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  2. Roofing Calculator. The following tools estimate the area of a roof, as well as the amount of materials necessary to construct a roof of a given area. The House Base Area is the area of land that the house covers, and for more complex shapes, can be estimated using the Area Calculator
  3. The calculator bellow will aid you in getting an idea of the square meter area that you looking at although try to compensate or rather include the over hangs of the thatch roof as these include in the foot print area. We work on foot print rather than pitched roofs depending on few other factors too

Palm Thatch Panel Calculator. Use this tool to estimate how many thatch panels you'll need to cover your tiki hut or tiki bar. Round up to the nearest foot, and enter the dimensions of a regularly shaped area only. If your area to be covered is irregular (if it's L-shaped), calculate the regular sections separately, then add the together Step 1: Select your intended / existing roof angle Select Roof Angle: Select One 60° 55° 50° 45° 40° 35° 30° 25° 20° 15° Step 2: Measure your intended / existing roof from overhang - overhang and calculate your area in m Gazebo Roofing Calculator / Pergola Roofing Calculator. You can enter your details into this gazebo roofing calculator to work out how many bundles of shingles you require and square metres of the Stormtite underlay. Call the Gazebo Pergola team for a full quote including delivery Australia wide

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Roof Pitch Calculator. The roof pitch measures the steepness of your shed roof and typically takes values from 1 to 12. If your roof pitch is greater than 3 your roof is considered pitched.Read more about roof pitch at Wikipedia.. This free roof pitch calculator will take your roof width (see the picture) and rise (the height of the roof) and will calculate the roof pitch both as numeric value. Sloped Thatch Wall Right. 1,600. A beginners guide to the craft of thatching; which answers two questions; how long does thatch last and how much will it cost These are the questions every thatcher is asked most frequently. And they are the most difficult ones to answer, as nearly every thatch roof is a unique combination, of the size, shape and location of the roof and the materials and thatching skills used to create it

Natural & Synthetic Thatch Roofing. As our name implies, Safari Thatc h specializes in thatch roof materials and application methods. We are the largest supplier of thatch roofing material in the United States, with over 2 million square feet of roof thatch installed in hotels, resorts, theme parks, zoos, restaurants, bars, tiki huts, and cabanas all over the world Regions provides a luxurious synthetic thatch roofing solution that perfectly captures the beauty of natural thatch from exotic destinations around the world. Made with high-quality materials, Regions replicates the look and feel of natural thatch with the durability of a commercial-grade building product CALCULATE YOUR THATCH TILE REQUIREMENTS. Select Roof Angle: Select One 60° 55° 50° 45° 40° 35° 30° 25° 20° 15°. Please select the roof angle. Enter your area here (m²): Please enter the area. Enter your perimeter here (m): Please enter the roof perimeter. Enter the length of your hips and ridges here (m)

Iam considering buying a house that requires some work. the roof needs re-thatching and I need an estimate of how much it would be. This will inform my decision significantly. If any soul has experience in this, please share advice for me and help with an estimate. Regards 36.87°. 10-12. 39.81°. 11-12. 42.51°. 12-12. 45°. This is our pitch calculator which will convert pitch to angle or angle to pitch for half degree roof slope calculations. Enter any pitch or fraction of pitch to find angle Mexican Raincape Thatch. Create your own custom project with Mexican raincape thatch panels. These pre-woven panels are a simple and inexpensive way to create your own tropical paradise. Part # RC34- 3'x4′ Raincape Panel. $19.00 + S&H [photo] Part # RC34IF - 3'x4′ Raincape Panel. Fire Retardant Thatch should have a minimum thickness of 175 mm and a maximum thickness of around 250 mm and the thatch should be well-compacted. Good compaction of the thatch results in better durability and will also slow down the spread of fire. A thatch roof should have a minimum pitch of 45°

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  1. Choosing a thatching contractor is a crucial step in the process. It is important to make sure the contractor is registered with TASA, Thatchers Association of South Africa. Thatchers registered with TASA all comply with the requirements and standards of a quality thatch roof. As mentioned, the thatch roof industry is
  2. If you had calculated the area of the roof, you can find how much bundles of grass you will need. For example; Area of roof = 500m². {For a new lapa} Therefore grass bundles = (500) × (95) because each square meter takes 95 bundles; = 47500 grass bundles. Now you can budget these bundles of grass depending on the supplier's price
  3. Weight of Roof Systems. Note that roof systems typically include more than one type of material.. A built-up roof, for example, will typically include the built-up membrane itself, with or without gravel, as well as some kind of insulation and cover board, which will vary in thickness from roof to roof
  4. 2. Thatched roof with a closed structure. In case of a closed construction, one fixes the reed onto a closed surface (insulation boards, multiplex or underlayment). This construction is, contrary to the traditional and 'open' working method, an important evolution in thatching
  5. ica with feathered palm leaf roots, and Kenya with sugar cane leaf roots
  6. Minimum Roof Slope and the Building Code. For each type of roofing material, you can see the actual language used in the model 2018 International Building Code at the UpCodes website.. Click to see Section 1507 (Requirements for Roof Coverings).. To jump to the subsection for your type of material, click the name of the material in the code index on the left side of the page (You may have to.

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Below, there is a simple triangle, and the math used to work out how to make a proper measurement. Once you work through the basic triangle, we will review a typical roof, and how to apply some simple math to calculate how much material you will need for a roof used in our hypothetical example.. 1 roof square = 100 square feet; The length (l) times the height (h) of a triangle is twice its. Roof measurement methods: here we describe various methods for measuring all roof data: roof slope or pitch, rise, run, area, and other features. We include on-roof measurements, roof measurements or estimates that can be made from ground level, and several neat tricks using a folding ruler to measure roof angle or slope. This article shows how simple measurements can give the roof area. The RGB values for Color Guild 8695D Thatch Roof are 138, 125, 108 and the HEX code is #8A7D6C. The LRV for Color Guild 8695D Thatch Roof is 21.02. The LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value and measures the percentage of light that a color reflects. Learn more about Light Reflectance Values and using RGB and Hex codes for paint

SYNTHETIC THATCHING. The world's leading synthetic thatch manufacturer brings you the long-term creative solution for natural thatching. From fire resistance to zero maintenance with over 20 years of manufacturing history and two exciting product lines: VIVA Palm & Regions (Reeds). Learn more about Synthetic Thatching Total thatch roof cost. £15,000. £30,000. £22,500. Our costs are ballpark averages - get a local tradesperson to quote now. Thatching is a sought-after and highly skilled service, so it does tend to be quite expensive. There are also different types of thatching material, including Norfolk Reed, Combed Wheat and Long Straw On these lie the battens, with a wider spacing than that used on tile or slate roofs. Around all the wall plates is fixed a facia board; although this timbering detail can vary. T hese last two drawings show some of the various 'features' found in thatching. Real examples are shown below; starting with an almost 'featureless' example of. Dickie Wright, from RJ Wright and Son, Master Family Thatchers, explains the key elements to thatching a roof, as he demonstrates his skills at the Royal Bat.. THE EXPERTS IN SYNTHETIC ROOFING SOLUTIONS. After applying years of in-debt roofing knowledge and world class creativity, our manufacturer brings you a roofing system that delivers the beauty and wonder of a natural thatched roof with the durability of a commercial grade building product capable of surviving harsh climates

Calculate Roofing Costs By Zip Code. Compare Roofing Cost Quotes Today! Roofing Calculator - Compare Local Costs & Deals. Search Roofing Calculator Today To work out a circleIf the circle is 3m in diameter do the following calculation:3,14 x 3m x 3m =28,26 ÷ 4 = 7,06m²3,14 x 4m x 4m =50,24÷4 = 12,56m² Building or Shed Calculator. The Building or Shed Materials calculator includes many of the basic equations for building a shed, pole barn or other framed building from bottom to top including the footers, foundation, slab, floors, walls/rooms and roof. Roof Area: This computes the surface area of the roof based on the length, width and pitch Thatch roofing systems in several different styles, both natural and synthetic, with fire retarded options. View Category. Natural & Synthetic Thatch Umbrellas. Thatch umbrella kits of varying sizes and aesthetic styles, with fire retarded options. View Category. Cabanas, Tiki Bars, Gazebos, & Concession Stands Painting (Double Storey) L x W x H. Kitchen and Dining area Dimension 8000 x 4000 x 2800. R95.00. R8550.00. Bathroom & Walk-in closet X2 Dimension 3000 x 4000 x 2800. R95.00. R8550.00. Bedrooms (x4) + extra for double volume Dimension 4500 x 3500 x 2800. R95.00

We can ensure that the best quality products are used. Excellent service and customer satisfaction are always our priority. Or ultimate mission is striving to be one of the top thatching and timber companies in South Africa, leading the market with quality service and perfection in all aspects of the field. From installing tiles on thatching to building the perfect deck and so much more Step 1. Build the roof structure for the thatching by nailing a 2 by 4 inch piece of lumber from each of the four corners of the building up to a center ridge pole that runs parallel to the ground. Tie the four corner boards together by nailing in cross members extending from each corner, parallel to the ridge pole and 24 inches apart Palm Thatch AKA Tiki Thatch Rolls, Thatch Runners, or Thatch Ridge Cap Rolls is made with 100% renewable dried palm leaves that leave the tree unharmed in the process. It is one of the most traditional thatches used in many different cultures. This material is perfect for many roofing projects including tiki hut roofs and tiki bar roofs Unlike concrete roofs, thatched roofs are made from completely natural materials, and created by traditional methods passed down throughout the centuries. Thatching is made from thick layers of dry long wheat straw, reeds, heather, or other types of vegetation, in a shape that is unique to that structure

The thatch roofing will then hang over the frame like the round; overall about 1 foot or 6 inched each side. General Tools and materials needed for installations: Usually at least 2 people Drill with screwdriver bit Free standing ladder Level Wheelbarrow and shovel (depending on main pole installation method) Cement (depending on main pole. The 30 degree pitch roof ensures water slides right off your roof and away from your outdoor furniture or spa. Our solid timber frame structures will ensure longevity - choose from beautiful 3m long treated pine, 200mm perfect round posts or high quality square, cypress posts and you can further customise your thatch with a variety of options.

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Rsi is the surface resistance of the internal face of a roof, wall, floor etc. Values of the Rsi are given from the Architects pocketbook as: Roof / Ceiling 0.1; Wall 0.12; Floor 0.14; These figures are given in the units of m2k/w. Rso is the surface resistance of the external face, again, this could be a roof, wall, floor etc Character Stats Calculator. Recipes / Skills Calculator. Crafting Speed and Fuel Usage Calculator. Tutorials. Basics: Thralls. Summoning the Avatar Gods. Dedicated Server. for Windows. for Linux As a result, a shingle roof is a cost-effective solution with a basic 4 x 4-metre gazebo kit costing well under $1000. This includes A-Bond marine grade plywood, premium synthetic roof underlay and the asphalt shingles. Replace Bali Hut Thatch. We send gazebo kits all around Australia daily

We construct thatched roofs at 38-40 degrees, unless specific conditions restricts us to do so. Thatch quality and spacing is another huge variable to impact the thatched structures, Huts, Gazebos, Pavilions or Cabanas. Bali Hut Re-thatch. Before & After. Bali Alang Alang Thatch roof spacing is important The life of your thatch roof can be extended significantly by doing a good repair at the right time. Water, wind and fire. Water penetration into thatch is limited, and when it is correctly installed, it hardly absorbs water at all. Any water striking the apex of the roof is transferred down the roof surface from stem to stem, until it drops.

Palapa Kings™ Mexican Raincape Palapa Thatching. Mexican Raincape Palapa Thatch [photo] Create your own custom project with Mexican raincape thatch panels. These pre-woven panels are a simple and inexpensive way to create your own tropical paradise. Part # RC34 - 3'x4' Raincape Panel. $19.00 + S&H [photo We measure the floor area from overhang to overhang, calculate normal floor area and then multiply that with 1.45 (the average angle of a thatch roof). This is the total thatch area. Price is depending on the size of Roof and Trave

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Africa Thatch is a unique product. Our thatch roof is a strong steel structure. We use 100% South African thatch grass that is thatched on top of the steel frame using a machine that tightens and compacts the grass, therefore our thatch roof is maintenance free with no brushing and combing required Menards® is your #1 source for all your steel roofing needs. Whether you're building a new home or want to replace your existing roof, there's no better option than steel. First, choose from four different steel panels: Pro-Rib®, Premium Pro-Rib®, Pro-Snap®, and Architectural Premium Pro-Rib®. Next, select from 25 solid colors or 5. Modern battens evolved from rough coppiced saplings around which thatch could be attached, and it was only with the advent of industrial wood cutting that they started to be produced with straight sides. Because battens support the tiles, the spacing is determined by the size of the tiles and the length of the roof to be covered

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Fire retardant sprays for thatched roofing. There are some substances available on the market, like e.g. Flame Stop I-DS, which prevent the spread of flames by developing a chemically self extinguishing reaction. Most of them are available in the form of an aerosole (spray). Fireproof aluminum foils. As aluminum is perfectly nonflammable. The thatching cost usually is based on the area of roof to be thatched. Thatchers work on square 10 feet by 10 ( 100 square feet). The average roof is around 6 - 12 square although some properties are 4 square and some 80 square. The cost also depends on factors such as:-. Shape of the roof 4.3 out of 5 stars. 668. $79.99. Forever Bamboo Mexican Palm Thatch Umbrealla Cover, 7ft D. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 85. $136.49. Aoxun 6.5' Thatch Patio Tiki Umbrella with Tilt - Tropical Palapa Raffia Tiki Hut Hawaiian Hula Beach Umbrella (NO Base) 4.2 out of 5 stars The roof was insulated next, before the thatchers set to work. They worked tirelessly for five months, and the craftsmanship is clear to see. 'The thatch is immaculate, one of the best thatched roofs in the area,' says Rosemary proudly. 'And it's not just me who thinks that; most of the locals agree What is a thatched roof? Thatched roofs don't have tiles on them like ordinary homes; they use dried reeds and grass made into a waterproof roof. Wheat, barley, straw and heather are also commonly used. Water reed is the most durable as it lasts around 60 years, whereas a roof made out of other grasses will only last 30 years and then have to.

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All roofs vary so clients ust take special care whilst calculating quantities. Tile Calculator for Sharktile and Thatch Tiles Tile Calculator for Elite and Tuff Tiles 9. HIP DETAILS Africa's leading steel supplier 10. Africa's leading steel supplier RE-ROOFING 11 Thatched Property Mortgage. At RockHopper we work with a number of clients who have asked us to arrange a mortgage on a house with a thatched roof - whether that be long straw thatch, combed wheat reed thatch or water reed thatch. We are able to assist clients looking to arrange residential or buy to let mortgages for this type of property Full roof renovation of a 3-bed, semi-detached, 2-storey house using slates: This roofing job consists of stripping off all old slate from the roof and replacing it with a brand new slate. The price will include labour, materials and scaffolding. £5,000 - £7,500: £6,250: Renovate entire roof on a 4-bed, detached, 2-storey house using slat

The outer layer of a roof shows great variation dependent upon availability of material, and the nature of the supporting structure. Those types of roofing material which are commercially available range from natural products such as thatch and slate, to commercially produced products such as tiles and polycarbonate sheeting A typical new roof cost can vary greatly depending on materials, location, surface area and type of roof, average labour costs etc. But the average cost of a replacement roof in the UK is around £4,000. However, this figure assumes a detached house with a typical up and over gable only roof design of average size, using cheap but popular. thatch roof price designs and material qualities to fit your requirements. The distinct available shapes are plain roof ones, bent, s-shaped, eaves, ridges and many more so you can choose the best fit for your roofs. The. thatch roof price comprises heat insulation properties, waterproofing, hail proofing, fire retardant feature, and much more. Description. The pitch of a roof is its vertical 'rise' over its horizontal 'span'. However, most often a ratio of pitch (also fraction) is slang used for the (more useful) 'slope' (of rise over 'run') of just one side (half the span) of a dual pitched roof. This is the 'slope' of geometry, stairways and other construction disciplines, or the trigonometric arc tangent function of its decimal. The thatch layer consists of living and dead material, both produced by the lawn itself. Dethatching is the process of removing thatch by mechanical means. It's not always necessary to dethatch a lawn; some thatch is to be expected and about 1/2 inch of buildup is typical

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On a thatched roof look out for raised netting and obvious fixings on the ridge, plus ridges and dips on the roof, as well as growth of moss and lichen. Check your roof regularly and call in a professional for advice on whether repairs are sufficient or replacement is due image of wild bird's nest with speckled brown and blue blackbird's eggs in hedgerow wildlife garden, english eurasian common blackbird / black bird nest (turdus merula) made with dried grass, hay, straw, leaves and twigs with four eggs ready to hatch - thatched roof close up stock pictures, royalty-free photos & image Crews are installing the thatched roof over the impressive new main arrival area. Progress continues on the new monorail station behind the porte-cochere, with new access stairs being installed along with work on the platform and roof structure. Although the Polynesian will reopen to guests on July 19, the new monorail station will not yet be. 42 Thatch Palm St E 42, Largo, FL 33770. Off Market. This Single Family Residence is located at 42 Thatch Palm St E 42, Largo, FL. The estimated value of this home is currently priced at 90,944, approximately $105.26 per square foot. This property was originally built in 1974. 42 Thatch Palm St E 42 is within the school district Pinellas County.

Calculator - Rubber Sealant. Rubber Sealant. Metal Roof. Tiled Roof. Torch On - Boarding System - Bitumen. Raw Cement Slab - Parapet Wall. Thatch Roof. Harvey Tile - Slate Tile. Asbestos Heat Loss Calculator. Find out how much heat is lost from your home through the walls, roof, floors and windows, and how much you can save with different kinds of insultion. Enter information you know off the top of your head such as the number of rooms, whether they are small, medium or large and if your windows are single or double glazed.

1. Take Roof Sheet Measurements. 2. Calculate Carport or Structure Total m² Area. Enter Width and Length (water flow direction) in meters eg. 5.35m = 5.35. Enter Width of Carport : m Enter Length of Carport (Water Flow Direction): m Total m² Area =. 3. Calculate Number of Roof Sheets Required. 1 It can take 2-3 thatchers around one month to complete an average roof and cost will depend on your location as well as the complexity of the job. Before purchasing any thatch, we will measure your roof in square metres to calculate costs. If you want double thatch, we will double the measurements as well as add 10%-15% extra to account for. RoofNav is a complimentary tool from FM Approvals that provides access to the most up-to-date FM Approved roofing products and assemblies. Designed to help roofing professionals, RoofNav provides easy access to all roofing-related information from the FM Approvals - Approval Guide and related installation recommendations from relevant FM Global. To calculate the amount of annual rainfall, use historical data from the South African Weather Service site for your geographic location. Add the average monthly rainfall amounts from January to December of the previous year, and divide the total by 12. JAN+FEB+MAR+APR+MAY+JUN.+DEC = TOTAL/12 (*remember to select mm from the drop-down menu.

Synthetic Thatch Roofing Solution. Our company, Fiber Roofing CC, has been in business since 1976, and has provided advanced roofing solutions for thousands of clients!; Our experienced installation team can install your new roof in any part of the world (we've installed roofs at some of the most exclusive resorts and park attractions in the world Rainwater Runoff Calculator. This is to calculate and store your property rainwater runoff. Runoff Coefficient. Rainfall Intensity per hour (Inches) in. Area of Driange (Square feet) sq.ft. Precision . Rainwater Runoff Formulas. Q = (C x I x A )/96.23. Where, Q is the storm-water Run-off in Gallons Per Minute (GPM). How to create a thatch roof in Revit. To start the tutorial, I created four walls forming a small rectangular building. The next couple of steps will be to create an In Place Conceptual Mass to form the basic roof. Go to the Massing and Site Tab and click the In-Place mass tool. The cookie is used to calculate visitor, session, campaign. Re-dressing a thatch roof usually adds about 100 mm to the thickness of the roof cover. Thatch roof design: The design of a thatch roof should always be as simple as possible. The inherent ability of thatch to adapt to freeform curved roof shapes allows designers to develop less formal roof layouts, than is the case with conventional roof. Some types of roofing, for example thatch, need a steep pitch to become durable and waterproof. Other types of roofing, for example pantiles, are unstable on a steeply pitched roof but provide excellent weather protection at a relatively low angle. Shed Roof Truss Design Calculator storage shed shelving ideas Fig. 1. Truss types, node.

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Roofs come in many shapes: Semi-flat, mono-pitched, gable style, hipped; tiled, thatched, slated or clad with metal sheeting. The terms used to describe different parts of the external roof are shown in this diagramme. Learners should be familiar with all of these terms in order to identify to the Builders often fail to calculate correctly. Thatch roofs require combing and repairing approximately every two years, making insurance more expensive and may require special and expensive lighting conductors. Damage from vermin, birds and other pests may further reduce maintenance intervals. Re-roofing A Thatch Roof Everything that applies to new thatch roofs apply t Thatch won't shed and can be cut to fit corners/sides. When attaching thatch panels to a roof's rafters, or furing strips, placing chicken wire between them is a good way to keep the thatch panels from sagging inbetween. Thatch is a natural product and it will breakdown over time Calculate Truss Load. The formula for truss loads states that the number of truss members plus three must equal the twice the number of nodes. If the number of members is labeled M and the number of nodes is labeled N, this can be written as M+3=2*N. Both sides of the equation should be equal in order to end up with a stable and secure roof.

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But what if your property has a thatched roof or a metal roof then the rebuild calculator will be able to take this into account when preparing the rebuild calculator report. House rebuild cost If you have a residential house then our online house rebuild cost system will ensure that we obtain an accurate house rebuild costs assessment for you. FOREVER BAMBOO 511-60FB Mexican Palm Thatch Runner, 35 x 60'. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 443. 3 offers from $323.27. Backyard X-scapes Mexican Palm Thatch Runner Roll, 35in H x 60ft L. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 130. 3 offers from $324.75. Backyard X-Scapes XCEL-511-8 Mexican Thatch Runner Roll, 30 x 8' Marley Roofing South Africa, a trusted household name with over 65 years of roofing expertise and heritage, continues to shape the roofscapes of South Africa. From our popular M11 & M22 Double Roman Interlocking Concrete Roof Tiles to our new innovative PV Solar Tiles and Slates, we've got you covered! Concrete Tiles Free U-value Wall, Floor and Roof Calculator. Start Calculator. Login. Register. Welcome to the Knauf Insulation U-value calculator. You can start your free calculation by clicking 'Start your calculation' above. If you've never used the calculator before, you will be guided through the first few steps of your calculation. To contact our. Received from Building Control on Thatch and fire: Building Regulations limit the use of combustible roof coverings; typically thatch should be at least 6 metres from the boundary for detached buildings less than 1500 cubic metres volume and/or small semi-detached houses, or 12m in other cases. However, Approved Document B to the regulations.

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How Often Do You Have to Replace a Thatched Roof? Thatched roofing is more commonly used in the United Kingdom, though some homes have them in the United States. Because they can stand up to harsher weather, thatched roofs can last up to 60 years with proper maintenance. Location Residential roofs across the United States have varying life. The Clients were looking to keep the same theme as neighbouring properties by updating their existing thatch roof and using a slate roof for the extension which compliments the thatch very well. Our open panel system was used for the extension and the roof was traditionally cut on site due to its design Check out Thatched Roof DE6177 #EFE0C6, one of the 2006 paint colors from Dunn-Edwards. Order color swatches, find a paint store near you


Pitches Pitched roofs . Any carpenter knows that the basis for roof framing is math. It is almost impossible to frame a roof without knowing any mathematics, especially trigonometry. It is needed, for example, to calculate the steepness of a roof - the roof pitch. In Nordic climate, a pitched roof is preferred so that rain water would not be accumulated on the roof, which would happen in case. How to thatch a roof. A roof thatcher's skills may date back to the Bronze Age and the trade is picking up again because of new-builds. But, as Melissa Viney discovers, don't expect it to come. A Palapa thatch structure can be larger or smaller in size, and it is either an open-air or solid roof structure with a thatch-style roof that is ideal for entertainment and relaxation. Palapa thatch replacements will help keep it looking great. You can find several different types of thatch on these buildings, but all will need to be replaced. The guidelines featured in the pdf below give an idea to anyone wanting to calculate the Fenestration Compliance Procedures in terms of Sans 10400-XA:2011 and SANS 204:2011, what is required and what is involved. There is a step-by-step guide to area (nett floor) Read More » Thatch Roofs and Lightning. 05/03/2013 Construction Elements. Thatched roof construction - which utilizes pole structures - is also mentioned, though there are additional standards that need to be referred to. For thatched roofs, laths must have a minimum diameter of 25 mm and they must comply with the requirements of SANS 1288. Spacing must be done according to SANS 10407

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When buying home insurance you will often be asked to provide the rebuild cost of your home, sometimes referred to as the 'buildings sum insured'. This is the cost of rebuilding your home in its entirety taking into account all materials and labour. This shouldn't be confused with the price you paid for your home or its current market value (if. Thatching grass and cape reed. Wooden Products. Hardware. Timber treatment. Fibreglass ridging. Thatching Alternatives. Thatching grass and cape reed. Thatching Grass. Cape Reed. Jungle Gym Accessories. Barrels. Product Catalogue / Thatching grass and cape reed. Thatched roof properties are at a greater risk of fire so in general the cost of building and contents insurance will cost more. Rebuilding a thatched roof property also costs more compared to a regular home with a slate roof since thatching is a highly specialised skill that requires the right expertise and materials Calculate the total surface area of the roof using the following formula: pi times the radius times the rafter length, also called the slant height. To find the surface area using the diameter in. Owens Corning Oakridge 32.8-sq ft Onyx Black Laminated Architectural Roof Shingles. Oakridge® laminated shingles have a warm, inviting look in popular colors for a step up from traditional three-tab shingles. With an expanded Oakridge® shingle color palette, we provide a unique blend of artistry and craftsmanship that will give your home a look that is anything but ordinary 4 Pv Panel Tile Roof Mounting Kit... 4 PV Panel Tile Roof Mounting Kit for up to 72 Cell Panels SPECIFICATIONS Use for domestic tiled roof Number of panels supported 4 KIT INCLUDES... Brand: Unbranded. Model: 29B3B58C-4A33-4FB5-91D8-5BAAFC9C64F3. from R2 849.00