterozygous individuals: (Bb x Bb) be represented by the following Punnett square: Note: Axial (A ) is dominant over terminal (a ). The genotypes of the parents are AARR and aarr. Therefore the gametes of the parents must be AR and ar so the genotype for all the offspring in th

Use the chart to identify the genotypes of the following traits: 1. Heterozygous round eyes, blue body Rryy 2. Hybrid eye shape, purebred roundpants Rrpp 3. Purebred roundpants, heterozygous long nose ppLl SpongeBob's aunt, who is a roundpants, has a cute stubby nose. She has finally found the sponge of her dreams and is ready to settle down Which of the following genotypes indicates a dominant phenotype? a aa b Aa C AA d Aa and AA AA and aa Which of the following genotypes indicates a recessive phenotype? a aa b Aa AA Aa and AA AA and aa Which of the following indicates a heterozygous genotype? aa Aa AA Aa and AA AA and aa In a monohybrid cross of Tt individuals, where T is.

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  1. ant (HoD) or homozygous recessiv
  2. e the percentage of genotypes, genotype terms, and phenotypes. 1. A homozygous white rabbit (b) is crossed with a heterozygous black rabbit (B). 2. A true breed tall plant is crossed with a short plant. Tall is do
  3. All life on Earth has one language in common: the genetic code
  4. ant for free earlobes, while the other has attached earlobes can they produce any children with attached earlobes? 4. In humans widow's peak (W) is do
  5. ant to two horns (b) and White horns (B) are do

probability. Possible genotypes for their red hair (recessive trait) and freckles (dominant trait) are: rr only for red hair and Ff or FF for freckles. The Punnett Squares show the following genotypes for the children: Both parents have rr. At least one parent has FF.. rr rr rr rr Ff/FF Ff/FF Ff/FF Ff/FF 2 Black hair (B) is dominant over brown hair (b).For each of the following problems, determine the parent genotypes, determine possible gametes then construct a Punnet square to solve. a. Cross a heterozygous running, heterozygous black mouse with a homozygous running, homozygous black mouse. Parental genotypes ____

Write the allele combination for homozygous dominant, homozygous recessive, and heterozygous traits Explain what a phenotype is To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member following: a. b. d. The frequency Of the recessive allele in the population (q). 0.30 The frequency of the dominant allele in the population P = 0.70 The frequency of homozygous dominant individuals in the African population. 0.70 x 0.70 = 0.49 The frequency of heterozygous individuals in the African population. 2 x 0.70 x 0.30 = 0.4


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  1. ant to small. You then cross a small female (SS) with a large male (LL) all small fish! The genotypes of this F1 are all LS. The gene for large size is a maternal effect gene. Which of the following diseases is not caused by a mutation in a mitochondrial gene? Turner syndrom
  2. ant with black fur (Ff) then thier puppy will be with grey fur because the grey fur is recessive trait and it needs both alleles ff ( one from mother and one from father which only possible if both parent are heterozygous do
  3. ant for black fur (BB) and is mated with a male guinea pig that is heterozygous for black fur (Bb). The recessive color is white (bb). white bb Extra Practic
  4. The key difference between homozygous and heterozygous is that homozygous means both alleles are similar for a trait while heterozygous means the two alleles are different for a trait.. The genes inherited from the parental chromosomes control all the characters or traits of animals, plants, and all other living beings. It is the core reason for showing parental characteristics in the progeny

The dominant allele masks the recessive allele if present. So there are two possible dominant genotypes: homozygous dominant, in which both dominant alleles are present; and heterozygous, in which. The predominant current-day meaning of genotype is some relevant part of the DNA passed to the organism by its parents. The phenotype is the physical and behavioral traits of the organism, for example, size and shape, metabolic activities, and patterns of movement. The distinction between them is especially important in evolutionary theory, where the survival and mating of organisms depends on. Co-Dominance. Co-dominance is another type of allelic relationship, in which a heterozygous individual expresses the phenotype of both alleles simultaneously.An example of co-dominance is found within the ABO blood group of humans. The ABO gene has three common alleles which were named (for historical reasons) I A, I B, and i.People homozygous for I A or I B display only A or B type antigens. Name:_____ Date:_____ A Little added challenge Use the following for questions 7-9: In dogs, there is a hereditary deafness caused by a recessive gene, d. A kennel owner has a male dog (Gilbert) that she wants to use for breeding purposes if possible. The dog can hear. 7) What are the two possible genotypes of Gilbert? 8) If the dog's genotype is Dd, the owner does not wish to use him. 4. In snapdragons, red flower color (R) is incompletely dominant to white (r), with heterozygous plants being pink. The broad-leaf allele (B) is incompletely dominant over narrow leaves (b), with the heterozygous plants having medium-width leaves. If a red-flowered, broad-leaved plant is crossed with a white-flowered, narrow

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Please use the following information to answer the next question F1 Blood Type Cross ri 24. The genotypes of the parents to whom this Punnett square applies are A. heterozygous B and homozygous A B. heterozygous and homozygous A C. homozygous B and heterozygous A D. heterozygous B and heterozygous A Please use the following information to answer the next question An organism that is heterozygous for a trait has two different alleles for that trait. An allele is an alternative form of a gene (one member of a pair) that is located at a specific position on a specific chromosome.These DNA codings determine distinct traits that can be passed on from parents to offspring through sexual reproduction. Having different versions of alleles, or different.

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50% heterozygous white & 50% homozygous recessive pink. The cross for this question would be Ww (white F1) x ww (pink). The alleles of the white parent are above the columns & those of the pink parent are in front of the rows. 2 of 4 boxes (50%) are Ww, which is heterozygous & would have the dominant trait (white) Scientists know the allele for normal digestion (G) is dominant, and the allele for galactosemia (g) is recessive. If a male who is heterozygous for the galactosemia trait and a female who has galactosemia have a child, describe how the disorder could be passed down. What are all the possible genotypes and phenotypes for the male's parents Use the chart to identify the genotypes of the following traits and to solve the following problem: Trait Dominant gene Recessive Gene Body Shape Squarepants ( A) Roundpants ( a) Body Color Yellow ( B) Blue ( b) offspring of two parents who are heterozygous for the gene with a dominant form (R) and a recessive form (r). A. rr only B. RR.

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Give the expected phenotypic ratios for the following four crosses: a. homozygous long X short c. heterozygous long X homozygous long. b. heterozygous long X short d. heterozygous long X heterozygous long . 3. In humans, dimples (N) are dominant to nondimples (n) In classical one factor and two factor crosses, there are only three ratios that matter. Heterozygous x Heterozygous. Aa x Aa. which gives a ratio of 3:1 among the offspring. Heterozygous x Homozygous recessive. Aa x aa. which gives a ratio of 1:1 among the offspring. Heterozygous x Heterozygous (two factors Heterozygous means that an organism has two different alleles of a gene. For example, pea plants can have red flowers and either be homozygous dominant (red-red), or heterozygous (red-white). If they have white flowers, then they are homozygous recessive (white-white). Carriers are always heterozygous. People with CF are homozygous recessive

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dominant trait, choose to use either the heterozygous or homozygous genotype. The other person's genotype is provided. After completing the Punnett Square, identify possible phenotypes of offspring and the probability of each phenotype in percentage. a) Achoo Syndrome genotypes: Yours ____ & the other person's Aa 2. Dominant allele (upper case) written before recessive allele (lower case) Record the probabilities for genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring (E generation) as percents and ratios. use the following format to write genotypic ratios: homozygous dominant: heterozygous: homozygous recessive. use th Generally, if the parents are heterozygous and one allele is dominant over the other there are only 2 phenotypes and 3 genotypes. Parents Aa can produce AA, Aa and aa offspring The homozygous dominant, heterozygous, and homozygous recessive genotypes are then written RR, Rr, and rr, respectively. It would also be possible to designate the two alleles as W and w , and the three genotypes WW , Ww , and ww , the first two of which produced round peas and the third wrinkled peas F or each of the genotypes below determine what phenotypes would be possible. a. Purple flowers are dominant to white flowers. Purple, purple, white P P p p Mendelian Genetics: Independent Assortment Probability 3. Read each scenario carefully and give an answer in percent: a. W hat is the chance a heterozygous parent passes on a recessive.

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Answer. Ss is the one genotype among the following choices given in the question that is heterozygous dominant. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the third option or option C. I hope that this is the answer that you were looking for and it has actually come to your help Square shape is dominant to round. 3. For each phenotype, give the genotypes that are possible for Patrick. A tall head (T) is dominant to short (t). dd Tall = Short = Pink body color (P) is dominant to yellow (p). Pink body = Yellow body = 4. SpongeBob SquarePants recently met SpongeSusie Roundpants at a dance. SpongeBob is heterozygous fo 1. The following pairs of letters represent alleles of different genotypes. Indicate which pairs are Heterozygous and which are Homozygous. Also indicate whether the homozygous pairs are Dominant or Recessive (*note heterozygous pairs don't need either dominant nor recessive labels.) A. BB = __Homozygous dominant__ B. Bb = __Heterozygous_ Expression of Dominant Character. If the allele for a dominant character is present in the given organism, their genotype can either be homozygous dominant or heterozygous