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Guinea pig care. Guinea pigs are tail-less rodents with long, short, or sometimes wild hair that ranges in color. When full grown, they weigh around 1-2 pounds and are 8-10 inches long. Guinea pigs typically live for 5-8 years. Described as cuddly and comical, guinea pigs love to vocalize with squeals, chirps, squeaks, and whistles Learn All About Guinea Pigs. Guineapig101.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites Abyssinian Guinea Pig: according to Denish, the Abyssinian is a longer-haired guinea pig that tends to be a little feisty and is known as a 'troublemaker.' One thing to note about this breed is that, although the patterning of their coats may lead people to believe they need frequent maintenance, the Abyssinian is actually quite adept.

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Alternatively, Guinea Pig meaning could be encouraging you to tell someone how you feel about them. Furthermore, Like the Tasmanian Devil, Guinea Pig symbolism teaches that life becomes more comfortable and even beautiful when you start telling yourself the truth. Self-acceptance is another vital message this power animal communicates to you Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment (Japanese: ギニーピッグ 悪魔の実験, Hepburn: Ginī Piggu: Akuma no Jikken) is a 1985 Japanese horror film written and directed by Satoru Ogura, and the first film in the Guinea Pig film series.. The film depicts a group of three men who graphically abuse a woman in a number of ways. It is presented in a found-footage style, with on-screen text claiming.

Guinea Pig On The Hunt: Chase games can be fun, as long as your guinea pig is doing the chasing. A toy, stuffed animal, or even a small treat can be tied to a cord dragged across the floor, just a bit faster than your guinea pig moves. Be sure your guinea pig never gets caught in the cord or could chew at or swallow part of it guinea pig Guinea pigs have long been used in laboratory tests and experiments, though they have largely been replaced by rats and mice in more recent years. 1. noun Someone or something used as the subject of an experiment. Jane used her husband as a guinea pig to try her new baked chicken recipe. Craig earned a little extra money by signing up to be a. Oxbow Essentials Guinea Pig Food - All Natural Guinea Pig Pellets for Adults and Young Guinea Pigs. 4.9 out of 5 stars. 4,098. $11.04. $11. . 04 ($0.14/ounce) Get it as soon as Mon, May 17. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Guinea Pig Shark Costume, Guinea Pig Clothes, Skinny Pig Sweater, Cavy Sweater, Small Pet Clothes, Crochet Pet Sweater, Accessories. EnchantingCreations7. 5 out of 5 stars. (454) $28.00. Add to Favorites. More colors

guinea pig $25. (inl > Wrightwood) pic. hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post. May 30 guinea pig definition: 1. a small animal covered in fur with rounded ears, short legs, and no tail, often kept as a pet by. Learn more GUINEA PIG KIDS - A BBC documentary exposes how the city of New York has forced HIV positive children under its supervision to be used as human guinea pigs.. Guinea Pig eats more which unfortunately means more raisins compared to hamsters. The guinea pig cage needs to be spot cleaned (poop and hay on the floor removed with broom or vacuum) once or twice daily. Guinea Pigs not only need another companion guinea pig to interact with but also thrive with human interaction

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Guinea Pig Dental Problems: A Care Guide. by Josh Bligh April 5, 2021. by Josh Bligh April 5, 2021. Though a well-cared for guinea pig can avoid plenty of health concerns, guinea pig dental problems can still pose a problem. Guinea pigs rely on their teeth for all manner of activities. Large guinea pig runs. TRIXIE'S outdoor Run with Mesh Cover is large and ideal for both an inside guinea pig playpen for a large home or outdoor guinea pig run. It is made of durable, solid wood construction and is an attractive outdoor run that will last for years with little maintenance 9 Best Guinea Pig Brushes: Reviews and Buying Guide. Written by Emma Megan Published on November 1, 2020 Last Updated May 27, 2021. Accessories. Say goodbye to the pet hair shedding everywhere in the room and get the best guinea pig brushes for your pet

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Guinea Pig Care How we can help Call 530-752-1393 to schedule an appointment with the Companion Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery Service. Download PDF of this Guinea Pig Care article Visit the Companion Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery Service website NATURAL HISTORY Guinea pigs are rodents originating from South America. Guinea pigs have been domestic pets for over 400 years. Wild. Many guinea pig rescue organizations recommend C&C cages, which are enclosures made from cubes and coroplast, a corrugated plastic. Plastic tubs, glass aquariums and cages with wire floors are NOT acceptable as guinea pig housing. One guinea pig: 7.5 square feet, or about 30x 36, is the bare minimum recommended, but bigger is better.

Guinea pigs live an average of five to seven years. This lifespan is longer than many other small pets such as hamsters, gerbils, mice or rats, all of whom only live up to a few years. If your life is in transition, a guinea pig may be more portable than a dog or a cat, but five years or more is still a significant period of time Guinea pig definition is - a small stout-bodied short-eared tailless domesticated rodent (Cavia porcellus) of South American origin often kept as a pet and widely used in biological research —called also cavy. How to use guinea pig in a sentence

Include 1 guinea pig house in the run for each guinea pig. Guinea pigs need their own place to hide to feel safe and secure. If you already have guinea pig houses inside an indoor cage, simply move these into the outside run. You can find a variety of guinea pig houses and hides in pet supply stores The Abyssinian guinea pig is one of the most popular and recognizable breeds of guinea pig in the world. They can be any color in the guinea pig rainbow and breed readily with other breeds of guinea pigs. The only difference between an Abyssinian and other breeds of guinea pigs is the coat texture and growth pattern

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  1. Baby guinea pigs for sale. Lisburn, County Antrim. 7 week old guinea pigs for sale, 5 available all males Well handled very social wee animals Need to go in pairs or groups Any questions please ask £20 each or 2 for £30 Texts only please due to work. Age
  2. They range in size, colors, temperament and care. Be sure you research your future pet and establish their setup before buying your new hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla, mouse, rat or gerbil. Browse our selection of live small pets online, then stop by your local PetSmart store where friendly, knowledgeable associates can help you pick out your.
  3. guinea pig ( plural guinea pigs ) A tailless rodent of the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia, with short ears and larger than a hamster; the species Cavia porcellus is often kept as a pet . Synonym: (formal name) cavy. A rodent of any of several species within the family Caviidae. ( figuratively) A living experimental subject. quotations

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  1. A guinea pig is a sturdier alternative to smaller rodents such as hamsters and gerbils, which makes it an ideal choice for older children and adults. Guinea pigs are strict vegetarians, and require very little daily maintenance
  2. There is actually no infallible mathematical formula to calculate the human age of a guinea pig because its growth and physiological changes during its life are very different from what's seen in humans.. However, it is rather based on the observations of the ages of the guinea pig, that veterinarians have established a correlation table (age chart) to see an equivalent in human age
  3. Guinea pig Size-O- Meter Your guinea pig is score Very Thin Y o u rp et is v ylkb ndw gh.W cm a medical reasons such as dental or kidney disease. If your pet is healthy but otherwise underweight, your vet is likely to advise some dietary and lifestyle changes. Your guinea pig is score Thin Your pet is thin and potentially underweight
  4. This guinea pig has been exposed to ringworm in their previous home. Ringworm is a highly treatable, non-life-threatening fungus that can be passed to humans and other animals. Ringworm is more likely to affect young or immunocompromised animals and people. Despite its name, ringworm is not a worm
  5. Choosing from the best Guinea Pig Names is the perfect way to show just how much you care for your special pet. We have compiled a list of 575 names to suit all types of guinea pigs, from spiky-haired Abyssinians and grey Peruvians to soft Coronets and ginger White-Crested guinea pigs, so we hope you find the perfect one for your new pet
  6. Guinea pigs enjoy having a variety of toys to chew on and explore. With just a few supplies you find around your home, and some hay and guinea pig treats from the pet store, you'll be able to create guinea pig toys very quickly and cheaply
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The name Cuy is South American Spanish for members of the species Cavia porcellus, which is the same species of guinea pig seen in the United States. These guinea pigs are much larger, however, because they are a domesticated guinea pig kept as livestock for meat. The breeds of guinea pigs in those countries are larger than the guinea pigs bred. A captive guinea pig will naturally crave the company of his own kind, even while desiring interaction with you. A lonely guinea pig can quickly fall prey to illness and loneliness, even if he is safe from predation. This list of guinea pig names for two males can spark your imagination as you brainstorm the perfect guinea pig names for boy pairs Welcome to the Guinea Pig Market where you will find only the best products for you and your guinea pig's cage and care. And we really mean the best. We are the CREATORS of C&C Cages and the cage size standards that have been adopted around the world for decades. We know guinea pigs! We advocate for guinea pigs. We rescue guinea pigs Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage by MidWest w/ Top Panel, 47L x 24W x 14H. 3.5 out of 5 stars. (3) 3 product ratings - Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage by MidWest w/ Top Panel, 47L x 24W x 14H. $99.22. Free shipping

Guinea Pig Parkour is a hand-drawn, comedy parkour platformer adventure, presented as a lost '90s animated cartoon show. Run, jump, flip, vault, and climb through '90s inspired cartoon worlds. Featuring painstakingly crafted, fluid, hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation - all made by one artist Guinea Pig Vs. Hamster as Children's Pet. If you plan on getting a pet for your kids, the hamster vs guinea pig debate may come up. Hamsters are a great choice for kids because of their cute looks. Playing with them is easy. However, they are nocturnal and may not play much during the day. They can get irritable if kids play with them for too. Synonyms for guinea pig include subject, victim, testee, rodent, cavy, examinee, test subject, experimental subject, Cavia porcellus and experimental animal. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com An argente guinea pig is one with an agouti pattern across the majority of the body, but the belly is a solid color. The belly will match the ticking or the tips of the hair. For example, if the ticking is white, then the belly will be white as well. Multi Colored Guinea Pigs

Australia About Youtuber Guinea Pig Stuff is the home of Cavy Central Guinea Pig Rescue that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes unwanted, dumped, abandoned, and injured guinea pigs. Guinea Pig Stuff is the place where Lyn from Cavy Central demonstrates and shares information on the care, housing, and well being of guinea pigs Guinea pigs are ultra sensitive to heat and are best kept in areas around 65-75F degrees. Over 80F degrees can cause issues. Excessive loud noises can also stress out your guinea pig. Bedding - The top choices for bedding are natural paper, aspen or fleece liners Find 14 ways to say GUINEA PIG, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

guinea pig (n.) rodent native to South America, 1660s. It does not come from Guinea and has nothing to do with the pig.Perhaps so called either because it was brought back to Britain aboard Guinea-men, ships that plied the triangle trade between England, Guinea, and South America [Barnhart, Klein], or from its resemblance to the young of the Guinea-hog river pig [OED], or from confusion of. Guinea Pig Care Guide Overview. A guinea pig can be one of the most endearing and wonderful pets. They may live as long as 9 years (the average is 5 to 7), so the decision to bring one into your home must be made carefully. Your cavy (the proper name guinea pigs are known by) will depend on you for food, water, medical care and companionship Product Type. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results. Bedding (5) Bedding Spray (2) Guinea Pig Food (3) Hamster & Gerbil Food (5) Rabbit Food (4) Availability Options. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will. For one guinea pig alone, the cage should be a minimum of 36L x 30W x 18H. They should always have plenty of room to play and exercise throughout the day. At Petco, we have plastic and metal cages for guinea pigs as big as four levels high. These habitats can either sit on top of a sturdy table, come with their own standalone base, or some.

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If your curious guinea pig enjoys burrowing and exploring, then they will love this tunnel! Designed to encourage play and exercise, small pets can run through, hide or even rest in this exciting toy Guinea pig to become father to 400 after breaking into female enclosure. And Finally. Guinea pigs. Warwickshire. Friday June 6, 2014, 5:54 PM. Randy escaped his male only enclosure at Hatton.

Guinea pigs don't wait very long into their lives before they start mating, and are ready to reproduce from as young as 4 weeks old! And remember, if you do decide to buy or adopt a guinea pig, they will need your love and care for a few years - these hardy creatures live on average between 5 and 8 years Guinea Pig Zone. 11 hrs ·. Today, Patricia is officially 9 years old ‼️ Let's all wish her a Happy Birthday filled with many treats and veggies! . (Photo credit to Amber G.) 1.6K1.6K

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The Guinea Pig Vet. May 1 at 1:17 PM ·. Today we were on camera for a new guinea pig documentary. More details coming soon! It was great to meet @sharonwalia and to have some glamorous guinea pigs and their owner on site at Derwent Valley Vets. 188188 rehoming guinea pig sisters $60. (houston) pic. hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post. May 11

This guinea pig cage is also ideal for hedgehogs. The deep 6-inch base contains guinea pig litter and other debris and the top front / side portion of the cage fully opens for easy access or cleaning. The Cavie measures 30.3L x 18.5W x 16.5H and the metal mesh on the top portion of the cage is 1W x 10L inches Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment: Directed by Satoru Ogura. A duo of guys capture and brutally torture a young girl to the point of piercing her retina Im selling a male guinea pig comes with cage and house (nwg > Rome Georgia) hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 2 Male Guinea Pig (mcn > Alamo, GA) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jun 29 Guinea Pig - good home onl A nurse volunteered to be the Guinea Pig so he sedated her, turned around, and then did the procedure on himself. That's right. The man stabbed himself in the heart as a sleight-of-hand trick, thereby permanently upstaging David Copperfield years before he was even born. And then he walked all the way to the X-ray room while holding the cable

These two have never been apart and live in a Northwest guinea pig habitat with a 1 x 2 C&C top floor. I will be moving to an apartment that does not allow small animals as pets. Will include all supplies that I currently have for them. Experienced guinea pig owners preferred, but anyone who will show them love will be fine The magpie guinea pig is a coat color variety and not a different breed of guinea pig. They have patches of white and black coat, and also parts where the coat consists of intertwined black and white hairs. Magpies can have short, rough, and very dense coats as those seen in Teddy guinea pigs, but the coat can also be short, smooth, and silky Find the best Guinea pig breeders in your area! We at Guinea Pig Finder, is quite aware of the fact that finding a well stocked and trustworthy Guinea pig breeders is a difficult process. Many times it has been seen that most people give up upon the idea of buying or adopting a guinea pig because of the difficulty in finding the right breeder

It's perfect for small pets like guinea pigs, squirrels, chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits, rats, hedgehogs, etc. The detachable ramps and tier panels can easily be removed, so you can adjust the layout of the cage and design a home that is comfortable for your pets cute guinea pig for sale ($30) (orl > orlando) pic. hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post. Jun 14

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Guinea Pig cage for sale with adoption for the pet $45.00 OBO. $45 (yum > Yuma) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting Guinea Pig Anatomy A Guinea Pig is a small, burrowing rodent that has a compact body. Guinea pigs have small ears and eyes, a small snout with sensory whiskers each side and no tail. Like most rodents, they have two gnawing teeth at the front which continue to grow throughout their life. Because these teeth [

The anatomy of the guinea pig is a complex system of bones, organs and many other needed body structures. The guinea is a vertebrate, meaning is has a backbone as well as a skull and rib bones. Guinea pigs have 20 teeth however you only see the first four. Their teeth serve a huge purpos A Skinny Pig and a haired Skinny Pig gene carrier will result in a 50% chance of having at least one hairless pig. The rest of the haired litter will just be gene carriers. Two gene carriers will have a 25% chance of having a hairless pig within the litter. Lastly, breeding a Skinny pig with a Baldwin guinea pig will, surprisingly, result in no. Guinea Pig Care Advice For Smart Owners. This is a one stop resource for smart guinea pig owners to give you everything you need to know about basic guinea pig care. Ensuring your guinea pig is well looked after is vital to making sure they live a long time, and so at Online Guinea Pig Care you will find a wealth of articles and information.

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The Guinea Pig Sanctuary is in desperate need of paper bedding so if you can, please send some there way. Kaytee has already generously donated some, but has also offered to donate an additional bag of Kaytee paper bedding for every bag that is either shipped or donated directly to the Sanctuary (up to 200 bags) Size: Adult guinea pigs of any breed are relatively the same size. Full-grown females weigh between 1 1/2 to 2 pounds while adult males can weigh anywhere between 2 and 2 1/2 pounds. As for length, mature guinea pigs measure between 8 and 12 inches long. an adult average guinea pig size in length can range from 8 inches to a full 12 inches A final guinea-pig lesson: It can be a title, or it can be a dirty word. The first use of guinea pig as human subject of an experiment, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, was. Guinea Pig Daycare. Guinea Pig Day Care is for when you go on holiday and your guinea pig or pigs are left in our excellent hands. They enclosure will get cleaned every day, they will get fed high quality food . The long haired guinea pigs will get brushed every day and the short haired will get brushed every third day

Guinea Pig From A to Z - Everything About Guinea Pigs. Guinea Pig is a pet which is popular especially in United States, Australia and United Kingdom. In . by Guinea Pig Info on October 19, 2018 Male and female guinea pigs both look very similar, with a stocky, round body with no tail and a large head with a short nose. Determining the difference between a male and female guinea pig requires a closer look at their reproductive organs. There is a key difference in the shape of the organs Guinea Pig Education, Rescue, and Adoption. Since 1999 in San Mateo, California (the San Francisco Bay Area) Cavy Spirit is a private home which takes in abandoned guinea pigs and places them, healthy and happy, in high quality, permanent homes. We focus on education and public awareness of the proper respect and care that these and all animals. Guinea pig lover on March 18, 2020: Hey I haven't got a guinea pig yet but I'm trying to convince my mom and dad to get me one my mom said maybe and my dad said well if you clean it out and look after it then you can have one and he'll think about it and I need two cute names for a ginger white and brown one also a plain brown one ASAP

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Guinea pigs, also called cavies, are stout little rodents from various regions of South America. The best known of this family is the domesticated guinea pig ( Cavia porcellus) that is commonly kept as a pet, and is broken down into approximately 13 breeds. It's believed that the Incas domesticated guinea pigs more than 3,000 years ago, and. K*Mart CAUTION!! These grids are 15 inches square. The inner square dimensions are just over 1.5 inches. ONLY use these grids if you have full-grown, non-pregnant, adult guinea pigs!Otherwise, the inner square openings are too large to be safe for younger or smaller guinea pigs. 6 Cube Set: 23 panels, 24 connectors Bake your guinea pig healthy cookies by mixing and mashing water, guinea pig pellets, oat flour, vegetable oil and honey together. Once you create a dough, you can use a cookie cutter to make shapes. Put your shapes on a cookie sheet and bake them in the oven for 15 minutes at around 350 degrees. Let them cool and serve Bitsy's First Vet VisitApril 21, 2011 - Cost of Care: $55. During Bitsy's first visit to the vet, she was sent home with Baytril, a common antibiotic used to treat guinea pig UTIs. The treatment consisted of one oral dose of 0.3mL of Baytril every 12 hours. The treatment course lasted ten days

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The 'Trans' Child as Experimental Guinea Pig. By Madeleine Kearns. Standards of evidence have been discarded, and children are being altered for life. U.S. Michelle Alexander Is Wrong about. About. Guinea Pig Rescue Adelaide is about EDUCATION first and REHOMING secondly, it is all about finding the right homes who are willing to give some rescues a second chance. The 'Guinea Pig' or 'Cavy' has basic needs that can be very easily met, but so often are not. WOODEN hutches, single story, double with a ramp, ar e NOT suitable.

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Guinea pigs can eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs with some of their most popular foods being lettuce, kale, parsley, coriander, cucumber, carrot, sweet bell peppers, tomato and apple. Our comprehensive guinea pig food list of over 60 fruit and veg. Posted on March 3, 2021. Comment Guinea pig owners can get their pets used to nail trims simply by pairing the touching of their pigs' toes and the sight of the clipper with the taste of a delicious treat. Eventually, once they see the nail trimmer, they anticipate the treat and aren't bothered by the trim Founded in 2005, the North Jersey Guinea Pig and Hamster Rescue, Inc. was created to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home unwanted guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, pet rats, mice and other pocket pets. We are a no kill shelter that seeks to place these animals in loving homes, no matter how long it takes. We are located in Budd Lake, NJ

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Guinea Pig Pet Salon by guinea-pig-games. Kawaii Critter Capsule Collector by guinea-pig-games. Add your own guinea pig! by guinea-pig-games. Animation: Guinea pigs by guinea-pig-games. Spring Guinea pigs by guinea-pig-games. Animal Jam by guinea-pig-games. Jelly tiny animation by guinea-pig-games. Animal jam Decorator by guinea-pig-games The Guinea Pigs' Daily Digest - or GPDD to its friends - is a daily electronic newsletter, founded in March of 1995 by Carlo Ferrari for the internet guinea pig fanciers community. It is now managed by a team of people representing many facets of guinea pig ownership, including owners, rescuers and breeders, so it may better serve the overall.

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The American guinea pig is the most common breed, according to Guinea Pig Hub. They have a sweet, lively temperament, making them great companions for kids. Their short hair also makes them much. guinea pig pronunciation. How to say guinea pig. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn more A nurse volunteered to be the Guinea Pig so he sedated her, turned around, and then did the procedure on himself. That's right. The man stabbed himself in the heart as a sleight-of-hand trick, thereby permanently upstaging David Copperfield years before he was even born. And then he walked all the way to the X-ray room while holding the cable 1. (animal) a. el conejillo de indias. (m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). (M) Guinea pigs are commonly used in experiments.Los conejillos de indias comúnmente son utilizados en experimentos. b. el cobayo Guinea Pig Shop—Guinea Pig Accessories, Bedding, Cages and More. Create a comfortable and appropriate guinea pig habitat for your pet with our variety of guinea pig accessories and small animal supplies.At Petco, we carry various must-haves for your guinea pig house, such as bedding, enclosures, toys and more.Check out our new guinea pig owner guide as well as guinea pig care and facts to.

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The domesticated guinea pig (Cavia porcellus) is a small, burrowing rodent that is native to South America.When excited, this little animal squeals like a pig. Many people keep this cute rodent as a household pet. The guinea pig's life span is about 6 to 8 years Guinea Pig Zero is an occupational jobzine for people who are used as medical or pharmaceutical research subjects. Its various sections are devoted to bioethics, historical facts, current news and research, evaluations of particular research facilities by volunteers, true stories of guinea pig adventure, reviews, poetry and fiction relating to. GPS Guinea Pig Sanctuary|Kitchener|Rescue & Rehome. Helping them find their way home. GPS rescues, cares for, and rehomes guinea pigs when their owners are unable to any longer. Our goal is to offer a better option to kill shelters and also to prevent the wrong people from adopting them from online ads, simply to feed them to pet snakes.

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Guinea Pig 5: Mermaid in the Manhole: Directed by Hideshi Hino. With Shigeru Saiki, Mari Somei, Masami Hisamoto, Gô Rijû. An artist rescues a mermaid in a sewer who develops bleeding sores all over her body, paints a portrait with her oozes and eventually disjoints her True.Guinea pigs are generally hardy animals, but they are susceptible to many health problems if they are not cared for properly. Besides keeping your pet's stress levels low by providing a nutritional diet, a healthy environment and proper handling, you should take your guinea pig for annual veterinary exams.Your veterinarian will check your guinea pig's overall health, trim overgrown. Synonyms for guinea pig in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for guinea pig. 3 synonyms for guinea pig: subject, case, Cavia cobaya. What are synonyms for guinea pig Silkie Guinea Pig; Alternative Breed Names: Sheltie Origin: UK (result of crossbreeding) Size: 7 to 10 inches Lifespan: 5 to 7 years Breed profile: Silkie is known for its long, soft, shiny and smooth coat. It should not have any rosette on its body or have growing hair pointed upwards right towards the face Guinea Pigs. The Diseases of Research Animals (DORA) website is a tool primarily designed to benefit veterinarians, veterinary students and residents involved in the care of animal species commonly used in research. Diseases and conditions affecting guinea pigs are listed by category and are arranged from most to least prevalent in the context. The guinea pig placenta has been studied and the data have been interpreted mainly in the 1960s and 1970s. In that period, not too much was known about the biology of the human trophoblast (such as turnover of villous trophoblast, trophoblast apoptosis, and trophoblast invasion) as well as angiogenesis