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Key Features. Ultra-compact and lightweight 35mm (135) format AF camera (108 x 62 x 32mm; 155g) 28mm f/3.5 lens. Built-in Panorama (13 x 36mm) mode. Date imprint on both Normal and Panorama format (QD model) One 3V CR123A (or DL123) lithium battery. Digital SLR Cameras The camera comes with a built-in flash. At ISO 100 the range is 7 meters. At a size of 10.8 x 6.2 x 3.2 cm, it weighs 155 grams. A CR 123A battery (eBay / Amazon) provides the power supply. Nikon AF600 QD. Additionally, Nikon also offered a Quartz Date model. This version offers the possibility of imprinting the date of recording Uncommonly for a consumer point-and-shoot, and the thing which makes it a more interesting point-and-shoot than most others, the Nikon Lite Touch AF sports a wide-angle 28mm macro lens, which extends from the body with a high-pitched, gritty whirr. The lens has an aperture range of f/3.5 to f/16, consists of 3 elements in 3 groups, and can. The Nikon AF600 is a autofocus, auto-exposure, compact camera for 35mm film, introduced by Nikon in 1993. It is also known as the Lite•Touch AF. A QD (quartz date) version was available for date imprinting. At the time of its introduction, the AF600 was the world's smallest and lightest AF/AE camera.. It features a 28mm f/3.5 fixed wide-angle lens made from 3 elements in 3 groups

The Nikon AF600 is a 28mm wide angle ultra compact camera which was released in 1993. At its time it was the smallest and the lightest AF/AE camera. Its main features are: 28mm F3.5 Nikon lens, 3 elements in 3 groups, autofocus with focus lock, min. focus 0,35m (!) Electronic shutter, 1/3-1/500 Size 108x62x32, Weight 155 gr. without batter Lomopedia: Nikon AF600. A bit plasticky to the touch, the Nikon AF600 hides quite a gem in its heart in the form of a 28 mm wide-angle lens that captures clean and crisp photographs with every snap. Nikon created quite a quirky camera in the AF600. It's a lightweight 35 mm compact camera with a built-in flash The AF600 lens and light meter worked beautifully. Today, my travel camera of choice is a Nikon Coolpix A. Same recipe; a sharp 28mm lens and excellent meter in a form factor not quite so flimsy as the AF600, and a bit larger and heavier, but still with the vulnerability of the telescoping lens behind a plastic door (no panorama setting, haha) The Nikon Lite Touch AF, also known as the Lite Touch AF600, is a very compact 35 mm point and shoot with a plastic body, and a 28 mm f/3.5 lens. As far as street cameras go, this could be a winner. The camera has a retractable lens when not in use, and a blind that covers the lens when it is off. The LCD on the top deck indicates the frame. Nikon AF600 Ads. Source. The feature is quite standard for a point and shoot camera, self timer, double self timer, and infinity focus lock for shooting distant subject without waiting for autofocus. It offers various flash mode, auto, off, on, slow sync, and red eye. The flash will always turn in auto mode when you turn the camera on

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Nikon AF600 — Lite Touch (1993) 28mm, f-stop 3.5, shutter 1/4 to 1/250. DX code support, though a little odd with only 3 ISO settings of 100, 400, or 1000. 3 elements in 3 groups. Decent Nikon point and shoot. The pros for this camera is that the lens is good and the camera is very compact. It supports a wide range of f-stops and shutter speeds Nikon AF600. Nikon breaks a record again: the world´s smallest ever (1993) compact camera with a 3.5/28mm. wide-angle lens. This camera (with a panorama & data back variant) is the first with a wide-angle lens as all predecessors seem to stick to around 35mm. focal length

Great little camera! I am in the process of shooting Kodachrome with an AF600 (it's the only Nikon I own and I wanted to live out the song!). Since the manual says that the camera automatically sets the ISO to 200 when it reads a DX code of 64, I taped a little piece of 2-stop filter over the exposure window. That should get me close at ISO 50

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  1. 5 Frames in the Pandemic Autumn with a Nikon Lite Touch AF600 - By Nick Sweeney. May 30, 2021. As the brief pandemic summer ended and plans to ease restrictions were put on hold, I masked up and headed to a small-town thrift store that rarely has cameras but when it does, they're typically good ones. Being able to look up model numbers on a.
  2. Nikon AF600 by joint & shoot. 12. Stockholm 2019 | Nikon AF600 by Bernt Sønvisen. 172 5. Street scene in Stockholm May 2019 taken with the Nikon AF600 (aka Nikon Lite Touch) and Ilford XP2 film. Here is a picture of the camera: flic.kr/p/2g6GYAu. Great Expectations by Bert T. 26. Corolla Beach, OBX, North Carolina
  3. It would by my Nikon AF600 (28mm f3.5) mentioned above by Mike Gammill. Small, black, with very sharp lens and very good AF. Not a fan of wide lenses but it's good to shot from the hip Now Olympus Stylus Epic (Mju2) is my everyday camera. Sharp lens, but want to see if I really like the design and AF performance..
  4. It was a Nikon AF600, known in the US as the Lite Touch AF 28mm 1:3.5 Macro. I'm sure a lot of work went into that catchy name. It was certainly light to the touch. Hamish nailed a lot of things in his review. The casing feels like it wouldn't survive being dropped onto plush carpet. The controls are fiddly
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ในห้วงเวลาที่ราคากล้องฟิล์มบอบ้าคอแตกที่สุดในประวัติศาสตร์ ล่าสุดที่เห็นคือ Yashica Electro 35 ขายกันที่ 7 พันกว่าบาท หรือ Nikon AF600 ถูกขายในราคา 7 พั The Nikon stops down to f/3.5, whereas the Olympus beats it by 2/3 stop, at f/2.8. That means the Olympus can gather 2/3s more light than the Nikon at their respective widest apertures. The Nikon wins at focal length - the Nikon has a wide 28mm lens, the Olympus comes in a bit shy at 35mm

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Specifications : Nikon AF600 Lens: 28mm f3.5 (3 elements in 3 groups) Focus : 0.35m - infinity iso : 25 - 3200 Dimensions: 108x62x32mm. Weight: 155g. Specifications : Fuji Cardia Travel mini Wide: 28mm f3.5 ( 3 elements in 3 groups) Normal: 45mm f5.6 (5 elements in 5 groups) Focus : 0.45m - infinity iso : 50 - 1600 Dimensions: 112x65x41mm. Chiếc Nikon AF600 mình đang có ở đây cũng nằm trong số đó; khi là chiếc máy ảnh ưa thích của EXO Chanyeol. Hãy xem nó có xứng đáng với cái giá và những kì vọng mình đặt vào chiếc máy này hay không nào. —. Nikon AF600 (hay Nikon LiteTouch AF) ra mắt vào năm 1993, nhắm tới phân.

[Near Mint] Nikon L35 AD ISO 1000 Point & Shoot 35mm Film Camera Japan #99. $159.99. $37.00 shipping. Watch. Rare! Fusion Model 【N.MINT】 Nikon AF600 Point & Shoot 35mm Film From JAPAN #278 Watch. FedEx 【N MINT】 Nikon AF600 QD Panoram Point & Shoot 35mm Film Camera From JAPAN. $189.99. Free shipping. Watch. Exc+5 ☆ Nikon AF600 QD. Nikon L35AD ISO 1000 Point & Shoot 35mm Film Camera from Japan *Exc 4+* $89.99. $29.99 shipping. Nikon F80 (N80) 35mm Film Camera W Nikon AF Zoom Nikkor 28-100mmf/3.5-5.6G. [NEAR MINT] Nikon AF600 SKY BLUE Panorama 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera JAPAN. $149.99. $34.99 shipping [N MINT in BOX] Nikon 28Ti Point & Shoot Black Compact Film. I set my nikon camera to D5300 ISO 800 shutter speed 1/45 and f2.8 my friend set his Olympus OM-D E-M1 to same settings but his image came out much better less noise & dynaic range was much better too 431 70. Nikon FM Vivitar 28mm F2.5 Ilford XP2-400. This photograph has been selected to be on view in the 2020 Stark County Artists Exhibition at the Massillon Museum running September 26th through January 17th, 2021. The orange in the sun never makes a sound by John Ford. 278 14

Nikon Nuvis 300. D1 World's Firsts. World's Firsts. Integrated control of metering, white balance and tone compensation. Professional, high-performance digital SLR. 23.7 x 15.6mm CCD; 2.74 effective megapixels (2,012 x 1,324 pixels) 3D Digital Matrix Image Control with 1,005-pixel CCD for superior overall picture quality. 4.5 fps shooting speed. Chiếc mình có là Nikon L35AD2. 1.Thông số kỹ thuật và build - Film: 35mm, chỉ đọc được film có DX code ISO từ 50 - 1600. Nếu gắn film không có DX code sẽ đọc là ISO 100. - Lens: Nikon 35 f/2.8 - f/17 gồm 5 thấu kính thiết kế kiểu Sonnar bởi Koichi Wakamiya. - Shutter: 1/8s - 1/430

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I have my little Nikon Lite Touch AF600 for a few years now and I love it. It's small, black and that 28mm f3.5 lens is a marvel, delivering similar quality to most SLR lenses. No vignetting, soft corners, CA or anything to complain about. Shutter lag may be too long sometimes but I'm very happy with AF system The slim Nikon AF600 with its 28mm f/3.5 wide angle macro is no slouch, and the Canon SureShot 115u/105u or 80u/90u (all pretty much the same just pick your color and max focal length) are razor sharp for sub $20 cameras I've only recently gotten into shooting film with my Nikon af600. I've been thinking about getting a film slr or rangefinder to supplement the point and shoot but don't have the money. I'm moving to a rural spot in Maine by the water for the winter and would love to have one of these to document my time Back to the Analogue_PART 03 'Set Film Camera' (후지필름, 클라쎄 Fujifilm, KLASSE, 니콘 AF600, Nikon lite touch) Meter: CdS element with range of 4 to 16EV (100 ISO) Shooting Mode: Program AE, AE Aperture Priority ; Shutter: Electronic shutter Program (Program AE, AE aperture priority

Startpreis: CHF 45 | Zustand: Gebraucht | Nikon AF600 - Lite Touch Panorama 28mm in Uerikon/Stäfa online kaufen auf Ricardo | Aus einem Testbericht: Let's start off with the technical facts. The Nik The Nikon AF600 is wider at 28mm but they came in around the same time and have the same generation of accurate auto-focusing, compact design and sharp lenses. Similarly, the 1985 Nikon L35AF (a true legend of a camera) has a cousin in the Canon AF35M II

So I have ordered 2 older Nikon lenses a 28-85mm and the 28-200mm just to get me by until I can afford to buy a new zoom lens. at high and low ISO values. 129. The need for (transfer) speed: Five full-featured Thunderbolt 3 docks compared. accessory review Jun 9, 2021 at 14:00. Nikon N75 with Nikon 50mm f/1.8D. Performance. Sharp enough for you? Shot with 50mm f/1.8D on ISO 400 Fuji film, processed and scanned at Costco. Ergonomics. The N75 is a joy to use. It is so well designed that I can hold and shoot it with one hand. Everything just works great without any fiddling. If you know how to shoot any digital Nikon. Nikon Lite Touch AF (Nikon AF600) Year: 1996: 1993: Lens: Olympus 35mm F2.8 (4 elements in 4 groups) Nikon 28mm F3.5 (3 elements in 3 groups) Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter. 4 sec ~ 1/1000 sec. Programmed electronic shutter. 1/4 sec ~ 1/250 sec. Viewfinder Downloadable Nikon manuals. Here you can download all the user manuals (mainly the in-depth reference manuals) for Nikon's cameras in pdf format. In the table below you will find the documentation links for: the Nikon DSLR cameras, Z-series mirrorless bodies, film SLR cameras plus both current Speedlights and vintage Speedlights

Shooting on a Nikon AF600 in panorama mode, I made these photos on a day trip in early spring to southern Arizona in the States with my family. I developed in my kitchen with a UniColor kit and digitally scanned the photos myself. I love LomoPurple and also enjoy their RedScale, but bring back Lomo Turquoise. Long live Lomo Turquoise Nikon AF-600 — Lite Touch. Nikon AF600 — Lite Touch (1993) 28mm, f-stop 3.5, shutter 1/4 to 1/250 DX code support, though a little odd with only 3 ISO settings of 100, 400, or 1000 3 elements in. Continue reading →. 02/06/2014 So some of us suggested other very small cameras with wide angle lenses, like the Nikon AF600 which is tiny, but has a super 28mm lens. Which at least is wider than his 18mm on a 110. I will now post this - 17mm pancake on a 35mm camera. Check out one of the following, you can pick up pretty cheap and they're great cameras (a few are manual focus, a few auto): Olympus Trip 35, Nikon L35AF, Nikon AF600, Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 (there. All Nikon 80-200mm and 70-200mm f/2.8 Lenses Compared. Best 24-70mm Lenses Compared updated 19 April 2018 . Best 70-200mm f/2.8 Lenses Compared 22 April 2018 . Nikon DX vs. Sony A7 II, 24-70/2.8 GM & 70-200/4 G Comparison Feb 2017. All 24-70mm Lenses Compared 26 January 2016. Ultra-Ultrawides compared 26 March 2015 . Premium 50mm lenses compared September 201

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Camera - Nikon L35AF Point & Shoot ISO Stops - The roll was shot @ ISO 25, ISO 64 & ISO 100. The film is 13 years old. So it would put the film somewhere between ISO 64 - 100 to shoot this roll based on the 10 years = 1 stop. Dev - Processed at home using Cinestill C41 Quart Kit. Dev time 3m30s @ 102F , Blix 8m @ 100F Canon 50mm-f1.8 EF. canon 50mm-f1.8D. Canon 70-200/2.8 L. Canon EF 24-105mm F/4L. Canon EF 28-105mm. Canon Ef 28-80mm. Canon Ef 28-90mm. Canon EF 35-80 Mm. Canon EF 35-80mm

There is nothing you can do, other than use fill flash, for the Nikon AF600. As far as I know it's only DX coded with no override. If you use a non-coded cassette it goes to ISO 100. These had very spartan metering systems and can get fooled very easy. They are really made more for out-of-doors Panorama cameras Another small P&S camera I've came across is the Nikon AF600. It's almost as small as Mju-II and definetely smaller than Big Mini. It's got 28mm lens with 3.5 maximal aperture. I needed a little bit time to get used to that wide angle. The lens itself is very sharp (for a p&s) and doesn't have too much vignetting or distortion Nikon FE フィルムの入れ方(装填とも言います)を動画で紹介します。この後、撮影前までにフィルムの感度設定を忘れずにしてください。http.

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We love this film for daylight shooting - its an inexpensive color negative film with great color, sharp grain, and very good exposure latitude. It's great alternative to Ektar 100 and is a great all around film for portraits and outdoor shooting. Note - Kodacolor and ColorPlus are the same film. often times Kodacolor comes in a Colorplus. ขายกล้องฟิล์ม Nikon EM Black กล้องฟิล์ม ตระกูลดังที่ฟังก์ชั่นครบครัน หมายเลขสินเค้า : C20090902468 เกรดสินค้า : B+ (ดี/ดีมาก) สถานะสินค้า : พร้อมส่ง กล้องฟิล์ม Nikon EM. The Nikon Lite Touch is a classic camera, and a true steal at the current price (less than $30.00). This camera is roughly comparable to the more popular Olympus Stylus and Stylus Epic camera, and is preferable to those (in my opinion) because of its wider angle lens (28mm) 3-point intelligent autofocus. Auto-exposure with shutter speeds ranging from 2s-1/250s. Multiple flash modes, inc. red-eye reduction, suppressed and slow-synch. Autoloading, DX decoding, advancing, and rewinding of 35mm film. Power: 3V CR-123A lithium battery. Dimensions and weight: 120x62x40 mm, 190g

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Nikon AF600 Point & Shoot 35mm Film Camera Gray Made In Japan Excellent++ #7518 C $199.30 C $216.63 previous price C $216.63 8% off 8% off previous price C $216.63 8% of Nikon AF230/Fun•Touch 5. Nikon AF240SV/Fun•Touch 6 (QD) Nikon AF250SV (QD) Konica AF3 and AF3-D. Nikon AF3/AD3/One•Touch. Vivitar A35 Splash Proof. Canon Super Sure Shot/AF35ML/Autoboy Super. Nikon AF600/Lite•Touch/MiniTouch (QD) Agat 18

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I wanted to demystify the developing of colour film. It really is a matter of time and temperatureoh and keeping the film in the dark that's important too We've just posted a gallery of real-world samples from the new Nikon 1 V2, with its bundled kit zoom, the 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6. The V2 is a significantly different camera from its predecessor, offering much more enthusiast-friendly ergonomics and a new 14MP sensor, among other refinements. As well as 25 JPEG images we've also included four Raw conversions, to give a better idea of the. fully working and film tested in the rare ISO 1000 edition. Launched in 1983, the L35 AF was Nikon's first autofocus camera. It was released to compete with other autofocus cameras that were earlier released by other camera manufacturers. The Nikon L35 AF was dubbed Pikaichi or top-notch due t สินค้า ใน nikon camera (128 ชนิด) รหัสสินค้า n-001. nikon tele touch 300af. 450.00 บาท.

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[Nikon AF600, 니콘 AF600] 백네번째 잠깐 쓰고 팔아버린 니콘 AF600. 28mm F3.5 렌즈를 달고있고 간이 파노라마 기능이 있는 니콘 AF600으로 찍은 사진들. 살려니까 물량이 없어서 조금은 힘들게. Nikon Manual Viewer 2は、ニコンのデジタル一眼レフカメラ・ミラーレスカメラの使用説明書ビューアーアプリです。 iPhone/iPad/iPod touch、Android端末用 Manual Viewer 2は、2020年8月21日(金)をもちましてサービスを終了いたしました

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Nikon L35AD là phiên bản có tính năng tự động chèn ngày tháng (AD - autodate). Giống như L35AF, Nikon L35AD sử dụng cơ chế màn trập dạng lá, lens 35mm f2.8 sắc nét thiết kế bởi Koichi Wakamiya, là một trong những lens sáng giá nhất của dòng máy PnS. ISO trong khoảng 50-1000, có thể. Nikon 1 J3 使用説明書 (5.15 MB) Nikon 1 J2 使用説明書 (3.74 MB) Nikon 1 V1 使用説明書 (3.32 MB) Nikon 1 J1 使用説明書 (3.18 MB) Nikon 1 V1/ Nikon 1 J1 追加機能のご案内 (483 KB) Nikon 1 S1 使用説明書 (4.81 MB Film ISO set automatically with DX coded film (ISO 50-3200), Fixed at ISO 100 when non DX film Used ; 12 Second Self Timer ; Weather proof (against splashes) Power from either CR123 3v Lithium Battery or 2x 1.5v AA Batteries

I got a Vivitar 220/SL last week and just paid for a Nikon FM today. I havent used any yet kasi Im still researching pa on what film to use. I got my cameras for below $50 each. So good deal talaga and my dad said I finally made one right decision in my life, by getting the Nikon FM. He's a film user din kasi pero mas heavy-duty gamit nya lol ISO Bliţ Proces; Agfa Lebox; Agfa Optima Sensor 535 Nikon 401 Fx; Nikon AF600; Nikon EM; Nikon F-301; Nikon F100; Nikon F5; Nikon F65; Nikon F801; Nikon F801s; Nikon FE; Nikon FE2; Nikon L35AF; Nikon L35af2; Nikon L35AWAF; Nikon Lite Touch 70 WS; Nikon LiteTouch Zoom 70WS; Nikon N80; Nikon Zoom 600 Af Nikon AF600 底片相機 功能正常 盒裝 原廠手繩 相機袋 鏡頭:28mm f/3.5 3片3群 快門: 1/3 - 1/350 對焦距離: 0.35mm - 無限遠 感光度: ISO 100、200、400、1000 閃燈模式:全自動、防紅眼、強制關閉 電池:CR123A 尺寸: 108 x 62 x 32mm 重量: 155g (不含電池) 購買 Nikon AF600 底片相機 【碎片集 / FRAGMENTS】 004 中山公园 (胶片)-用摄影记录生活一次小尝试。设备:iPhone 6 & Nikon F3 / 胶卷:Kodak Gold 200 微博:MrWere公众号:十四为缺歌单:@网易云音乐:碎 片 集 / F r a g m e n t

Même si cela n'est pas en lien direct avec le sujet, je ne me sépare plus de mon Nikon AF600 Panoramic qui présente une taille plus que compacte pour des résultats plus que crédibles. Mais bon, il n'est pas télémétrique. Par contre, il est hyper léger, il a un grand angle (28mm) et consomme des piles du tout venant zoom機還是太大台了,我會比較喜歡nikon af600,一樣有中途切換偽寬景 2009-08-17 20:40 #5. 0. 個人積分:91分. 文章編號:14128475. 訊息. 第一卷第一卷因為這一捲是用iso 100的下去拍阿. af600.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. .com manuals search engine ~ SPECIFICATIONS Type of camera Picture format 35mm compact with Nikon AF 28mm f/3.5 lens Normal: 24mm x 36mm Panorama: 13.3mm x 36mm auto rewind at end of film roll Film speed setting DX-coded film automatically set to ISO. Nikon af600: Kisfilmeas kompakt fényképezőgép panoráma móddal. Ez az oldal cookie-kat használ. A böngészés folytatásával jóváhagyja, hogy használjunk az oldal működéséhez szükséges cookie-kat

Nikon AF600 – klongfilmcinemaNikon AF600 + Samples! working vintage 35mm film pointNikon AF600 28mm f3108円でNikon AF600を買ってみた。 - 全部嘘さ。阿美橫町賣乾貨的店 | 2013Nikon AF600 - ITCANph - Analizando cámaras analógicas

ISO感度を設定する といっても、タイプは大きく分けて2つだけなので、心配しなくても大丈夫です。 ときは. Nikon AF 600 Macroは自動巻き上げタイプになります. EUR 254,98. +EUR 17,55 Versand. Artikel 6 serviced / refurbished Nikon l35af 2 35mm point & shoot compact film camera! 6 -. serviced / refurbished Nikon l35af 2 35mm point & shoot compact film camera! EUR 289,74 The Nikon AF600 is a 28mm wide-angle ultra-compact camera which was released in 1993. At its time it was the smallest and the lightest AF/AE camera. RW Jemmett Photography - create, enjoy, sel