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In this beautiful speech, Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) explains which one to Listen Brain or Heart.Sadhguru shares his wisdom on how to make decisions when our h.. Head or Heart, which one to listen to ?Sadhguru shares his wisdom on how to make decisions when our heart seems to say one thing and the head seems to say an..

Head or Heart, which one to listen to ? - YouTub

#motivation #beyondinspiration #bodhievikTo get more motivational and meditational video subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSlFzYGuJk.. Your heart is where your intuition lies. It's the source of that little voice that guides you, if you let it. Your heart is where your True Self resides, your Higher Self - the one that truly knows what is best for you. Without practice, it's hard to hear your heart We'll be responding to your comments for 1 hour after the videos are uploaded! Thanks! FOR REQUESTS PLEASE DROP US A MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK AT https://www.faceb..

Head or heart, Which one to listen to? Bodhie Vik - YouTub

  1. It is nature's design that you get your head in sync with your deeper heart intent. You can find a new type of fun in listening to your heart as your command center. The fun is gaining back your power not to go back to the mechanical way -- the old way of the head
  2. To put it simply — listening to your heart, especially if you're under any kind of time pressure, is likely to hurt you or lead to damaging outcomes. According Kahneman's research, its best not to..
  3. Your heart, again, is clamoring for your attention, encouraging you to Go for it. Your head, though, has a few more questions before giving you permission to plunge into this possibly good,..

Which one are you ruled by, your head or your heart? Take this quiz to find out! START. parts: 29 Questions. The following questions will determine whether you are ruled by your head or your heart. Choose the answer that best describes you for the most accurate result! Fun Intuition is a process of reasoning in which you listen to your full self, not just your thinking-head or your feeling-body. If you only consider your gut or your heart or your head, you'll miss.. According to popular metaphors, the head and the heart respectively embody important features of one's personality.People think of the head or brain as embodying one's reason and intellect. The heart ah makes only two sounds lugged up. Unless the local girls are disturbing it and it's going crazy. Otherwise, it makes only two sounds. Rest of the noise is all coming from your head. This idea that something comes from the heart, something comes from the brain It's probably easy to identify whether you are a head or heart thinker. The real balance comes when you listen to what both your head and your heart are telling you. On a final note, there are going to be times when you are torn and don't know what to decide. These are times when neither your head nor your heart can help you

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Listen to your head. You also have to remember to be practical. This is where your head, or mind, comes in. Your mind is great at breaking things down and living life logically As for the scenario above, listening to your head may lead to more tangible success, but not following your heart increases the risk of regret. We surveyed over 1,000 people, gathering information about their decision-making processes, to see how often people rely on their head versus their heart Rest of the noise is all coming from your head. This idea that something comes from the heart. Something comes from the brain is a it's metaphoric but unfortunately, a whole lot of people are taking it. Literally, Heart is a simple pump So, do not give it any more responsibilities other than continuously pumping the blood and keeping you alive

Sadhguru shares his wisdom on how to make decisions when our heart seems to say one thing and the head seems to say another thing. [divider] Editor's Note: Connect with Sadhguru! Download the Sadhguru App and get access to Sadhguru's articles, videos, daily quotes, program info and much more. Available on Android and iOS Your heart, again, is clamoring for your attention, encouraging you to Go for it. Your head, though, has a few more questions before giving you permission to plunge into this possibly good.

However, when it comes to matters of the heart, isn't it best to listen to your heart? When you have gotten into a regrettable, brain-induced relationship, you will quickly see things souring. You will notice an obvious grimace on your face as you reject one of his calls, or when you ignore his text message I believe it needs to be a combination of the two. We are given so many gifts-the ability to use our brains and knowledge, the ability to love and dream and trust; the desire to have a fulfilling life and share it with someone we are compatible wi.. The one we most often think about and pay attention to is the head or cephalic brain. We also have a heart (cardiac) and a gut (enteric) brain. Each has sensory neurons, motor neurons.

Your brain tells you the truth, your heart tells you what you want to hear When it comes to relationships, a lot of people always go with their heart. In my opinion that can be a huge problem, both sexes sometimes have no idea what they get themselves into and then usually they are left in shambles Some believe the heart can be too uncertain and even misguided, but that is the head talking! It is actually a source of great richness, and this wealth is one that cannot be squandered or lost. It is the core, the essence of your being, a reservoir of joy, powerful love and infinite compassion that lies within you Listen to the heart for a minute or so. When listening, ask your patient to relax and breathe normally so that you can hear the normal sounds of the human heart. A healthy heart will make a lub-dub, lub-dub sound. When listening, count the number of heartbeats during the minute

Listen to your heart. Your inner voice may not always be clear, but it's trying to tell you something. Learn how to listen to it. To start, you'll need to temporarily drown out our rational thought processes and focus on the voice The problem is there are so many voices swirling around in our head, which makes it difficult to know which one is actually our intuition. Your mind, your fear, and your intuition are all battling.

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The heart pumps blood. It is needed for survival. The heart does not have components that manifest as thinking and feeling. The brain/mind allows us to think, feel, and act. The brain/mind is what creates emotions and thoughts. The heart merely supplies blood to the brain and the rest of the body The world wide known idiom listen to your heart, often accompanied by allow your heart [god]to guide you, is a meaningful piece of advice for life.But what exactly does it mean? In this article, I will give my very best to explain what it really means to go where your heart [god]leads you.Also, I'm going to show you how you can listen to your heart and what you can do to. Listen to Head or Heart by Christina Perri on Apple Music. Stream songs including Trust, Burning Gold and more It seems to go both ways. Don't let your heart get in the way of your head there is no doubt that people get emotionally decieved all of the time. So then, Don't let your head get in the way of heart there is no doubt that relying on logic alone has discourage people from pursuing their dreams and happiness

Neuroscience over the last few years has shown that aside from your head brain (the one we're all familiar with, the 'cephalic brain'), we also have a heart brain ('cardiac brain') and a gut brain ('enteric brain'). Each of these brains is a sophisticated system of sensory neurons, motor neurons, neurotransmitters, and ganglia The truth is that there is a time for everything in your life. There is a time to listen to your heart and your head. There is a time to follow your inner wisdom, and to listen to the lessons of others who have lived for years beyond you, who have insight you cannot yet fathom. This is why the big picture is so important Top 10 Quotes to Inspire You to Listen to Your Heart. A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. - Robert Bulwer-Lytton. Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. - Dr. Joyce Brothers

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There are 2 ways to do fetal heart monitoring, external and internal: External fetal heart monitoring This method uses a device to listen to and record your baby's heartbeat through your belly (abdomen). One type of monitor is a Doppler ultrasound device. It's often used during prenatal visits to count the baby's heart rate Above all other voices, listen to your heart. Trust this internal guidance system to lead you down the right path. The more you tune in, the more it'll tell you: you're wise, loving, kind, capable. You'll make it through. With love, you will. By grace, you will Listen to Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) on Spotify. Joel Corry · Song · 2020 1. Auscultate the heart at various sites. At the apex. At the base (the part of the heart between the apex and the sternum) In the aortic and pulmonary areas to the right and left of the sternum, respectively; Listen for normal heart sounds: The 1 st heart sound, S1 (lub), marks the beginning of systole (end of systole)

Listen to your heart. Your body was designed to connect with your heart. Every day, your heart sends you powerful messages, but unless you have the time and space to pay attention, you might miss them. Learn the 5 simple ways you can hear with your heart here The Head-Heart-Gut Check In: A Mini-Meditation for Making Wise Choices. Did you know you have one hundred million neurons (also called nerve cells or brain cells) in your intestines? The gut is now being referred to by many scientists as the gut-brain. Your heart, in addition to its other functions, also acts as a heart-brain

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Learning how to listen to heart sounds takes practice. It is vital that you learn as a student how to distinguish S1 from S2 and how to identify extra heart sounds like S3, S4, and heart murmurs. In this article, I am going to highlight the most important things you must know about heart sounds. Also, be sure to watch the lecture below to help. Here are five ways: 1. Have realistic expectations for the presence of both suffering and service in the Christian life. Link. The genuine application of God's promises does not preclude the genuine experience of pain, fear, and sadness. There is no doubt that the gospel provides relief and rest from this fallen world (Romans 8 ), but there.

Listen to your heart. It will guide you back to your Truth and back to living the meaningful and fulfilling life you deserve to live. ~Luminita D. Saviuc. The Courage to Listen to Your Heart. We've all been there. Stuck in the middle of our decision-making mode. Our heart tells us one thing, while our mind tries to keep us safe As Santiago and the alchemist are traveling through the desert towards the pyramids, they have a discussion about listening to one's heart. The boy is closer than ever to finding his treasure and. Heart murmurs are the other heart sounds you will hear if you listen to enough hearts. They will often sound like the words 'rush' or 'hush' and can last throughout the heartbeat. The above sample is of a ventricular septal defect (VSD) holosystolic heart murmur, caused by an opening in the dividing walls of the left and right heart ventricles Then listen to one element at a time, 1st heart sound then the 2nd heart sound. Do you hear a single sound or two sounds with each sound (split heart sound). The tonic neck or fencing reflex is seen by turning the head gently to one side while the infant is falling asleep or sleeping. With the face looking to the left, the left arm and the. Praying is talking to god (or creator), meditation is listening to god. With meditation, you find stillness and it is there you finally meet your true self, the one whispering to you all these years. Fortunately, today there are more opportunities to discover meditation, so be sure to find one that works for you

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Carotid artery disease affects the vessels leading to the head and brain (cerebrovascular disease). Like the heart, the brain's cells need a constant supply of oxygen-rich blood. This blood supply is delivered to the brain by the 2 large carotid arteries in the front of your neck and by 2 smaller vertebral arteries at the back of your neck Heart vs Mind . In human beings, the thought process originates in the mind or the brain that is inside the head of an individual. Logical, rational thinking is attributed to the brain or the mid of a person, but when it comes to emotional thinking, it is the human heart that takes precedence over his mind When I follow my heart, I listen to the feelings I have about decisions in my life. An example I use in my book, Follow Your Heart: 21 Days to a Happier, More Fulfilling Life, is how I used my heart to buy a house. I listened to the feelings my heart sent me, and eventually we found the right house. As I live life, it's like I have cat. Let your breath go in and out, and as it does, ask your heart what it needs to say. Don't phrase this as an order; just have the faint intention that you want your heart to express itself. For the next 5 or 10 minutes, sit and listen. Your heart will begin to release emotions, memories, wishes, fears, and dreams long stored inside

Nevertheless, Head or Heart is still very good and I can't fault the album for being overall a more upbeat album. It's just that it's happy. Whereas Lovestrong speaks to really raw emotions in a unique and special way. Heard or Heart just doesn't match that, even though it really is a very good album By listening carefully to your heartbeat, a doctor can know right away if you have a heart murmur, which is another word for an unusual wooshing or swishing sound in your heart. Most murmurs are normal, but some can indicate problems such as a fever, anemia, high blood pressure, or an overactive thyroid The above answer is abstract - but it's to do with your brain recognizing patterns. In terms of intuition vs instinct feeling, as an experience, intuition feels like a 'just knowing' out of the blue. Whereas instinct is a physical reaction to a trigger. In the Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Galdwell refers to the origins. Learning how to listen to your intuition takes time. Your ego might try to interfere, but if you practice, you'll eventually know the difference between the two. Always try to guide with your heart

The major elements of the cardiac exam include observation, palpation and, most importantly, auscultation (percussion is omitted). As with all other areas of the physical exam, establishing adequate exposure and a quiet environment are critical. Initially, the patient should rest supine with the upper body elevated 30 to 45 degrees If it's in your heart, go for it. Don't listen to other people. Maz Jobrani. Faith that it's not always in your hands or things don't always go the way you planned, but you have to have faith that there is a plan for you, and you must follow your heart and believe in yourself no matter what. Martina McBride Second, Jeremiah 17:9 teaches that the heart is desperately sick. There is no way to fix the heart. Rather, man needs a new heart. That is why, when a person comes to faith in Christ, he is made a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Jesus does not fix the heart; instead, He replaces it with a new one The stethoscope is an acoustic medical device for auscultation, or listening to internal sounds of an animal or human body.It typically has a small disc-shaped resonator that is placed against the skin, and one or two tubes connected to two earpieces. A stethoscope can be used to listen to the sounds made by the heart, lungs or intestines, as well as blood flow in arteries and veins

Quotes tagged as listen-to-your-heart Showing 1-30 of 47. If we only see things through the cold-eyed lens of factuality and don't listen to the yearning and screaming of unexpressed feelings, life may remain bleak in a mire of clinical hollowness, sodden in apathy and indifference. (Morning after). ― Erik Pevernagie Head & Heart is a song by English DJ and producer Joel Corry. It features vocals from English singer MNEK.It was released as a single on 3 July 2020. The song reached number one on the UK Singles Chart in July 2020, becoming the first chart-topper for both Corry and MNEK in their native country. The song has also entered the US Billboard Hot 100; it is the first and second entry on the chart. Sheri L Dew. The seat of knowledge is in the head, of wisdom, in the heart.—. William Hazlitt. Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.—. Braveheart. When your heart speaks, take good notes.—. Judith Campbell. The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.—. Deepak Chopra

The Lord is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous. The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the bones. The ear that listens to life-giving reproof will dwell among the wise. Whoever ignores instruction despises himself, but he who listens to reproof gains intelligence Four Ways God's Spirit Speaks To Our Spirit (Part 1) Pastor J.D. October 30, 2013 October 30, 2013. This is the 3rd of a four-part series about the Holy Spirit. You can see part 1 and part 2 here. These are working sections from a book manuscript I just completed for Zondervan. We're in the editing process right now, so your thoughts are. Follow Your Heart, Not Your Fear: How to Make Choices That Are Right for You. Unnecessary fear of a bad decision is a major stumbling block to good decisions. ~Jim Camp. Twenty years ago, my wife and I decided to move from Montréal, where we had lived for the first thirty-five years of our lives, to Nova Scotia, 800 miles away, where we. The inflatable part of the cuff should completely cover at least 80% of your upper arm, and the cuff should be placed on bare skin, not over a shirt. Don't talk during the measurement. Have your blood pressure measured twice, with a brief break in between. If the readings are different by 5 points or more, have it done a third time

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How to listen To Heart online On the Heart website click the big red 'Listen' button at the top of every page right here at heart.co.uk to be taken to Global Player to hear the live stream Stethoscope prices can vary drastically, with budget models starting out around $15 and specialist stethoscopes making their debut at the $200 mark. $15 to $40 budget stethoscopes are entry-level tools that offer decent performance for those in training. $40 to $100+ professional-grade stethoscopes fall under the broad scope of mid-tier. Head tilt is a condition that causes a child to hold her head or neck in a twisted or otherwise abnormal position. She may lean her head toward one shoulder and, when lying on her stomach, always turn the same side of her face toward the mattress. This can cause her head to flatten on one side and her face to appear uneven or out of line I need everything. Your heart. Your body. Your soul. Just one of them isn't enough. I rationalized. I sorted everything out in my head. I knew you are not good for me. You were literally destroying me. Inside and out. You were taking me for granted. Disrespecting me and making me feel worthless