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Under the Privacy tab, you can find a list of apps installed. You can select any one of them to lock. Now whenever you open the app you have locked using AppLock, you will be asked for a password. You can also unlock it using your fingerprint Step 1: To hide the desired apps on Redmi Android smartphones you firs need to head to the Settings menu and search for the 'App Lock' tab.. Step 2: You can select the apps you want to lock or. The Redmi Note 8 Pro has the option to blur recent apps. To do so, go to home screen settings by long-pressing anywhere on the home screen and then tapping on the settings option. Now select 'more' settings options and enable the Blur Preview option in the next menu. You can next select apps who's previews you wish to blur

If you want to access the hidden apps, you just need to expand two fingers on the phone's home screen. Then it will show you the hidden apps folder and you need to enter the apps lock password to enter the hidden apps. Note: The above steps are mainly applicable to MIUI 11 operating system Here is the step-by-step procedure that can help you hide apps on your Redmi mobile phones: Unlock your smartphone and open the device settings. Under the settings, find 'Apps' settings and open the option. In the 'App Settings', you will find an option titled 'App Lock'. Open the 'App Lock' settings and you will see a 'Hidden.

The App Locker on the Redmi Note 8 Pro works perfectly and you can unlock the apps by using your Fingerprint, Face, Pattern or a Password. To lock Apps on Redmi Note 8 Pro all you have to do is: Go.. In the App Drawer: Tap the three dots and select Hide Apps. In Settings: Tap Apps & notifications, and then See all apps. Double-check an app's true identity by tapping its Info icon and selecting App details. This article explains how to uncover hidden apps on an Android device. The information below should apply no matter who made your. The App Locker on the Redmi Note 8 works perfectly and you can unlock the apps by using your Fingerprint, Face, Pattern or a Password. To lock Apps on Redmi Note 8 all you have to do is The Security app of MIUI now works as the KINGDOM of security, privacy and remedy. MIUI is always one step ahead on adding your imaginary features and needs. This time MIUI added another helpful feature under the Security app and it is Hidden Apps. Here you can move apps to a hidden folder, where the folder will be invisible on home screens

Instead of first creating a note and then hiding it, Xiaomi lets you create a hidden note directly. For that, go to the hidden notes section by swiping down on the home screen of the Notes app... Steps to Hide Apps in Redmi Mobiles. Firstly open the settings of your Redmi mobile, then go to the App lock option, tap on it, as the name suggests the Redmi mobile user needs to set app lock by setting up a customized password, the user can lock the desired apps that one wants to keep private secondly, after completion you will see two option being displayed on your screen one is to lock. Step 3. On the top bar where you have 'App Lock', there's 'Hidden Apps' next to it. Click on it; Step 4. Find the App you want to hide and turn on the toggles. Step 5. On completion, you won't see the apps on your home screen again; To reveal the hidden apps, spread or expand your two fingers on the phone's home screen

How to lock or hide apps in Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro

  1. Thankfully, you can use face unlock/fingerprint verification to access the hidden apps folder. Step 2: With App Lock setup, tap the settings cog icon you see on the top-right corner. Scroll down and you will see the Hidden apps option
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  3. How to Hide Apps in Redmi note 6,7 pro And All Other Xiaomi PhonesShare, Support, Subscribe!!!Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkEHx9LEQQG94TmWeO..
  4. This is a video regarding on how to hide apps on the latest redmi note 5 Pro with the updated version the Global beta version MI UI 10 8.11.15 thanks for wat..

How to hide apps in Redmi Note 5 Pro. Redmi phones with MIUI can do the following steps: Step 1: Go to Settings on your Redmi Note 5 Pro. Step 2: Find 'App Lock' and tap on it. Step 3: You will see a list of your application. Tap the switch to hide one or more apps. Step 4: Now if you hide the selected apps, they will be moved to a hidden. MIUI 10 on the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max already comes with an option to lock apps using a pattern lock or the fingerprint scanner. Xiaomi has taken this feature to the next level by improving App Lock and adding the ability to hide apps to it as well. Yep, you can natively hide apps on the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. All hidden apps are moved a hidden. Tap on 'App Lock' when you find it. You'll see a list of all the applications you've submitted. To hide an app (s), tap the toggle. Select apps are now put to a secret folder when you hide them Here are the steps to remove Mi app from your smartphone: Step 1: Launch 'MIUI Hidden Settings' on your Xiaomi or Redmi device. Step 2: Next, you'll need to select the Android version. Check the. Enable Second Space and move all the apps that you want hidden in there. Those hidden apps will be available only when you enter your Second Space. To download and hide an app directly, make sure Second Space is active, then download the apps you want to hide from public view

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  1. Here are a few tips and tricks for the Redmi Note 8 Pro. on the top right in the camera app. Tap in and find Settings. Scroll to see Watermark. the option to uninstall is a little hidden.
  2. Managing background running apps is one of the most useful features of MIUI. It was not an easy task before when we had no control over background running apps. Most of the time unnecessary apps misuse system space and keep running in the background, and sometimes we miss important notifications because the app is not running in the background
  3. Step 1: On your Redmi Note 5 Pro, go to Settings. Step 2: Look for 'App Lock' and tap on it. Step 3: You'll see a list of your application. Tap on the toggle to hide an app (s). Step 4: Now, when you hide the select apps, they are moved to a hidden folder. You won't also see the home screen shortcut since it's hidden as well
  4. Follow our guide and it will be okay. For the first tap on this Button to open window with Apps. As you can see, here are all the Applications in the Background, if you want to close only one then press it and drag left or right, and if you want to close all then press the white Button with a cross. This is how it looks, enjoy it

Hide Apps On Redmi 8. MIUI 10 on the Redmi 8 already comes with an option to lock apps using a pattern lock or the fingerprint scanner. Xiaomi has taken this feature to the next level by improving App Lock and adding the ability to hide apps to it as well. Yep, you can natively hide apps on the Redmi 8. All hidden apps are moved a hidden folder. Xiaomi device running MIUI V5 allows you to view recently used apps and switch between them quickly. Follow these steps to switch quickly between apps: Long tap the Menu button to display recently used apps. Swipe left or right and find the app you want to use. Tap the app to switch to it. Note: If long tapping the Menu button doesn't show. If you followed this troubleshooting guide correctly, then you will have no problem with the notification not showing on your Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 pro. This guide should work on most of the MIUI 10 based phones like Redmi K20 Pro. You can also try the following steps if you cannot see the icons of incoming notifications. Step 1: Open Settings

Unlock your phone screen, tap to run the Settings app, scroll down to the Device section and tap Installed apps. Note that you should choose Installed apps other than System apps here, although what you may like to change might be a system app. Once you opened the Installed apps screen on Xiaomi phone, you should see a screen like below Open the app drawer and keep your finger on the left corner of the mobile display. Move the finger from left to right which will open the Hidden Space app drawer. When the Hidden Space section occurs, you can see a '+' sign on the top-right or bottom-right corner of the screen. Click on the plus sign and all the apps on the phone will appear This app shows you only the available options for your device. This application allows you to access some of native android options on your MIUI installed device which is been hidden by the manufacturer. These options help you get full control over your device such as disabling some pre installed applications, using private dns to avoid ads.

Many apps continue to consume resources while they're not in active use. They also take up space in the app drawer. Since Android 4.0, however, there has been the option to disable apps. * Head to Settings > Apps. * Here, on most phones, you will. Follow this guide to Disable the apps you think couldn't be disabled, Step 1: Download the Activity Launcher app from the Google Play Store. Step 2: Inside the app search for 'Manage Apps' and choose the one with the settings icon, clicking on which user will be redirected to Installed apps list as following Reset Apps XIAOMI Redmi Note 8 Pro. In the first step, unlock your phone and select the Settings icon. Secondly, pick the Apps bookmark. In the third step, move into the Manage apps section. Afterward, open the three dots icon in the upper, right corner, and tap on the Reset app preferences option The Redmi Note 8 Pro is a 6.53 phone with a 1080x2340p resolution display. The Mediatek Helio G90T chipset is paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The main camera is 64+8+2+2MP and the. We have done our testing on Poco X2, Redmi K20 Pro, and Redmi Note 8 Pro and all of the devices are running MIUI 11. We hope all these settings will also work on older MIUI versions as well. However, if you want to learn more about specific MIUI versions then head over to our dedicated articles on best MIUI 11 features , MIUI 10 features , and.

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To get most from these three flagship phones you must need better apps that can give best results in every need. We are providing you the list of top 15 best apps for Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro, Note 7 Pro & Note 8 Pro. 1. Opera Mini Browser. The data-friendly Opera Mini browser with high speed support allows you to browse uninterruptedly Steps to enjoy Google Apps on Redmi Note 7 Pro. Input Google on the search bar. Click on the Baidu icon which will appear on the results after few down scrolls. You'll see an app about 168 KB. Hello! As of this morning my Redmi Note 8 Pro started having a problem. It keeps giving me a notification/warning, that Google stops constantly/repeatedly, that's a free translation. It pops up on the bottom of the screen and it gives me 2 options, Send report to Xiami or Cancel Redmi Note 8 Pro FRP MI Account Remove File. Mi Account Remove; MI ACCOUNT FRP REMOVE. DOWNLOAD. 5.0/5 Votes: 1. Report. Size 179KB. View all comments. Best Rated Apps. Redmi 10x_Redmi Note 9 Merlin Mi Account _Frp Remove File. Updated

How to lock apps or hide apps on the Xiaomi or Redmi

I need 8 minutes recorded video in which show how to hide apps in Redmi Note 4. 2nd: How to hide apps on Androd. 3rd: How to hide apps on iPhone. Skills: iPhone, Mobile App Development, Objective C, Swift, Video Service I am having two problems with my phone redmi Y1. I have tried a lot to hide the notification content in whatsappon the lock screen but all in vain. I have tried from intalled apps and downloaded flotify. In the flotify there is an option to hide the content but permission to select the option is not given, the button is disabled

No fancy under-display scanners but the Redmi Note 8 Pro's rear-mounted sensor works flawlessly. A new Notification sub-menu can be found allowing for a more granular control of how notifications. The Redmi Note 9 Pro comes with a 6.67 inch IPS LCD display that is quite big. It has a notch in the centre which felt bigger than what I would have liked. I was using this phone with the notch hidden (black notification bar at the top) for most of the time. At 8.8mm thickness and 209 gms the phone feels a tad bit bulky when you hold it The Redmi Note 8 Pro we reviewed earlier packs in a 64 MP rear camera while the Note 8 packs in a 48 MP one. Do note that last year's Note 7 Pro offered a 48 MP camera while the Note 7 came with a 12 MP one. The Note 8 is already a significant upgrade. Here's a quick glance at some of the key specs of our Redmi Note 8 review unit The Redmi Note 10S is the latest edition in Redmi Note 10 series, and it even looks like the Redmi Note 10. The gradient finish looks cool, especially in the new Deep Sea Blue color that we got. Other colors are similar to the Redmi Note 10- Shadow Black and Frost White. The back panel is made of. Note: We tried disabling the ads on our budget Redmi 6A, running MIUI 9.6 and the popular Redmi Note 5 Pro, running MIUI 9.6 as well. Disable Ads in Each Individual App. Mi Browser; If you're used to Google Chrome, the Mi Browser is going to look like a cluttered, jumbled up mess to you. The experience is then disrupted by a large number of.

Redmi 4x tips - Auto hide Quickball when you open app A Xiaomi MIUI tip will show you how to automatically hide your quickball when you open certain apps. See Al Best Customizable Rom Ever Ft- Redmi Note 5 Pro, DotOs 5.0 | Android 11 Download DotOs 5.0 :- Download NickGapps :- How to Root Redmi Note 5 Pro :- Redmi Note 5 Pro MIUI 12 :- Redmi Note 5 Pro Gaming Rom :- Redmi Note 5 Pro Android 12 :- Redmi Note 5 Pro TWRP The Redmi NOTE 10 PRO has the better specs, but one isn't assured of software updates and the software as it is right now is a little weird because you find some lags here and there, and you have to turn off adverts in some apps, and the cameras don't assure you of really good shots always, and there's bloatware to be removed

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  1. Redmi Note 8 Pro - China Recovery Stable Rom 10.0. Firmware; Xiaomi; View all comments. Best Rated Apps. Redmi 9T lime 10.0 Bypass Mi Account [Without VPN] (Bootloader Locked Unlocked) Redmi S2 (ysl) Bypass Mi Account [Without VPN ] (Bootloader Locked or Unlocked
  2. Redmi Note 10 5G Cameras One area where we continue to see these budget phones miss the mark is in the camera department. The trend continues with the Redmi Note 10 5G and its triple camera array
  3. Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Unboxing and First Impressions; How to uninstall apps on Redmi Note 10 Pro without root; Note that Xiaomi follows a staged rollout and the updates are randomly pushed to a limited number of users and a broader rollout usually takes a few days after the company makes sure there are no critical bugs. MIUI Updates rolled out.
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  5. The Redmi Note 9 is a great value phone for the price packing some great specs like a blazing fast Helio G85 SoC, 3GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 6.53 inch 1080p display, a quad camera setup with a 48MP main camera, an 8MP ultrawide camera, a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP depth camera, a massive 5020mAh battery and even a rear mounted fingerprint reader, overall it's a great value package that I.
  6. Unlike stock Android and other custom Android ROMs, MIUI has a different way of handling the default applications on Xiaomi devices like Mi 3, Redmi Note 7 Pro, and Redmi Note 8.Instead of offering default program settings to open a file or webpage, MIUI forces users to use the pre-installed applications. Unlike a typical Android phone, Xiaomi phones don't let you choose a specific user.
  7. A new bug on the Redmi Note 8 Pro which automatically caches files created by the clear app has been reported. Further, the bug which resets the shortcuts in the control; center after changing the theme on the Poco F1 has been reported as well according to Xiaomi's official bug tracker

On your Redmi, long tap the Menu button to see the recent app tray. Long tap the app you would like to uninstall. On the App info screen, tap Uninstall. When you're prompted for a confirmation, tap OK. Note: The steps here were written for Android 4.2.2 on a Redmi (HM1W). If you're having a different model of Redmi or other version of. Step 15 - Finally, hit the [Flash] button to start installing the MIUI ROM you wish. boot edl mode in redmi note 8. Step 16 - Sit tight and wait for the tool to do its job. You will see the Success message being displayed once it is done. test points for redmi note 8. Congratulation, your phone is now fixed Apps like Amazon Shopping, Facebook, Dailyhunt, Opera News, and Opera Mini, as well as Xiaomi-backed ShareChat come preloaded on the Redmi Note 7 Pro that we reviewed. To be fair and give due. Mi Home is the official Android app for Xiaomi Home. See: Apply for unlocking Mi devices. Used a rooted Xiaomi Redmi 1S since last year rooted and uninstalled garbage apps. Scan QR code using Xiaomi Redmi phones. GitHub and SourceForge are both great for developers, but for the layman, non-technical, end-user, SourceForge is much easier to find.

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  1. Google had announced in August last year that Google Play Music is going to shut down. The process of the shutdown started in October and then in March this year, Google removed the ability for users to download their Play Music library via Takeout.. Now that the data is gone, Google is pushing out one last update on Android that is going to hide the app
  2. Connect your Xiaomi/Redmi phone to a PC and allow USB Debugging on your handset when prompted. Install drivers if necessary. Under the App Manager, you'll see all installed apps, including system apps. The list is curated so don't worry, you can uninstall (we recommend disabling over uninstalling) all and every app on the list
  3. 3. Stop targeted ads. This next step won't remove the Xiaomi ads, but at least the ads won't be based on your personal information. In order to remove ad personalization in MIUI -. Go to.
  4. How to Uninstall Mi browser from Redmi Note 4. Mi Browser is like any other system app in Redmi Note 4. You can make use of adb system command or ADB Fastboot Tools interface to remove this app from your mobile phone. You should know the package name to remove it using adb command. If you use the interface, you can restore it back again
  5. Wait Until Your Device is Fully Rebooted Before Opening Apps Redmi Note 8 Pro. Hello Readers, If your Redmi smartphone suffer from such as freezing or not responding properly, or insufficient storage available,Wait Until Your Device is Fully Rebooted Before Opening Apps, you can try hard resetting it, which will return your phone to its original stage
  6. Definitely need to see how it fares though, but initial impressions are definitely positive. Hardware, Performance and Cameras. Knowing that the Redmi Note series is by far Xiaomi's most important player in the budget segment, the decision to introduce a MediaTek-made chipset on the Redmi Note 8 Pro is definitely interesting
  7. For the Redmi Note ADB drivers, you have to go through this hoop. I am certain it is the same with all MI phones or maybe for all non-Google mfg phones, I am not sure. First of all if you connect the device with USB cable and USB Debugging off, you will see that Windows 8 loads a generic driver for you to copy on/off files to the phone and SD.

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  1. Powered by an Helio G90T chipset and a 4,500 mAh battery, the Redmi Note 8 Pro is one of Xiaomi's latest smartphones, and boy, it's a bang for the buck deal. But as we all know, a smartphone is.
  2. ; Good job! It is simple procedure where users need to install Google Installer app on their smartphone. To begin, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the app drawer. 4:13. At the very beginning open the Main Menu by tapping Apps icon. A functionality that has arrived to the stable version of the Chinese ROM and soon all the Xiaomi phones with the latest MIUI 11 global version, like.
  3. Download the MIUI 11 Android 10 OTA update zip from above. Transfer it to phone storage in the root directory. Meaning, not in any folder. If that doesn't work, place the file in the folder 'download_rom'. Launch the updater app on your Redmi Note 8 Pro device. Or go to settings > about phone > system updates

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Instagram Reels ads will be full screen and vertical, similar to ads in Stories. These ads on Reels will appear in between individual Reels. Just like regular Reels, these ads will loop and can be. How To Remove Promoted Apps On Redmi Note 9, Note 9s and Note 9 Pro. If you are facing such problems and don't know how to get rid of such, below is a comprehensive post for you. STEP BY STEP GUIDE. First of all, go to the folder you are seeing the promoted app >>> Click the title of the folder The Redmi 8 series will get the new skin in India on Oct.22. Other devices such as the Redmi Note 7, Note 8, and Poco M2 will also get the update later this month. The Chinese company has rolled out the MIUI 12 update for the Redmi Note 8 in batches. The Redmi Note 7 Pro users in India have also received the stable version of MIUI 12 Here's a short guide on how you can turn off Google Apps on your Redmi 4 Prime device with official MIUI Global Stable ROM. With the release of Global Stable ROM for Redmi 4 Prime, many users have discovered that it contains the fully loaded package of Google Applications. Some of us really wanted to delete (or at least turn off) some of them. Sadly, developers didn't put that options. For. Features like ability to hide system apps, new Super wallpapers, heavy focus on privacy and more, makes the skin feel a lot more intuitive. As the Redmi Note 10 Pro comes with the more capable.

Shortly after the release of the Redmi Note 8 in India, the company released the similar Redmi Note 8T in Europe and the UK. Despite the 'T' added to the name, it's essentially the same. This item: Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 128GB, 6GB RAM 6.53 LTE GSM 64MP Factory Unlocked Smartphone - Global Model (Forest Green) (Green, 128) $219.00 Only 12 left in stock - order soon With the help of this data recovery software for Redmi phone one can: Easily recover lost, missing, deleted or erased files from Redmi 5/5A/5 Plus/Note 5/5 Pro/5A Prime. Restore files such as photos, contacts, SMS, videos, call history, notes whatsapp chat history, audio and more. Retrieve data from screen broken, locked, damaged, virus. Whether it is an application to root the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, an application to make a backup of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, or any other types of application, the procedure is usually the same. To download and install an app or a game, you'll need to go through the platform Google PLAY The fingerprint reader on the Redmi Note 9T seems to be just as fast and reliable as those found on higher-end Xiaomi devices, like the Mi 10T Pro or the Mi 10T Lite 5G. Functionally, we have no.

Realme 8 vs 8 Pro # Realme8 # Realme8Pro tags (ignore): realme 8 pro, realme 8 pro unboxing, realme 8 unboxing, realme 8 pro price, realme 8 pro pubg test, realme 8 pro camera test, realme 8 pro 5g, realme 8 pro tamil, realme 8 price, realme 8 and 8 pro, realme 8 and 8 The Redmi Note 8 2021 will feature a 6.3-inch FHD+ Dot Drop display with a 13MP selfie camera hidden in the waterdrop on the front. On the back, we have a 48MP wide-angle camera, along with an 8MP. It makes it almost impossible to grab a Redmi Note 10 in the massive online rush. Even so, the Redmi Note 10 offers a well-balanced and unbeatable package for the asking price of ₹11,999. You.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro Max is on sale from today. Redmi has offered a good camera, impressive battery, a nice screen and a superfast processor and smooth GPU at the starting price of Rs. 18,999 It isn't easy to remain before the sport , and therefore the Redmi Note 9 Pro goes up against the formidable Realme 6 and Samsung M30s. Previous models, most notably the Redmi Note 8 Pro 17,499 (Review), have been defined by their positioning above the standard Redmi series and the aspirational features they offer

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If we need to evaluate the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max is 0.7mm thinner at 8.1mm and 16 grams lighter. I've to mention that the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max feels actually excellent within the hand, and you would not actually whinge in regards to the conventional ergonomic niggles related to huge display telephones Xiaomi is selling the Redmi Note 8 Pro from 1,099 yuan (US$157) and will even throw in a free pair of headphones until July 15 07/12/2020 Stable MIUI 12 update hits the Xiaomi Redmi K20 and Mi 9T. Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Specifications: 64MP Quad Camera Array 32MP In-Display Selfie Camera Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 720G 33W Fast Charger In-Box and more So, the new Redmi Note 10 pro max retains some of the features from the previous year launched Redmi Note 9 pro max smartphone, like the Note 9 pro max the new Redmi Note 10 pro max is also going to come with the similar design form factor, a 6.7 inches FHD+ LCD panel with a single puch hole camera in the mid and also the side mounted fingerprint sensor The Note 9 Pro (global)/Pro Max has the main camera upgraded to a 64 MP ƒ/1.9 26mm 1/1.72 0.8µm main camera, and the Note 9 Pro Max has a 32 MP 1/2.8 0.8µm front camera. Battery [ edit ] The entire line uses a non-removable 5020 mAh Li-Po battery, except for the POCO M2 Pro which uses a slightly smaller non-removable 5000 mAh Li-Po battery

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How to Hide Apps on Redmi Note 8 Pro (No Root) | How toHow To Hide Apps In Redmi Note 4 || Note 5 Pro MIUI 10How to Hide Apps In MIUI (Xiaomi, Redmi Devices) | DroidRant11 Redmi Note 8 Pro Hidden Features, Tips, and TricksHow to lock or hide apps in Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8