She so gangsta with it yeah she a thug remember i met you and you said you ain't have no love

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Do wat you want to do, be wat you want to be. Im so gangster i guess dats why she love me. {hook} Come on, she love her a gangster. The way i hustle and shine im bout my grind all the time. I. Stream: https://apple.co/3t6LdFzListen to More Tommy Boy Classics: https://VA.lnk.to/TommyBoyClassics*****Tommy Boy Music is a..

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If I whip up in your kitchen, girl. You ain't never got to worry 'bout no different girl. In the gurri, yeah, you know it's hell, it's flippin' hell (Flippin' hell) I lost my pack, I took a loss. Lil Wayne - She Will ft. DrakeLil Wayne - She Will ft. DrakeLil Wayne - She Will ft. DrakeLil Wayne - She Will ft. DrakeAll Rights go to YoungMoney Entertain.. Niggas so mad that they can't leak none of these pictures, ahh She so bad sometimes I want her features, uh (woo!) All the shit you do old like beepers, uh (woo, woo) All the shit you do old, I see you (I see you) Even all these Crips don't wanna be you (wanna be you, be you, be you) Oh yeah Still tryna get mine Still tryna get min

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  1. She want Vodka and pills She so numb she don't feel Always stay active, we stay in the field Man, god damn it's too real Crazy, Amityville. Yeah, yeah, I'm gassin', woah You ain't 'bout that action, no, woah Yeah, yeah I'm 'laxin', woah Your bitch is cashin' And she want the guala guala And she like the guala gual
  2. Find song by lyrics (Page 4) Find song by lyrics. I'm trying to find the name of a black play that I saw years ago. There was a song in the play with words like, it should have been me standing in front of you Lord. The lady was standing before a cross singing it after someone close to her had died
  3. You ain't got no milli, you can't tell me how I look I'm a big old Blood over here [Hook - Young Thug] [Verse 3 - Boosie Badazz:] You ain't read the paper, you ain't seen the news Got a team of goons bout action Never started, but I finish it so nasty Ask em, they know bout me I'm so Keyshia with the 9, rock a bye bab
  4. No not gon' sell no dream, this ain't no fairy tale They say that you cuffing her, nigga you working for 12 [Hook - Takeoff:] I can take you places you ain't never been You ain't never been on that Island f*cking with Gilligan Lil mama foreign, she an immigrant I can turn you to an American citizen Courtside Staples watching Laker

You're so cold yeah yeah You're so cold yeah yeah Girl this loving ain't right yeyeyeye All alone in the night You just wanna live your life You're. Come Back Umepata Hiyo (feat. Jah Hem) Shane Di Govana. Hiyo) Come back and give me more How it sweet so ( Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah ) Love all your features ( Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah ) Girl you make. Ball hard for the days when I didn't have it (ayy) She bad as a motherf*cker, but she still ratchet (ayy) Started in South Memphis, ended up in a mansion (ayy) Ain't no stylist needed here, crazy with the fashion (uh-huh) I'm just poppin' my shit, nah, I ain't braggin' (yeah, yeah) Pickin' up bags all in Paris (yeah, yeah) Flood my neck out. Hulga Hopewell of Good Country People is a unique character in O'Connor's fictional world. Although O'Connor uses the intellectual, or the pseudo-intellectual, in one of her novels and in seven of her short stories, Hulga is the only female in the bunch. Her gender, however, does not keep her from suffering the common fate of all the other O.

Jay on Bey: I don't think it's meant to be, B/ But she loves her work more than she does me/ And honestly, at 23, I would probably love my work more than I did she/ So, we, ain't we, it's me and. You ain't nothing; I don't need you. Yeah, Beth would be damned. So she had been cold and demanded her just due and taken 50% of his profits and taken joy in sticking the knife in him and twisting, I would have taken 40. She had ignored him when he said she looked good behind her desk; that she'd look better on top of it.. World's 10 Coolest Sentences Get Gangsta Treatment! So goodbye yellow brick road. Where the dogs of society howl. You can't plant me in your penthouse. I'm going back to my plough. Back to the howling old owl in the woods. Hunting the horny back toad. Oh I've finally decided my future lies ain't mean to Diamonds dancin' on me and she dancin' on the pole So I guess we both do the same thing too She don't dance but she dance for me She. Das Dance (Like That) m-flo. on everything Taxidermy all up in my crib Marble floors, ain't no thing It don't concern me, Lord have mercy Ready to gun you down, yeah (oh God) Ready to gun you down, yeah (oh God) Ready to gun you down, yeah (oh God) Seventy-five hunnid on a Saint Laurent jacket (yeah) Bitch, be careful where you dumpin' your ashes (bitch) I ain't no sucker, I ain't cut for no action (nah) The skreets raised me, I'm a ho bastard

Don't Look Back. 2015. They're pickin' up the prisoners And puttin' 'em in a pen And all she wants to do is dance, dance Rebels been rebels Since I don't know when. Das Dance (Like That) m-flo. on everything Taxidermy all up in my crib Marble floors, ain't no thing It don't concern me, Lord have mercy She want that thug love, yeah But this ain't no f*cking love song It's crazy you're still pretty when you cry Push your panty strings over to the side Gon' wake up and hit it, while you got your thong on, yeah You tellin' me that you want thug love But you don't even kiss me when we making love And that's how I knew that you was a dog I cannot. So I’m like all these women that want to get with these stars⎯ if you’re in it for money and fame you’ll have fun, but if you’re in it for them and you really love then them and you really plan to try to hold them down, then you’re gonna have a heck of a time Lyrics.com » Search results for 'she has a boyfriend' Yee yee! We've found 24,323 lyrics, 32 artists, and 46 albums matching she has a boyfriend. She almost made me think that all she want is me (yeah) I hit the club and she the first one that I see Said that she there because she know promoters in the club (yeah) Come to find out that my homeboy hit her up (whoa, whoa, whoa) [ NAV] All this ice, I need a freezer, mhm Whip it up, egg beater, mhm Whipping up two-seaters Said she love me.

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I am not, nor have I ever been, here for Aunt Viv 2.0. I have reasons. Many of them. 1. Light Aunt Viv had no personality. She was so doggone boring. I don't ever remember anything she said nor any important scenes she was in. And she had no chemistry with the rest of the cast I just I mean so that she so a woman could be like so damn I'm just laying I ain't humping back. I ain't doing nothing and you feeling like this. I'm a powerful **** That's all. I just like a woman to know the power she have. Possessed. So. Okay. Yeah. Anyway, but before we go, I gotta, my people want to holler at you. Hold up. I'll do this to us The girl was muggin me because she ugly and I ain't. my bad: sorry, my mistake My bad, didn't mean to step on you. My bad for hitting you. my boys: male friends I come down with my boys to the party. All my boys got my back, so I ain't trippin. my girls: female friends I rolled up to the club with my girls Ball hard for the days when I didn't have it (ayy) She bad as a motherf*cker, but she still ratchet (ayy) Started in South Memphis, ended up in a mansion (ayy) Ain't no stylist needed here, crazy with the fashion (uh-huh) I'm just poppin' my shit, nah, I ain't braggin' (yeah, yeah) Pickin' up bags all in Paris (yeah, yeah) Flood my neck out.

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  1. ic Toretto. You are hereby sentenced to serve 25 years to life at the Lompoc Maximum Security Prison system without the possibility of early parole. Here's what we know so far. This is all the aftermath of a daring, daylight breakout. There were 26 high-risk inmates being..
  2. intro/#shots 10-1. This is not a top 25 songs list, its a top 25 verses list. & we tried to get a good variety of styles & approaches. Classical did not make the list because its a song clowning folks who are looking for lyrical miracles & his hyperarticulating is part of the joke (as is the chorale singing gu-hu-hu-chi), plus its actually not that entertaining when yr following along.
  3. She then moved on to the cage exit and disappeared into the crowd. But as she said, she would be outside and she would wait on him with the linger question that she would ask the moment she saw him. So, who are you? You have a familiar smell about you. Either we have met before, or you have been touched by one of my children's powers
  4. Here are some signs that show she is jealous of you. She has no boundaries: If she shows up unannounced to your place when you are with your man, or starts bumping into you in public, this is a sign she is not respecting the set boundaries of your relationship. She is envious of you, so she wants to mess up your life
  5. This ain't no act baby, this is the real me. He said, his hair pulled back in little braids, his loose jeans hanging off his hips and a white tank top, making him look like a caricature from a cartoon. Well I don't like the 'new you'. She said before slapping away his arm and standing up
  6. The only thing she left with, if I remember correctly, is that she found out that prince had a noticeable collection of makeup and that he must have teased her and had her thinking they were gon' knock boots but Baby Boo just wanted to either hug or rest his head in her lap in silence
  7. Yeah, she didn't need to do standards, it would have been enough for her to embrace a jazzier, more sultry sound. One of the few songs of hers I genuinely liked was My Love Is Your Love. It felt like a direct descendant of You Give Good Love and Saving All My Love For You. I wish she had stayed in that direction

I thought she was dead, so it didn't really make a difference in my mind.Stafford: Cory, I can understand why you'd want to minimize something as horrible as this, but to listen to your story. This ain't love we're making, she said. It's just shadows in the dark. But I promise you, before this night is through, I can write my name on your heart. There was an instrumental bridge here and Bonnie played the hell out of it on some other plane of being, but in the absence of his voice, Ana found herself free to back away and she did

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  1. oooh ok well I was not shocked cuz ummm i was a kid in the 90's and I was SCARED of all 'gangsta rap' guess the music was too angry for my young ears sooooo I already kinda judged the whole NWA as thugs, no surprise when u hear bout how a thug whooped azz , 2015 I'm prob just as angry as NWA was back then so I guess Dre and I have evolved..
  2. [quote comment=57310]Fantasia, did you daughter give you those damn tattoos. I mean I don't understand. I know she is not poor so can't she hire a stylist. it looks like she woke up, put some water and gel in her hair, threw on Cititrends dress, and moved it along. damn shame.and Lil Wayne must have the magic stick because I don't get the appeal of him at all.[/quote] thanks i really neededa.
  3. ds of pretenders While chasing the clouds away Our hearts were ringing In. Try to Remember. Brothers Four. Try to remember the kind of September When life was slow and oh, so mellow Try to remember the kind of September When grass was green and grain was. September Girl
  4. Alicia: And she couldn't fight back then, so she would always go to Stan for help. Alicia: But then Stan would start crying, so she'd have to comfort him. Lyria: Hee hee, it sounds like you two have been close for a long time
  5. I just thought about it. She used to also be with 50. She need to quit playing and pretending she in love with Russell. Thinking back on it more, I remember when everybody used to say she was a man. In saying that she ain't never been no prize in the industry anyway. She should consider herself lucky to have Russell
  6. The Internet is buzzing about a rumored collabo between arguably the world's #1 female singer, Beyonce Knowles, and newcomer Cardi B. Let's hope the rumors aren't true -- for Beyonce's sake. According to Complex magazine, Cardi's studio engineer let it slip out that Beyonce and Cardi recorded a demo together. The engineer uploaded an Instagram.com... Read more
  7. Doug Chapter 1, a x-men fanfic | FanFiction. Alright everyone, that's it for today, he said as he turned to the class. Remember we will have a test next week on verbs and conjugations. If you need any help you can contact Dr Kitty here. He repeated the message in Polish, then Russian, Korean, and Cantonese

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No, no, no, no (RockBoyBeats) No, no, no, no (That nigga Ladd got the truth), yeah. [Chorus: A Boogie Wit da Hoodie] I would take you to Chanel if you want me to (If you want me to) Put your foot over your head while I'm fuckin' you (While I'm fuckin' you) When you say you miss me, I can't tell if it's true Porsha calls out Candiace. Candiace Dillard defended her decision to file charges against Monique Samuels on the latest episode of Real Housewives of Potomac. However, some people still think her decision is hypocritical and ridiculous. Porsha Williams is one of those people. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star called Candiace out during the latest episode [ And then when I have kids they gon' be rich, ain't no unemployment (Yeah) And if a nigga get in the way we kill him, he so unimportant (Gra gra, bitch) [Chorus] Bitches in my closet it's a freak show (Freak show) Ain't been here for long man like a week, oh (Like a week, oh) Ain't living in my brib got a new hom Lola was promising Lincoln that she would give him anything he wanted, no matter the price, Lisa was ensuring Lincoln she could upgrade the temporary wheelchair he would receive so he wouldn't suffer from it, and Lynn had even brought some of his favorite comic books, looking away as she said I thought maybe you'd wanna distract yourself. Ivy: Vanessa's evil intent... inside what you call the OS space, it has already become some kind of information black hole. Up there, any consciousnesses in the OS space will be drawn in and assimilated. Ivy: The reason you can get so close without being affected is that you are still living

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  1. Look, you say that she learned to tap into her Ki in less than a day and she's almost on the verge of flying for the first time after just 3 days, so she's progressing even faster than you. But the problem is that her body hasn't gone through the same experiences as yours so she's much weaker
  2. But you don't know me, and no you won't forget. Bad as can be, yeah you know I'm not so innocent She reached up and knocked loudly noticing the song still played but thankfully she could no longer discern the soft cries that could only have come from Clarke. She inserted her key and counted down from ten before opening the door
  3. Spirits, you have no idea It's just, you're from two different worlds, Mira said gesturing between the two. I just didn't figure you'd mesh that well. Ya don' have too high an opinion a me, do ya? Colie said suddenly, tilting her head. You were selling drugs, Col. And I got out! she grumbled. She shoved her scarred hand in Mira's face
  4. So I'm like all these women that want to get with these stars⎯ if you're in it for money and fame you'll have fun, but if you're in it for them and you really love then them and you really plan to try to hold them down, then you're gonna have a heck of a time
  5. Poor Kaysha. That's all she's ever heard and she's sick of it. She's gonna make sure there ain't shit poor about Kaysha. Yeah. She's been down a time or two, but she has no plans to stay there. Even if it takes rubbing shoulders with the messiest of the messy. Follow me as I take you on a wild ride of danger, secrets, lies.

Chapter 37 - No Destiny Pyrrha You are no one...You are a soldierJaune does not love youThey are all enemies Kill your enemiesLove nothingFeel nothingThink nothingYou have no destinyNo destinyNo destinyHer own voice whispers in her mind, but it is not her real thoughts. She is being manipulated by something greater than any of them realise. Using her beliefs against her.The Words of the. I Hate/Love You - The doctor tells Olivia she had a nasty concussion but if all goes well, they will discharge her in the morning. He turns around and President Ghost thanks him for taking such good care of his friend. You ain't lied. Guillermo's eyes are so doggone expressive! Ms. Shay. April 26, 2013 at 5:31 pm I said last. You're demoted to private, she said calmly. Scales, you're breveted to sergeant. Assisse winced, even as Scales snapped off a reluctant salute. Well, it wouldn't be the first time we've been demoted for speaking out of turn, Assisse thought. You can demote me, she said. It doesn't change anything about our. The following list is a discography of production by Lex Luger, an American record producer.It includes a list of songs produced, co-produced and remixed by Luger specified by year, artist, album and title Bunker Down (A Class V Story) OC OC. Well, I got a bit bored while writing the next Class V chapter, so here's a short spinoff series to entertain myself. Hope you like it! Get to the bunker. It's all I can think, rushing across the battlefield. Get to the bunker. I look back, and watch as another energy shell turns half of my one of my.

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GUNNA LYRICS: Album: WUNNA (2020) ARGENTINA LYRICS (Wheezy outta here) Okay Me and Wheezy, we mixin' hoes from Argentina and California We was in a Bentley B, flowin' up the street, playin' one of our songs, yeah (Uh) Said if I gave her a beep, now they fuckin' up VIP, tryna see if we goin You're funny. Yeah? Have you got time later? Why? I need to ask about something. Me? Why? Why not? Here, Tsuneo. The tapes you lent us. Thanks. Yeah, thanks a lot. Sorry to keep them so long. These aren't mine! Wait, wait! Keep still! Wait, I said! So what was it all about? What was what about? Kanae. She wanted to know if she should become a. I have no clue what goes on in their heads but I know when it's safe to fuck them Which in general is anytime if she lets you in up close without serious protest. The one main thing is they don't really have a will of their own, so you as a man have to give them a purpose and a will The way katrina mishnadled her breakup us non admirabke.No matter how much hate she got she stood fake and did things with the help of salman and many other men and always uttered bad words for RK.

Everybody looking at you (said looking at you) Ain't no doubt about it, girl The way you move Ain't no doubt about it, hey girl Baby you cool [Verse 2: game] Yo pharrell, I'm ri-ri-diculous So so sick with it You can call me cancer but I don't smoke cigarettes Come through in a 'rarri same color as licoric She's so fucking ridiculous. No one gives a shit, Sarah. You never would have been tapped for VP if it weren't for the hard work and determination of women like Hillary and Geraldine. Without Hillary AND President Obama, you'd still be some dumbass hick nobody knew or cared existed. You owe everything you have to them, you ungrateful bitch. She can love her mom and still be respectful to you. Trust me I was in the same boat but my man talked to his daughter and put baby mama drama in her place. And the daughter was 30 when we met so yeah. I get where you're coming from. Some women will always play the kiddie card even when the child is an adult

Dont even try to play with us, you know we ain't love you I still got a bad bitch, Im still livin lavish Im still givin payments, Im still getting payments Ya dig Ya dig [Verse 1: Young Thug] Bae, ya dig Oh yeah yeah Dont walk nowhere, you in a weelchair yeah Dont stop and stare, she mine yeah Look at my pimp card, player yeah But you say you want thug love (Say you want thug love) But this ain't no f**king love song, yeah, yeah (Ain't no f**kin' love song) Ah, ah, pretty when you cry, ah (Pretty when you cry) Pullin' on your panty strings, put 'em to the side, oh Wake up, hit it while you still got your thong on, yeah, nah, nah (While you got your thong on. Take her to a finer place, where she see brighter days Ain't go to worry 'bout bills gettin' paid, no I put that on my life, yeah I can never love a bitch, can't have no wife, yeah Nothin' permanent, so I live life like tomorrow is my last day, yeah [Chorus] See these bitches, they Yatchy's angels And I got stripes just like a benga

You told, boy you ain't no star, you a witness This lean gon' fuck around and make me need a kidney My bitch, she mad at me cause I show no attention But listen, bitch I'm on my grind I gotta get it [Verse 6: YN Jay] Riding with the Glock 23 these the one Jordans Got a team full of shooter, we pull up scoring Lil Yachty pulled up in a. July 1988 1 8. July 1988 2 8. HOPE 30 YEARS LATER- TUESDAY 14TH AUGUST 3pm 11. Caterina Tallarico -14th August 2018 15. The Lorry - Tuesday 14th August 2018 - 3.30p Charlie: Don't you remember how long it was? Jay: I met her 10 years ago. Charlie: Did you say to yourself wow? Jay: I said that's a fantastic talent. Charlie: You saw talent before you saw anything else? Jay: Yeah, cause she was singing like a rapper. So the first song with Wyclef she was singing really fast, and I was like why she singing. She ignored the standing stranger holding a sword and ran with noisy steps to the grounded body—the victim had died already too. El, on her knees, looked up with a stare. She said an accusing: You killed him. She really needed to get better at `Taking care of business.´ Better at her timing. As good as Savino. Something approaching it.

Chrissy: to me looks like she wants to control every part of jim's life, that's not love chrissy !! let the man be who he is don't try to mold him into the man you want him to be !!!!! and jim please don't fall for that shit take your damn ring back and don't you never make the mistake of actually marrying that woman. she doesn't love you she. Don't trip 'cause I know you're burning up She said she love me but she want her to fuck, fuck, fuck it up 11: 11, baby, make a wish and I'ma do what you want Ain't no more intermission, I'ma tryna see what you on. Jetson came in with a FN Two girls with him told me he ain't got a preference Sat 'em both down and I asked a few question She loved it so much, she came into my office with the tickets and said I paid for this paranormal tour of Concordia for you and ten people. I had to pay for ten because that's the least amount of people and it includes security for the tour Yes, seeing lux lifestyle is great, but the manner of stating you buy whatever gifts whenever and want the necklace that's $2 million or earrings that are $2.8m, it just gets kinda Trying too hard to illustrate your oh-so-luxurious lifestyle. 'I ain't saying she a gold digger But she ain't messin with no brokey Brokes. She has no fear of a a-s whipping . Even after Porscha got the drops on her she still popped sh-t out her mouth People also should take a note of won't fight. versus can't fight. Detroit 80/90s pretty, dark, smart , long hair oh yeah she done had some fights. You heard Marc say you're not defenseless

And you have so little of either, Toffee said. She gazed at him reflectively. Kissing you is like tying on your bib over a plate of bleached bones. Leave it to you to paint a disgusting picture, Marc shuddered. Give me a good heaping plate of bleached bones any time, Toffee said. I'd prefer it Intro Snoop: Ain't Nutin but A Gangsta Party 2 Pac: Ahh Shit you've done fucked up now, you done put 2 of Amerikaz most wanted in the same Muthafukin place at the same muthafuckin time, ya'll niggas about to feel dis, break out the champange glasses and them muthafuckin condoms have one on us aight Verse One: 2Pac, Snoop Picture Perfect, I. She's quick to back track and be silent. She ain't about that life so stop! She stays being a twitter thug LMFAOOOO!!! Rihboy March 4, 2016. But diamonds, umbrella, love the way you lie.

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jill @ 1:58, you made it seem like its freaking CRAZY for a woman to WANT to stay home with her kids. i know plenty of women that are forced to work while they wish they didn't have to. there's nothing wrong with a woman wanting to be around to raise her young children. but on to the other stuff, i agree that tameka gets a lot of grief because. Tbh I done the same, but only because the ex wife through a massive fit about a pair of pants that she thought my step daughter left her. she called up saying where are her black pants I know they must be there you have to bring them to my house right now it's apart of her outfit you fucken idiot I said um okay I will have a look. Don't you see? It's you! You're meant to be with me, you were right all along. She was sniffling again, but she knew she was in the arms of the man that loved her, so she no longer cared to hide from him. I'm sorry I was so stupid, I should have seen you really meant what you said, I should have felt it in your touch Some of you stans really treat Beyonce like she is a God or something this chick isn't doing nothing for any of you, but collecting you alls money so please! As far as some of her stans saying we don't know her to hate on her or judge her that's true, but you stans don't know her to say she's sweet, innocent or whatever else none of. Poll Star have released their official Mid Year Top 100 Worldwide Tours tally today, listing the year's highest generating tours according to how much capital they've pulled in since January 1st.

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I can't stand looking at Pumkin so I can't wait 'til she goes. I think it took balls to do what she did but I wouldn't have wasted that on Chance. Megan is not as dumb as she looks or acts. I have a strange crush on 12-pack. . when he was running into the water in those tighty green things. LORD HAVE MERCY! I hate that I am watching that show i suggest for the records, all of you get on your knees, prove you are not a masterpiece, prove you are not the devil, prove this is not your home, prove you are not the commander, prove you can do the right thing and with god speed, prove you are not the dictator the constitution is trying to kill or injure but now bleeding profusely, etc Between morsels, she asked, I guess you don't remember where you are, do you? Lawrence nodded, eating his apple more eagerly as his hunger set in. Cassia waved around her to the trees. You're in Serenita, in a place called the Kaena Woods. We're miles away from any towns, so you're lucky that me and Grom found you Beyonce has done what many have always considered to be the impossible: she has ended her business relationship with her father, Mathew Knowles.In a statement released by her publicist Yvette Noel.

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Cafe Stardust, Chapter 6. OC OC. Krona and Tolia both looked at Ava with anger as their shocked expressions dissipated. Ava simply got up and grabbed a bottle of purple colored liquid from her spot on the floor taking a long drink. What the fuck Ava, he was interested in me first The Grand Emperor Fna'Gha'Trell, Lord Commander Exquisite of the Kra'Tel, Conqueror of the Stars, Defender of the Deep Faith, Slayer of the Grell, Master of The Ancient Forge, Lord of Arabella and all Her Sisters, Sire of the Indomitable Force, and a bunch of other lofty titles, lay on the steps before his lavish throne, a large hole in his leg slowly weeping dark purple blood