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Systems, LLC W194 N11481 McCormick Drive Germantown, WI 53022 800.643.5424 fax: 262.255.5917 www.loadingdocksystems.com techservices@loadingdocksystems.com ML-PCL REV A Mechanical Dock Leveler PM Checklist Customer: Store #: Date: Address : Equipment Model : WARNING Always read and understand the Owner's/User's Manual and become thoroughly familiar with the equipment and it This inspection should be completed regularly by dock supervisors or safety managers to ensure OSHA compliance and risk reduction. Three ways to run this inspection: Download the Loading Dock Safety Checklist (.PDF). Access this inspection template as a document or spreadsheet. Conduct this inspection on the Safesite app for free (iOS, Android. Loading dock equipment can many times be one of the most dangerous parts of a warehouse and need to be respected as such. Installed and used based on the manufactures guidelines, as they are there for a reason. Generally things occur when people decide to vary from what is prescribed. Please use these tips as an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure! Be familiar with what is called for by the.

PROBLEM: Catastrophic Trailer Separation Accidents 4. Trailer Pop-Up / Up-Ending Pop-Up: the weight of a forklift sends the rear of the trailer forward and down, causing the nose to rise. Up-Ending: the weight of a lift truck sends the trailer's nose down, causing the rear end to move up and away from the building. Remember, positioning of the rear tandems is important Using the world's #1 inspection app, iAuditor, you can reap the benefits of an effective dock audit minus the hassle of using paper checklists. Easy inspections and data collection anytime, anywhere. Perform dock audits on your phone or tablet, even while offline; Identify defective and non-compliant items and remove them from shipment ASA checklist - blue giant dock leveler - operator and planned maintenance program INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Indicate OK for USE with a check mark in the appropriate box of each inspection point. Forward this checklist to the person responsible for dock equipment maintenance Operators Daily Checklist for Dock leveler Circle Check Walk around the Dock Leveler and take note of obvious damage that may have been caused by operation during the last shift. Check that all capacity, safety, identification plates, etc. Are attached and legible

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Loading Dock Safety Loading docks are a hazardous part of the workplace and are a common area for worker injuries. This bulletin provides a checklist (on the back of this page) of activities to help control loading dock hazards and keep dock workers safe. The checklist covers training, housekeeping (general cleaning), procedures an DockLadderDepot.com offers the following safety checklist to ensure safety is priority # 1 when using your loading dock. All personnel need to be trained in dock safety and ALL rules must be enforced. The wheel chocks on ALL vehicles must be used at the dock. Train all powered industrial truck operators to yield the right away to pedestrians With that in mind, you should perform three different kind of loading dock inspections, each at a different interval. 1. Daily Inspections. This type of inspection looks at the day-to-day operations that take place at the loading dock and ensures it's a safe place to work. Daily inspections should check on things like: 2 Inspecting Technicians thoroughly inspect loading dock equipment and are trained to bring small problems to your attention before they become big issues. Predictive maintenance solutions are offered as needed. Looking for a dock leveler maintenance checklist? Your planned maintenance team will check all regular operations and inspect the following Northern Dock Systems' Preventive Maintenance Program provides specific, multi-point inspection checklists to minimize inefficiencies and downtime in your equipment. We do our due diligence, so you don't have to sacrifice the well-being of your employees or the operational efficiency of your facility

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Our Planned Maintenance Program includes: Cleaning of your dock leveler pit We vacuum clean your leveler pit. We know that a clean dock pit ensures a longer life to your working parts. A dirty dock pit clogs working parts, slows the leveler movement and causes rapid component wear through rust and corrosion. Inspection of your equipmen Are dock workers trained in the proper use of dock levelers or bridge plates? Material Handling Equipment - does all motorized equipment have the following: Lights Horn Emergency brakes Operator's manual Daily operator safety checklist Loading Area Are dock bumpers in good repair? Are dock approaches free from potholes Pull Dock Plates The ramp is removed from the trailer so the trailer can be removed Pull Away When a trailer pulls away from the dock on a red light. Pup Trailer A pup trailer is considered to be a 26' to 32 long trailer. Shunter/Hostler/Driver These are the tractors that remove or install the trailers in the loading docks Utilizing the loading dock and warehouse management safety app as part of a routine maintenance program helps protect loading dock employees and others who frequently use your warehouse staging area safe from harm. Use this safety inspection checklist to promote and improve overall warehouse safety procedures in your facility

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  1. imize costly downtime and security
  2. Employees who work on loading docks face constant special safety issues. Dock workers must not only be careful about what they are doing, but they must also be aware of others working around them, particularly of co-workers using various forms of material-handling equipment. This inspection should be completed regularly by dock supervisors or safety manager
  3. Loading docks pose numerous risks for injury or property damage to include: The safety bar must be used for inspection and maintenance. Keep Forklift Inspection Checklists for at least the last 5 uses. For example, if you use the forklifts on a daily basis, then keep 5 days worth of checklists..
  4. Loading dock inspections It is important that loading docks be well-maintained at all times. Consider these items during regular inspections: • General housekeeping and maintenance practices are being followed. • Passageways and stairs are kept free of obstructions. • Mirrors are installed at any blind corners

A company's loading dock safety checklist must include safety barriers. According to OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.23(b), a dock that creates a drop of four feet or more must be guarded with a barrier. Chains are one-way employers can create a barrier, but bars are often recommended. Bars often have less give than chains and can prevent a. Case Development Inspection (CDI): when the EPA suspects a violation in waste management, they conduct this inspection to further investigate the case. Operation and Maintenance Inspection (OMI): checks of the groundwater monitoring system, focusing on the condition of wells and sampling devices

proper PPE selection, use and maintenance. Think Safety Checklists The following checklists may help you take steps to avoid hazards that cause injuries, illnesses and fatalities. As always, be cautious and seek help if you are concerned about a poten-tial hazard. General Safety Exposed or open loading dock doors and other areas that employees. M aking a Warehouse Loading Dock Safe Maintaining warehouse loading dock safety can often be challenging and an ongoing endeavor. Having a checklist at hand will make it easy for warehouse supervisors and managers to ensure complete safety. • Train all personnel at the loading dock about safety and ensure those rules are enforced

Making Warehouse Loading Dock Safe Maintaining warehouse loading dock safety can often be challenging and an ongoing endeavor. Hence, having a checklist at hand will make it easy for warehouse supervisors and managers to ensure complete safety. Here is one warehouse loading dock safety checklist that you can look at and expand Maintenance Frequency. The frequency of loading dock equipment maintenance will vary by company, but it often ranges from every 90 - 180 days. When determining the best schedule, consider your daily traffic level on the dock. A complete inspection takes approximately 1 hour per loading dock position. To keep service personnel and employees. Your loading dock is temporarily out of commission until the lift equipment can be fixed or moved, and; You're forced to place a costly after-hours emergency service call to get the equipment up and running; Table of Contents. Daily Forklift Maintenance Checklist Monthly Forklift Maintenance Checklist Annual Forklift Maintenance How NITCO Can. When it comes to servicing mechanical dock levelers, it is recommended to perform routine maintenance checks and tasks daily, with a more thorough maintenance inspection taking place every 90 days. On a daily basis, you should make sure that all dirt and debris is removed from in and around the leveler so its' performance is not interfered with

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Missions), or both. Dock space described under Large Aircraft Maintenance Dock (CATCODE 211173), Medium Aircraft Maintenance Dock (CATCODE 211175), Small Aircraft Maintenance Dock (CATCODE 211177), and Fuel System Maintenance Dock (CATCODE 211179) may be used to meet the space requirements. 1.3.2 DESIGN REVIEW CHECKLIST. HEATING, VENTILATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING. Outside air intake louvers must be away from loading dock and truck waiting areas, and emergency generator exhaust etc. 3. sections, and details etc. Show existing utilities through actual inspection at the site and discussions with the medical center Before attempting any repair on a dock leveler, please read the following outline. Never allow the service of a dock leveler without using the proper safety equipment. Loading dock levelers (sometimes referred to as dock plates or dock boards) are a central point of activity in warehouses and manufacturing facilities Location of all loading dock drains, including those that connect to storm sewer. Section 5: Within 30 days of receipt of this checklist, the Regulated Party shall incorporate in its SWPPP, a list of all significant materials and a description of the pollutants contributed by each significant material

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From annual or semi-annual visits, to quarterly or even monthly dock maintenance visits, we make sure our service is prompt and coordinated to your request. All preventative maintenance programs start with a free equipment survey which includes a thorough inspection of your loading dock levelers, industrial doors, vehicle restraints and other. The Blue Giant Planned Maintenance Program (PMP) is designed to keep purchased dock equipment in safe and efficient operating condition. Each PMP checklist is a manufacturer-approved action plan that accomplishes the following: Prevents debris from clogging system components and creating premature wear. Minimizes the risk of downtime due to. of docks. Statute/Rule Citation (please refer to full criteria for all requirements): Artificial Waterway: 1000 sq ft Private: Dock. not limited: 403.813 (1)(i), F.S. / 62-330.051(5)(c), F.A.C. All Waterways (authorizes boat lifts): 1000 sq ft Private,or local government Dock and other structures (boat shelters and boat lift) 1 dock per every. Sometimes, they're not even included on an inspection checklist. It's a missed opportunity that hasn't escaped the notice of Ontario's Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. Inspectors have routinely written orders for inadequate inspection and maintenance of shipping and receiving areas related to loading docks, says Chuck We've divided the checklist into three sections for easy tracking of different tasks in your warehouse: Motive Power/Battery Inspection Points. Storage & Handling Inspection Points. Dock & Door Inspection Points. This checklist should help you track important maintenance issues throughout your warehouse so you can prioritize them as needed

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This checklist should be used only as a guide to developing your own inspection checklist that addresses concerns you may have in your individual workplace. It is by no between a loading dock and truck or rail car? routine maintenance and set BI-STATE Loading Dock Specialists 12046 Lackland Rd. St. Louis, MO 63146 314-521-4200 Email Us 24hr Emergency Service Availabl 3. Keep Dock Plates in Place. Check dock plate load capacity to be sure it can handle your load. Secure movable dockboards in position, so they won't slip. Slide—don't drop—dock plates into position. 4. Take Precautions to Prevent Falls. Walk, don't run, on loading docks. Don't fool around or push someone, even as a joke

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  1. Find safety, compliance, inspection, quality and data collection checklist templates. Browse best-in-class checklist templates by use case or industry. Rapidly create your own digital checklist using iAuditor the world's #1 cloud inspection software and app
  2. Introduction Having a warehouse safety checklist to run every month might seem like a pain, but it beats paying $82.5 million in a lawsuit following from flouting safety regulations. Instead, just use this checklist to check that everything in your warehouse is up to standard and that your employees are safe and sound. From surface [
  3. Use this free commercial pest inspection checklist to inspect and help prevent rodents, wildlife and insects from sneaking into your business. Regularly deep clean the loading dock and surrounding pavement. weekly and monthly maintenance checklist for taking care of the facilities
  4. Inspection Booklets provide a detailed checklist for marine inspectors. Marine Inspection Notices provide clarified and updated information for marine inspection activities. (Keywords: inspection booklets, marine inspection notices, barge, dry-dock, hull, machinery, offshore supply vessel, small passenger vessel, tankship) View Document
  5. Checklist Items. Truck engines are turned off during loading and unloading. Trailer wheel chocks are used to prevent movement during loading and unloading. Communication procedures are in place for loading and unloading. Warning signs or lights are in use (if applicable) Dock bumpers are in good condition
  6. Keep scrolling to start the checklist. There are four main components of the OSHA inspection: general safety, material handling, hazard communication, and forklift safety. General Safety. Are exposed and open loading dock doors or areas that employees could fall from chained, roped off, or blocked in some way

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The walkthrough inspection will start with the complaint area(s). Be aware of other areas and activities that might impact the complaint area such as loading docks, parking garages, kitchens, print shops, roofs, basements, and exterior grounds. Expand your inspection to include those areas as deemed necessary. Also, at th Sample General Inspection Checklist: (This the sixth in a series of safety and health bulletins on specific issues developed/adapted for the GCC by Dan Huziak of Toronto 100M.) Bulletin boards and signs. Are they clean and readable? Is the material changed frequently There are steps in a car maintenance checklist that are specifically made for a particular model. And, the steps for a used car inspection may differ for new rides. Step 3: Insert the Vehicle Inspection Elements. After you specify the car details, incorporate the elements of vehicle inspection checklists individually 45 Best Vehicle Checklists (Inspection & Maintenance) If you own a vehicle and want to find out its condition, you should visit a professional inspector who does the inspection for you. Later, the inspector presents a vehicle checklist that identifies the defects and mechanical issues of your car

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Preventative Maintenance Regular inspection provides less down time and identifies potential safety issues before they occur. Oil, lube and adjust equipment to prolong the life of your equipment they happen Safety Committee Inspection Checklists. CM Regent Insurance Company ® has developed over forty lists designed to supplement your safety program. From art supplies to storage, there are simple steps school staff members can take to reduce risk on your school campus Manager Self-Inspection Checklist Date_____ Observer_____ Use this checklist once a week to determine areas in your operation requiring corrective action. Record corrective action taken and keep completed records in a notebook for future reference. Personal Dress and Hygien C.3 Technical Manual - This provides guidance on Low Impact Development (LID) Requirements, numeric sizing calculations, using site design measures, and the hydromodification management (HM) standard. Typical Details - Scroll down to stormwater measures section for bioretention area, waste enclosure, and loading dock typical details

Safe Operation and Maintenance of Dry Dock Facilities. Previous chapter Next chapter Sample Floating Dry Dock Inspection Checklist. Full Text HTML; Details; Figures; References; Related; Downloaded 2,644 times. Appendix A. Sample Floating Dry Dock Inspection Checklist. Perform regular maintenance on the equipment. Equipment should be cleaned, lubricated and checked by a technician for longer product life and better productivity. Plan for maintenance of bumpers, lights, communication packages, and other loading dock accessories. Inventory these items regularly as whee From annual or semi-annual visits, to quarterly or even monthly dock maintenance visits, we make sure our service is prompt and coordinated to your request. All preventative maintenance programs start with a free equipment survey which includes a thorough inspection of your loading dock levelers, industrial doors, vehicle restraints and other. 11 It is ensured that preventive maintenance procedures (a combinations for these) for at least the following are established : Hull and superstructure steel work Safety, damage-control, fire fighting, life saving And pollution combating and control equipment Communications equipment Navigational equipment Steering gear Main and auxiliary.

Safe Loading and Unloading Checklist Page 2 Safe Loading and Unloading Checklist General 1. Is the vehicle/ trailer combination type suitable for the load type, size and mass? 2. Is the load platform and other working areas clean, dry and free from grease? 3. Are all involved personnel wearing appropriate PPE? 4 2009 IECC Section # Final Inspection Complies Comments/Assumptions Y N N/A 502.4.6 [FI1] 1 Weatherseals installed on all loading dock cargo doors in all zones. 503.2.4.1 [FI2] 2 Heating and cooling to each zone is controlled by a thermostat control. 503.2.4.2, 503.2.4. Permit Application Forms and Checklists Schedule of Fees. When activities are proposed to be conducted within the jurisdiction of the CRMC, they are normally done so through the submission of an application request. Generally, a permit is required for any construction or alteration in the coastal region or tidal waters of Rhode Island Regular maintenance and care of the Dock Leveler is very important for cost and operation efficiency and more importantly; operator safety. A faulty Dock Leveler is a potential source of danger to the operator, and to other personnel working near it. As with all quality equipment, keep the Dock Leveler in good operatin your dock during loading and unloading. Auto Liability Risks Exposure exists if a non- janitorial staff or maintenance workers can be harmed when working around dock areas. Lastly, don't forget to assess the dock areas covers inspection of cargo, cargo securement de-vices and systems. FMCSR, Parts 393.5 and 393.100 -.

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Attachment 9 includes schedules for routine inspection and maintenance, annual inspection and maintenance, and inspection and maintenance after major storm events. A service agreement with any contractors hired to perform stormwater treatment control BMP maintenance is also provided in Attachment 10 Guidelines This workbook looks at concepts and methods to develop and conduct a Safety Inspection at your workplace. Various sample forms, checklists and other documents are included

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  1. Inspection Date: 10/14/10 Andy Miguez 16,275+/- sq ft of retail/warehouse space and maintenance bays A.R.T. Asset Management none 6753 Andy Miguez yes Andy Miguez, 214-738-8830 yes No CB Richard Ellis, Inc. 2001 Ross Ave Suite 3300 Dallas, TX 75201 Buddy Weinblatt 2701 Howard Street Port Huron, MI 4806
  2. Responding is Maree Mulvoy, president, M R Products Inc., home of Mr. Chain, Copemish, MI. Answer: Loading docks can be dangerous. About 25 percent of all reported warehouse injuries occur on loading docks, and for each incident hundreds of near misses occur. 1 Causes of dock injury include truck separation from the dock and falls from the dock - particularly when a forklift backs off the.
  3. Progressive inspection and review of the installed systems by the owners O&M personnel (checklists can be developed for each visit and trade). The above items are often omitted from the process unless there is an owner's appointed commissioning agent or inspector for the job
  4. A slip rental at a marina for a boating season - or a cruise to a marina for a weekend transient visit - is a big investment in both time and money. Boaters should evaluate everything from dockside services to boat maintenance capabilities or facility amenities when choosing a marina. Marina Evaluation Checklist for Boater
  5. 6. Visibility (including restrictions due to loading) 7. Fork and attachment adaptation, operation, and use limitations 8. Vehicle capacity 9. Vehicle stability 10. Any vehicle inspection and maintenance that the operator will be required to perform 11. Refueling and/or charging and recharging of batteries 12. Operating limitations 13

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Worker safeTy CheCklisT: action steps to ensure a safe Workplace Block any areas, such as exposed or open loading dock doors, where workers could fall four feet or more. hazardous energy during the servicing or maintenance of equipment or machinery. If lockout 3. We specialize in the commercial, industrial and warehouse loading dock industry of South Florida. Our experienced technicians are trained to provide your company excellent service. We are licensed and insured. Call us today for a free estimate. (786)-554-8077 Ideal Warehouse Innovations Inc. manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of products developed and manufactured to deliver the highest standards of safety and protection. With an amazing array of products from our innovative design lab and our network of top producers around the world, the Ideal Warehouse Innovations brand stands for safety in loading dock, warehouse and industrial. The ideal warehouse equipment checklist should include: Safety equipment that meets OSHA standards. Tools to maximize efficiency such as storage systems, warehouse management system, lift equipment, packaging materials, and conveyors. Other items like hand tools and an equipment maintenance plan 11. Are all municipal inspection certificates up-to-date? Yes No N/A 12. Are all preventive maintenance activities up-to-date, and have maintenance routines that were deferred during the shutdown been reviewed and rescheduled as necessary? Yes No N/A 13. Have in-house preventative maintenance activities resumed? Yes No N/A 14

A detailed PM inspection checklist is completed, noting any safety issues or needed repairs. Checklist is reviewed with homeowner and a copy is supplied with service call receipt. Any necessary repair and/or replacement options are discussed with the homeowner prior to the service technician's departure. Commercial Preventive Maintenance INSPECTION CHECKLIST ASPHALT PAVEMENT INSPECTION PROCEDURES (Cont'd) Code Requirements Code section Req'd Page 3 of 4 1/1/2011 S:\BUILDING INSP\Inspection checklist-PW\Update\Asphalt Pavement Inspection Procedures.doc d. Loads shall be tarped on trucks to maintain the specific temperature (especially in cold weather). e wait. Drivers are allowed to wait in the loading #N/A SECTION 1.0 PHYSICAL SECURITY Auditor Remarks The perimeter has fencing on all sides of a height of 8 ft. (2.4 m) and the fence or wall is #N/A The facility has a maintenance program that requires regular inspections of security related equipment #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A Total No. of Not. Our commitment to loading dock and industrial workplace is demonstrated by our line-up of more than 1000 SKUs all aimed at protecting your people, places and things. Broken into easy-to-navigate categories, our complete lineup of workplace safety products can be explored below. If you need assistance with a workplace safety plan please contact.

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