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4. Mikaela Loach. Climate justice activist Mikaela Loach focuses on sustainability with inclusivity. Based in Edinburgh, she is also the co-host and co-producer of the YIKES podcast which explore climate change, human rights and social justice.. Topics explored: Climate activism, anti-racism, veganism and ethical fashion. Quote: Any white or non-black influencers or celebs you follow that. We talked to Black sustainability influencers about business owners about their experiences in the green community. By Jada Jackso n. December 18, 2020. Gabrielle Langdon/ Getty.

10 Black, Brown and POC Sustainability Influencers That

  1. e Rogers is a San Diego-based, Black-Mexican YouTuber and sustainable fashion and lifestyle influencer. Her decision to quit fast fashion began sometime in 2015 when she joined an anti-trafficking organization in College and learned about the effects of fashion labor trafficking in developing nations
  2. Read on for our top 21 eco-friendly bloggers and influencers that are changing the way we think about fashion, food, and living. 1. Sustainable Daisy. @sustainabledaisy. Karen is an environmental scientist and eco-friendly blogger who shares her passion for environmentalism through fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips
  3. Bio Sustainable Fashion + Lifestyle Black + Mexican Creator 💌: thatcurlytop@gmail.com Isaiah 58:6-7 Instagram Handle @thatcurlytop Instagram Followers 33,000 Location San Diego, California, United States 44. Melani

Max La Manna. Max La Manna is a hybrid chef-foodie-sustainability influencer who has the goal of encouraging people to eat #MorePlantsLessWaste. He describes himself on Instagram as a low-waste chef and on YouTube, he mostly shares low-impact recipes as well as the occasional why you should or how to video Top Sustainability Influencers on Instagram. Without much further ado, let's explore the 13 sustainability influencers on Instagram: 1. Greta Thunberg @gretathunberg. Greta Thunberg is 16-year old environmental campaigner and influencer from Sweden. The girl has been leading UK schools in climate strikes Chris Garner ( @zonefocused) City or countryside, color or black & white, Chris is a knowledgeable and versatile analog photography based in Japan whose work showcases the durability and range of the medium as film continues to make a massive comeback among hobby photographers. Instagram. zonefocused. Dotonbori Osaka, Japan

What It's Like to Be Black in the Sustainability Spac

Warm tones, elevated style, and a hint of sophistication best describe the millennial's style. She spent 10 years in corporate America while balancing her full-time career as a creator. As one of the top black fashion bloggers in the game, it'll be fun to continue to see her thrive in 2020. 20 Black Women Influencers to Follow in 202 With this in mind, we talked with Black sustainability influencers and business owners about their experiences in the green community. Johanna Howard, the founder of Johanna Howard Home, spoke candidly with us about the assumptions she's noticed surrounding people of color and green living.So 'sustainability' as a concept is presented as being a very white enterprise Eco-friendly influencers: #3. Liv Lo. Thirdly we have Liv Lo (@livlogolding), who is a TV presenter, fitness model and yoga instructor. On top of all of that, she is also an eco-advocate. She was part of a team of ambassadors for Green Is The New Black, Singapore's first Conscious Festival in 2016 Ash is a stylish thrifter that is in-tune with the latest trends. Plus, she adds her own flair to outfits to make them pop! #4 @aaricanichole. Aarica is a thrifter with major style and talent. She utilizes her skills to upcycle thrifted finds into unique pieces! #5 @thefashionchase. Shana is a stylist determined to help other women break out of. 65+ BIPOC Influencers and Creators in the Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle Space. Diversifying your feed is about so much more than checking off a box. It's about listening to voices with experiences, concerns, ideas, inspirations, and joys different from your own and those with stories and perspectives that do not get enough attention.

100 Top Sustainability Influencers to Follow in 2021 A&

My Story + Being a Black Sustainability Influencer | Ft. Klean KanteenSpecial thanks to Klean Kanteen for partnering up with me on this video.Klean Kanteen. These BIPOC Fashion Influencers Are All About Sustainability & People Need To Listen. Sustainable lifestyle influencer Jazmine Rogers started 2020 with around 5,000 followers on Instagram. Today. Sustainability is a major factor in the industry right now, and these are the sustainable fashion influencers we recommend following. She also founded and continues to co-moderate @buyfrombipoc, which, in her words, celebrates black, indigenous and other people of colour who are creators and innovators in the sustainable,. 2. Michelle | @michelleforgood. Los Angeles conscious lifestyle influencer Michelle Chavez is focused on purchasing products that do not hurt people or the environment—and creating amazing styles while doing it. Her Instagram is an insight into her busy day-to-day life filled with fun-loving fashion 16 Black Fashion Influencers to Follow Now Impacting fashion through their work as models, designers, stylists, writers, and more, follow these Black influencers who are changing the industry. 02.08.2021 by Greta Jele

Influencers share their top tips for an eco-friendly festive season - from choosing a wooden tree to cutting out goose fat. EXCLUSIVE: Sustainability influencers shared how they stay green at. 20 Black Vegan Influencers You Should Follow Right Now By Kylie Hubbard | August 14, 2020 This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) 15 Black Influencers To Follow For Beauty and Wellness Inspiration They deserve all the praise. written by. Star Donaldson. updated Feb 26, 2021. FACEBOOK PINTEREST Murphy's account is not only centered around beauty, but also wellness and sustainability. Follow her for fun tutorials and tons of inspo For too long sustainability has been whitewashed and greenwashed. designers and influencers, and I fell victim to its marketing ploys. it's that being a Black woman in the sustainable. 10 Black Influencers Who Are Rockin' The Wellness, Sustainable Living, & Mom Game We at RADIUS stand behind the black community. We strongly believe that part of the commitment to a better world for all of us starts with consciously recognizing the profound positive impact that the black community has made on us

Top 21 Eco-Bloggers & Influencers You Should Be Following

The top sustainability influencers to follow on Instagram: From veganism to plastic-free living Passionate on issues spanning body positivity and the misrepresentation of black women, American. Following are 10 Black influencers in the travel space who offer powerful perspectives into how and why they travel. Annette Richmond. Dissatisfied by the lack of inclusivity in travel marketing and media, Annette Richmond started Fat Girls Traveling as an Instagram account. Not long after, it catapulted into a fervent movement 13. Tracye McQuirter. Vegan for 33 years, best-selling author, and award-winning public health nutritionist, are just a few of the many accomplishments McQuirter can claim. Her IG account offers inspiration to followers to take their health into their own hands by way of a plant-based diet The influencer economy moves at lightning speed—but in the name of sustainability, some of its stars are pumping the brakes. Search State of Black Beaut The move toward sustainability is an increasingly common one, even if influencers choose to participate in varying degrees. VSCO girls implore you to avoid plastic straws and save the turtles.

Top 150 Sustainable Living Instagram Influencers most

The company says its algorithm moderating a marketplace for influencers and brands is malfunctioning. Sustainability. T-Mobile for Tyler is a Black influencer who uses TikTok and other. In many ways, sustainable influencers and the content they put out are the epitome of environmental sexism. I do feel the sustainability and wellness space is gendered, sustainable influencer Lindsey Rempalski ( @lindseyrem) tells Bitch. I think a few contributing factors are outdated stereotypes of women and decades of toxic masculinity There are actually many black owned sustainable businesses however for many of the reasons you mention (lack of funding etc) they do not get prioritised or exposure. Less funding means limited budget for PR, marketing, fancy websites, working with influencers etc so they can't grow Black Digital Marketing and Tech Influencers You Should Follow. A Google search for the phrases digital marketing influencers, SEO influencers, PPC influencers, and social media influencers reveals a disappointing lack of Black representation. Combing through 25 lists, most of which were published in 2019, required scrolling past white face.

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Top 13 Sustainability Influencers on Instagra

  1. A 'Mummy Blogger', influencer and founder of Make Motherhood Diverse - an online initiative that aims to encourage a more accurately representative and diverse depiction of motherhood in the.
  2. Instagram is the go-to for those in need of outfit inspiration and a place for new trends to flourish. While most style influencers are promoting fast fashion and materialism by highlighting new outfits daily, these 14 sustainable fashion influencers are doing just the opposite
  3. An influencer, Maurice said, is someone who uses her voice to consistently advocate for the betterment of others, the environment and the world in general.. HuffPost spoke to several notable Black beauty influencers who are calling out brands for failing to do better and who detailed what socially responsible and racially just engagement.
  4. When other influencers and brands posted a black square on #BlackOutTuesday last summer, We told you that climate change is a top priority for young consumers, and YPulse's recent sustainability report found that 49% of 13-39-year-olds have purchased secondhand clothing and accessories, while 34% have bought sustainably made clothing and.

Here are the top environmental influencers to follow on Instagram this Earth Day. 1. Greta Thunberg ( @gretathunberg) Greta is the ultimate environmental campaigner and influencer. From starting a. The tragic events of then, and the most recent killing of Duante Wright in Minneapolis, have brought pain, confusion, and a demand for justice. People came together in solidarity, using their voices and platforms to demand change, including 12 Black, vegan women who share a vision for uniting their activism for Black lives with their advocacy. 'Sustainability is cool' is a platform of reviews and tips on how to keep a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on standards. The blog was set up by Monika in 2016 in order to help individuals choose wiser and more sustainable options when there was a scarcity in the industry for sustainable influencers With authenticity being key Black influencers ability to impact others purchase decisions suggests a sustainable industry, that marketing firm Mediakix expects to be worth $5 billion to $10. Instagram Followers: 325. Jackie proves that even over 50, it's never too late to turn your life around and become one of those admired social media influencers. Having lived most of her life with an office job, it was at 53 years that she had the life-inspiring moment to start The Social Media Virgin

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Sustainable Brooklyn is the driving force behind developing the Green-ish Book, based on the Green Book, giving Black consumers a comprehensive guide to businesses who uphold safety standards for. How Influencer Culture is a Sustainable Disaster A case study on how influencers perpetuate economically detrimental cultures of fast-fashion consumption. Lauren da Silv Meet the Climate Justice Influencers. The future of environmentalism is intersectional. And on Instagram. In early July, Diandra Marizet—a self-proclaimed conscious curator—posted a selfie on Instagram. In the post, she's tilting her face to catch the light, and so her dark, cascading curls frame her face

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Gardening Instagrammers. 1. Monty Don. Bio Gardener, writer, broadcaster, farmer If you wish to contact me please do so via my website info@montydon.com www.montydon.com Instagram Handle @themontydon Instagram Followers 479,000 Website https://www.montydon.com Location Herefordshire, United Kingdom. 2 Sustainable lifestyle influencer Jazmine Rogers started 2020 with around 5,000 followers on Instagram. Today, she has more than 34,000. I'm happy to connect with a community of like-minded people, she tells Refinery29 from her home in San Diego. Rogers, who is half-Black and half-Mexican, uses her platform to discuss issues including race and sustainability Influencers with Andy Serwer. The report is based on a survey of 490 qualified stakeholders and interviews conducted with sustainability leadership at Black & Veatch, The Chemours Company.

  1. Srinath has also begun fundraising for a Black-owned, Black-led community farm in LA so she can extend that influence beyond the world of social media. Having invested sweat equity into numerous.
  2. Download Black & Veatch's Corporate Sustainability Goal Setting and Measurement report.; The report is based on a survey of 490 qualified stakeholders and interviews conducted with sustainability leadership at Black & Veatch, The Chemours Company, Jones Lang Lasalle, Molson Coors, Pfizer, Prologis, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and United Airlines
  3. OVERLAND PARK, Kan., July 01, 2021--Engineering, construction and consulting leader Black & Veatch today announced the availability of its inaugural sustainability report. The report details the.
  4. The black one — the first one I made — has been worn well over 100 times. It's definitely seen the most amount of action out of anything in my wardrobe, though the blue is a strong contender.

Influencers are more than social media personalities - they work hard to earn trust from their followers and deliver value in every piece of content. By partnering with influencers for your Black Friday sales events, you will generate authentic excitement, wider brand awareness, and convert at record rates Download Black & Veatch's Corporate Sustainability Goal Setting and Measurement report. The report is based on a survey of 490 qualified stakeholders and interviews conducted with sustainability leadership at Black & Veatch, The Chemours Company, Jones Lang Lasalle, Molson Coors, Pfizer, Prologis, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and United Airlines Black & Veatch's Corporate Sustainability Goal Setting and Measurement report, Corporate management and investors are the top stakeholders driving sustainability commitments, far outweighing other influencers such as customers or regulators. Of the survey's largest companies - those with revenue exceeding $10 billion - two-thirds.

8 eco-friendly influencers you should follow top eco

Always here to listen, learn, support, and #amplifymelanatedvoices. I want to take this moment to specifically highlight black women influencers who do amazing work within sustainable fashion, environmentalism, activism, and conscious living. All of the women highlighted have dedicated their lives to bringing justice 50+ Black-Owned Sustainable Businesses To Support Now & Always. Recently I shared 31 Black-owned sustainable fashion brands in an Instgram post in an effort to use my platform to amplify Black voices and Black businesses in the sustainability space in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. To make that resource on Instagram more permanent.

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From sustainable lifestyle influencers (as our industry grows in its desire to minimize its impact on the environment, this is a big one) to bloggers in fashion or food, the topics are myriad. Whether jewelry related or not, opening yourself up to an inclusive world of viewpoints will ultimately help you as a business Sustainable Influencers Orsola De Castro (@orsoladecastro) Orsola De Castro is the co-founder and creative director of Fashion Revolution, - a global campaign with participation in over 100 countries. Regularly coming together with other sustainability influencers, Orsola is using her platforms to shine a light on sustainable fashion 10 Sustainable Fashion Bloggers & Influencers You Should Know. Written by Liz, February 22, 2019 . Her outfits predominately feature high-waisted pants or skirts and a neutral color palette of white, black, brown, and tan. She has both a website and a YouTube channel Oredein is the founder of Black Ballad, a UK based platform that tells the human experience through the eyes of black British women. Since 2017 the company has commissioned over 150 black female creatives and worked with brands including Financial Times and Waterstones. 2. Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE. Twitter: @aimafido Read Duration: 2mins. 3 June 2021. Here are my 'luxury influencers' picks for the first quarter of 2021. I've had an exciting and brief interaction on Instagram with a woman I admire Supermodel Jessica White and she's been gracious enough to follow the instagram page as of today which has given me a big boost on this journey to giving my readers helpful content

June 1, 2020. Influencer Roundups. Originally published September 2018. Updated June 2020. Gray is the new black, and 60 is the new 40. Forget what you heard about the Golden Years being a time for R&R and winding down. We've found 20 Instagram influencers and bloggers over the age of 50 (and 60 and 90) who are living life like it's golden. Once I found a few, my world of home decor on Instagram opened up to more and more Black women who are killing it on the home-decor front. What we can do with a space is magical. This simple act. Black History meets Black Joy (meets more Black History) 15K. 1.8K. The Ramp Post. The one I've been putting off. Allium Tricoccum, so my UK folks don't accidentally get in a tizzy! I'll start with the caveats, as an anxious bean who knows FULL WELL someone will get persnickety about this. 1. I obviously can't tell you what to do with. 1. Be aware of the social responsibility you carry for your followers. 2. Stay updated about broader societal issues and think how you personally can relate to. 3. Do your homework and educate yourself. 4. Be open for criticism and constructive conversations. In the end, you of course have to feel comfortable with what you are sharing on your. Founded in 2018 by activist and lifestyle influencer Lula Dualeh, the Act Up Sis brand offers sustainable Somali Baatis, a classic cotton house dress that is simple in design and easy to wear

65+ BIPOC Influencers and Creators in the Sustainable

  1. A Community Servant For Over 40 Years. As a retired Battalion Chief of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, Tony dedicated his life to making our community safer. Now as our state representative, Tony has continued to serve with passion and commitment. fighting for families to earn higher wages, receive quality healthcare, and give their kids.
  2. ated at Cannes Film Festival
  3. White Fashion Influencer Accused Of Ripping Off Black-Owned Brand. by Christian Spencer March 31, 2021 March 31, 2021 1270. 0. This time, sustainable Black-owned brand [We Are KIN].
  4. Signing under-the-radar Black influencers and creatives can only be a net positive. Brands have a social responsibility to do better. I look forward to seeing a solution to the influencer problem.
  5. But in the fray of I-don't-really-care outfits, one distinctly curated trend emerged at the forefront. Cottagecore, an aesthetic straight out of a laudanum-induced Laura Ingalls Wilder dream, was.

Influencer-driven content flourishes on Instagram — #travel has been used on Instagram over 454 million times—but all that travel can have steep environmental costs. But behold the rise of a. Back to Black in Sustainable Fashion. Posted On June 5, 2018 Hello, everyone! As an influencer, I myself am promoting stylish finds and recent trends, but it's important to raise awareness of what is unseen and usually forgotten amidst our high from retail therapy: fashion waste Activists and influencers are calling for people to start spending their money at Black-owned businesses. The idea is to build wealth in Black communities by keeping money within those communities A lot of influencers have posted but maybe in more of a perfunctory way, like the black square - which I feel was counterproductive to the movement - or they were unsure of how to engage.

12 Sustainable Fashion Influencers You Should Follow

Art influencers Cam Parker Handle: @painkillercamisyourdaddy Followers: 18.4K Contact: [email protected] or Instagram DM As a creator, artist, empath, and life-changer, Cam Parker reflects on his life. He shares that his intersectionality makes him unique; black, man, queer, creator, millennial Tyler Chanel, a sustainability influencer with 12,000 followers Khadijah Lacey-Taylor, a fashion and lifestyle influencer with 9,800 followers Laur DeMartino, a nano influencer with 5,200.

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Ruby Benson @ragxruby. Toronto-based influencer Benson has been killing the social media game since she graduated from Western University in 2013. Right out of school, she copped the position of Canadian brand manager position at The Kooples, and interned at Complex Magazine.Currently, she stays busy with freelance stylist and model gigs as well as influencer projects with major brands like. Activism Climate Change Gender LGBTQ Mental Health Racial Justice Sustainability All Social Good. influencers aren't the only ones looking to set the record straight. Black drivers get. Black Hat Tactic #4 - Manufacturing High Engagement Levels . This tactic teeters on the edge of Black Hat Influencer marketing, and simply being prudent in managing the standards of your profile. Some Influencers will delete posts that lack engagement Influencer marketing has taken shape as a viable marketing strategy for fashion brands of all sizes. According to Business Insider, brands will spend in excess of $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022.And when it comes to fashion, social media influencers are a must Bloggers have taken social media by a storm, being spotted on front rows at fashion shows, collaborating with brands and, of course, selfie-ing it up with top fashion icons. Many national brands are turning to fashion influencers, with their legions of followers, to advertise their products instead of mainstream celebrities

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  1. Freddie Harrel is a fashion influencer with a gorgeous afro and also the founder of @RadSwan, a conscious and premium synthetic wigs and hair extensions brand. Why should you follow her? With her new beauty brand, Freddie is hoping to give black women a chance to experiment with clip-in textured hair extensions, in the most sustainable way.
  2. [Read Related: Explaining Black Lives Matter to Kids] Too often, we fail to hold influencers accountable on the regular but jump onto the bandwagon when a topic starts trending. I'm not here to cancel fashion and beauty influencers who have done so much to break glass ceilings and allow us to see ourselves on screens. Without them, we wouldn't have modest fashion, find makeup shades to.
  3. About Black Knight Our Mission The Black Knight Solution Our Growth Strategy MReport Top 25 Leaders and Influencers - Shelley Leonard, Chief Product and Sustainability Goals and Targets Black Knight encourages employees to incorporate sustainable practices and solutions wherever possible

The Best Black Owned Swimwear Brands: Sustainable and Sexy by Annie Behrens. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Wilson also makes it priority to show off her designs by collaborating with Black women and influencers of color who are otherwise underrepresented in fashion Here is our pledge, along with some of our newest practices for being socially sustainable. We are working with a consultant, Quincie Zari, on how we can take accountability and invest fully in uplifting Black voices by working with Black influencers, brands, and models. When casting models, we promise to avoid colorism and represent people of. Black Lives Matter. protests sparked by the police killing of . George Floyd. in the United States earlier this year. More and more influencers are posting about sustainability and equality. Black wedge espadrille heels A new sustainable take on an all time favorite. A chic and playful wedge sandal produced sustainably with fabric made of plastics recovered from our nearby seas. Perfect for the environmentally conscious style devotee within you. DETAILS Product Type: Espadrille Wedge Height: 9.0 cm Mater

10 Black and POC Sustainability Creators & Entrepreneurs

INFLUENCER: The Marketing Store's head of sustainability Pamela Stathaki on five things the pandemic has taught us April 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day; and we have seen significant changes to the planet in those fifty years - not all of them positive Previously the sustainable fashion world was dominated by well-to-do white women, but due to the civil protests that broke out in 2020 in the wake of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless other Black people, BIPOC influencers in the sustainability space (like Rogers) started to amass the followings they deserved.This opened up the space to consumers of all walks of life.

LGBTQ+ influencers - What you need to know. LGBTQ influencers are passionate about equality, diversity, inclusion, creativity, and self-expression. Many don't just show support for their own community, but they will also stand in solidarity with other movements like Black Lives Matter, AAPI, and healthy perceptions on body image Black Soup is an influencer marketing agency, founded with the aim of helping clients build their own influencer marketing program. We strive to bring more transparency to the industry by.

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Old Navy has suspended its Juneteenth campaign, which was meant to amplify the Black experience, after receiving backlash from Black influencers. According to Business of Fashion, Old Navy sent an email out to about 300 influencers requesting that they purchase a special shirt celebrating Juneteenth, a day celebrating the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States Average micro-influencers can make anywhere from a few thousand dollars per month. While influencers with up to 1 million followers or more, we can be looking at rates of at least $25,000 per month. If you are the top of the game, Kim Kardashian's reported rates are around $500,000 per post LGBTQ+ Influencers Share What Pride Means to Them. To honor Pride in our own way, LIVEKINDLY reached out to several LGBTQ+ influencers and asked them to define what Pride means to them. We also inquired about how they use their platforms to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ rights, sustainability, food injustice, veganism, and more A new Black-owned business directory has just hit the internet, and it's giving all the Black excellence vibes. BLK Oceans features a Black-owned business directory and editorial pages focusing.

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