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the effects of British Colonialism on Ghana was and still is very numerous.There were positive effects like the introduction of the formal system of education which saw many shs being set up,the. 16th century European powers controlled and exploited distant territories through colonization which disrupted the lives of people in the nations. The 1960's national liberation movement largely ended the colonial era but the centuries of foreign control left their mark on many developing countries Positive effects of colonialism in Africa. 1. Introduction of the modern idea of government: One of the major impact of colonialism was the introduction of new government ideas and this contributed positively in many African countries.The influence of colonialism made Africans exhibit that structured kind of government which colonial masters practiced during the time of colonialism Benefits & Positive Effects Of Colonialism in Africa One can not only write on the negative Impacts Of Colonialism In Africa without looking at eh beneficial aspect of this act. Nevertheless, the negative might be what Africa has not recovered from and might not recover from, but the same thing goes down to the positive aspect of it, it is only.

What is the effect of British colonialism in Ghana? - Answer

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The colonization of territories that now make up Ghana has affected the type of education that is provided to Ghanaian youth. By learning these effects, I hope to be able to provide others and myself information that will help us to learn how to better the education system in Ghana. Show full text Positive Effects of Colonialism. 1322 Words6 Pages. INTRODUCTION. Colonialism is a system in which a state claims sovereignty over territory and people outside its own boundaries; or a system of rule which assumes the right of one people to impose their will upon another. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, rich, powerful states.

4 (b ) Highlight any four positive effects of colonization on Ghana This question was in two parts (a ) and (b ). It was the most popular among candidates because almost all candidates attempted it. For the (a ) p art, almost all candidates were able to explain the term colonization well bringing out important words. It was only ver Colonialism had a negative impact in the economies and social system of the African states; most of them are still felt today and the effects reverberating into future for many years to come. Some of the negative impacts that are associated with colonization include; degradation of natural resources, capitalist, urbanization, introduction of. 5-1-09 P.4. Ghana: Colonization. In 1482, the Portuguese created the first European fort, and Ghana had finally been colonized. However, many other countries such as Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Denmark had influence and colonized in the later years. Many of the countries did endure some resistance one way or another from native tribes [4 marks] (c) Outline four ways by which the forest vegetation in Ghana can be preserved. [12 marks] SECTION II GOVERNANCE, POLITICS AND STABILITY Answer one question only from this section 3. (a) Explain the term colonization. [4 marks] (b) Highlight four positive effects of colonization on Ghana. [16 marks] 4 Their colonization dated back as far as 1870. Colonization is when the colonizer settles in another country, becoming the rulers of the new country, and living in the new country (Wikipedia, 2021). The British colonized most African countries especially, those in the West, such as Nigeria, Ghana

The Positive Education Coalition (PEC), a group comprising of the University of Ghana SRC, the Convention People's Party Youth League, the Pan African Improvement Organisation and other civil society groups and individuals have drawn the attention of the Minister of Education to what they described as poisonous seeds of destruction burried in the GES syllabus for consumption by students The side of effects of colonialism are many, but does pulling each other down for no apparent reason whatsoever, have to be one of them? Simply put, this attitude that we Blacks are bad and.

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Ghana - Ghana - Contact with Europe and its effects: A revolution in Ghanaian history was initiated by the establishment of direct sea trade with Europe following the arrival on the coast of Portuguese mariners in 1471. Initially Europe's main interest in the country was as a source of gold, a commodity that was readily available on the coast in exchange for such European exports as cloth. Start studying African Colonization & Independence Quiz Review. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. founder of Ghana's independence movement and Ghana's first president. One of the positive effects of imperialism dealing with improving reading ability

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The positive impact of colonization on its indigenous ethnic groups is shown by the religious tolerance between religions in Ghana. The people of Ghana are very tolerant of other religions practiced in the country. They are courteous of the festivals that have to do with religions of which they are not a part of European settlement during the colonial era had a positive effect on today's per capita income, a study by William Easterly, a professor in NYU's Department of Economics, and Ross Levine, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley's Haas School of Business, has found. Above is an image of a British flag that flew over its.

consequences of colonialism were in Africa in the light of plausible counter-factuals.2 We emphasize four basic points that are critical in evaluating the African experience. First, at a purely factual level the impact of colonialism on development di ered greatly within Africa. The broad patter Positive And Negative Effects Of European Exploration essay. The European Exploration brought together various nations like Europe, Africa, America and Asia. This period was characterized by the two major kinds of exchange: Cultural, and Biological Ghana's peaceful political transition holds lessons for other African states. It highlights four important conditions. First, the electoral management body must take concrete, visible steps to address perceptions or proven allegations of political bias. Second, electoral data must be accessible to the wide variety of relevant stakeholders Ghana Table of Contents Early European Contact and the Slave Trade. When the first Europeans arrived in the late fifteenth century, many inhabitants of the Gold Coast area were striving to consolidate their newly acquired territories and to settle into a secure and permanent environment

Programme Director, Comrades, Brothers and Sisters, The effects of colonialism past and present are visible all over Africa. It is not an overstatement when Edem Kodjo, author of 'Africa Tomorrow' describes the condition of African as torn away from his past, propelled into a universe fashioned from outside that suppresses his values, and dumbfounded by a cultural invasion that. Positive effects of colonialism in Africa. 1. Introduction of the modern idea of government: One of the major impact of colonialism was the introduction of new government ideas and this contributed positively in many African countries.The influence of colonialism made Africans exhibit that structured kind of government which colonial masters practiced during the time of colonialism

Ghana Table of Contents. Military confrontations between Asante and the Fante contributed to the growth of British influence on the Gold Coast. It was concern about Asante activities on the coast that had compelled the Fante states to sign the Bond of 1844. In theory, the bond allowed the British quite limited judicial powers--the trying of. The colonialism has a lot of advantages and disadvantages which will be explore in this essay but before going to that let know what colonialism is a lot about. Colonialism is the total control or governing influence of nation over a dependent country or people or condition of being colonial Positive and negative impact of colonialism. Colonialism is often considered to be a scourge, but that tagging it as such would be grossly unfair given the fact that Colonialism helped to restructure many a nation, ranging from its infrastructure, to education. In fact, the Indian Railways which has been tagged as the world's largest employer. Effects of Colonization. By. Sandra Marker. November 2003. All the new nations faced severe problems, for political independence did not automatically bring them prosperity and happiness...they were seldom free of external influences. They were still bound to...structures developed earlier by the colonial powers. -- Thomas H. Greer

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colonialism and missionary to prove the effects of Western civilisation and culture on Africa. It concludes by putting forth viable options as a panacea for Africa to come out of its cultural logjam. Keywords: Colonialism, Culture, Development, Governance, Liberal Democracy, Missionary The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Colonialism History Essay. Colonialism is the setting up of or taking over, maintaining and expanding a territory by members of another territory. It is a practice of subjugation which involves enslavement of a people by another. Colonialism involves an outside force coming into a country, destroying or. Resistance Case Study 4. A distinct type of resistance in exploitation colonies was the slave revolt. The most dramatically successful was the Haitian Slave Revolt, on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, led by Francois Dominique Toussaint Louverture. The revolt, lasted from the early 1790s until 1804, when Haiti received its independence Vol.4, No.2, pp.1-7, March 2016 ___Published by European Centre for Research Training and Development UK (www.eajournals.org) THE IMPACT OF COLONIALISM ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF MARKETI 1 ISSN 2055-0219(Print), ISSN 2055-0227(online) NG IN NIGERIA: A DYADIC ANALYSIS Ebitu, Ezekiel Tom, Ph.D

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Colonialism is defined as control by one power over a dependent area or people.. It occurs when one nation subjugates another, conquering its population and exploiting it, often while. A new name of great resonance in African history is adopted - Ghana (although the ancient kingdom of that name was far to the north, in present-day Mali). Independence: from1957: Nkrumah, well aware of his status at the head of the first west African nation to emerge from colonialism, dreams of leading the continent into a Marxist future Still, most of the African nations face the after-effects of colonization because the same destroyed the economic backbones of these nations. But the infrastructure and administrative machine (say, developed by the colonizers) are still used by the African nations, and this can be regarded as the positive effect of colonial rule

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Moreover, the end of colonialism in the 1950s produced an era of rapid economic growth and rising literacy levels and life expectancy in nearly all the former colonies. In Sub-Saharan Africa the positive growth rates of PCI were reversed for two decades starting in the late 1970s, but in most of the Asian countries went on to join the Middle. In Ghana most of the accessible rainforests are shrinking due to the combined effect of forest fires, logging, agricultural colonization, mining activities, wildland fires and other development projects (Hansen, Lund, & Treue, 2009). From the country's original forest cover of 8.2 million hectares at the beginning of the 20th century only an.

Colonialism, Imperialism, Development and Human rights Pages: 4 (976 words) Colonialism affected Kenya Pages: 3 (505 words) Colonialism in Africa Pages: 4 (892 words) The Negative Effects of Colonialism Pages: 5 (1098 words The economic impact of colonialism. Daron Acemoğlu, James Robinson 30 January 2017. The immense economic inequality we observe in the world today is the path-dependent outcome of a multitude of historical processes, one of the most important of which has been European colonialism. This column, taken from a recent Vox eBook, discusses how. Ghana's three northern-most administrative regions—Northern, Upper East, and Upper West—are distinct from the rest of the country. During colonialism, they were governed separately as the Gold Coast's Northern Territories. They continue to form a geographically, economically, and culturally separate region The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation in 1971, and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Forum is tied to no political, partisan or national interests General Overviews. The sources listed in this section offer general overviews of the impact of colonialism on African women. Berger 2003 is a concise summary, while articles in Allman, et al. 2002 and Hodgson and McCurdy 2001 provide a range of research on the colonial era. Sheldon 2017 includes several chapters on the colonial era in a text that covers a broader range of history

Political highlights. 1957 - independence, Nkrumah of CPP is PM, 2 key parties. 1960 - declared republic, one party system, presidential system. 1966 - military overthrow of 1st republic. 1969. COVID-19: SOCIO-ECONOMIC IMPACT IN GHANA Briefing Note No.1, April 2020 Business Impacts and Recovery Pathways for Ghana Highlights • Initial pathway of the COVID-19 impact seems to be mainly supply-chain disruptions - across the land borders, seaports and the airports. • Negative impacts of supply-chain disruptions will largely hurt peopl The Negative Effects of Colonialism. The colonial period showed significant changes in the many countries worldwide. The European breakthrough in controlling industrialization and forced imposition of dominance and colonialism has made China, for example, experience a shift from modernizing dynamism to social crises and regime instability In Ghana the rate of population growth is high. 1.2.3 analyze the effects of rapid Effects of rapid population growth Let pupils use the Future's Wheel to What are some of the This does not correspond population growth in Ghana - Poor maternal and child health illustrate the effects of rapid effects of rapid with economic growth on the family. This lesson will explore the 19th and 20th century colonization of Africa, which forever changed the political landscape of the continent. In doing so, it will highlight the Berlin Conference and.

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  1. ed under two broad headings. The first is the reasons for colonization of Africa and the strategies used to achieve the colonial objectives. The second is the impacts of colonialism in Africa. There will also be conclusion/refl ections at the end of the chapter
  2. The most dramatic effect was the 90% death rate for indigenous people, due mostly to disease but also war and forced labor. Secondly, metal tools far surpassed the utility of many native tools.
  3. The Republic of Ghana is named after the medieval West African Ghana Empire. The empire became known in Europe and Arabia as the Ghana Empire after the title of its Emperor, the Ghana. The Empire appears to have broken up following the 1076 conquest by the Almoravid General Abu-Bakr Ibn-Umar.A reduced kingdom continued to exist after Almoravid rule end, and the kingdom was later incorporated.
  4. Cobbinah and Erdiaw-Kwasie (2016) describe post-colonial rapid urbanisation as the most dramatic social phenomenon that marked the end of colonialism in Ghana. Between 1950 and 1960 for instance, the total urban population of Accra increased by 240% ( Wood, 1970 ), representing a sharply rising net-migration of 97.7% between 1940 and 1960.
  5. Colonialism affected Kenya politically, socially and economically. Kenya underwent changes after being colonized by Europeans. The British would force their beliefs and ideas of a more civilized lifestyle on the native people of Africa. Imperialism also had many negative effects on the people of Kenya, because they were forced to follow.
  6. 4 There are many arguments as to the cause of the current economic crisis in Africa from political instability, to underdeveloped human resources, to the oil crisis of the 1973-4, to increased government spending after the colonial period, to inheritance of poor colonial economic systems and trade practices (which were set to serve as source an
  7. While European powers justified colonialism in Africa as a moral obligation to bestow modern civilization and Christianity on African societies, the potential for commerce and natural resources provided the true impetus for the colonization of Africa. Following the abolition of the British slave trade in 1807 and the decline of trade with the.

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  1. Ghana - Ghana - Independence: Nkrumah saw independent Ghana as a spearhead for the liberation of the rest of Africa from colonial rule and the establishment of a socialist African unity under his leadership. After the founding of a republic in 1960, the state became identified with a single political party (the CPP), with Nkrumah, as life president of both, taking ever more power for himself
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  3. To understand what effects WW2 had on the nature of the fight against colonialism and imperialism in Africa we need to look at the climate just before WW2. Rebellions Against Colonial Rule Before the Second World War. After 1900, Europe began to introduce changes to colonial rule in an effort to increase revenues from the colonies
  4. e the effect of bacterial colonization on patient outcome
  5. King Leopold II (1835-1909) of Belgium created the Congo Free State in 1885 as part of a professed desire to bring civilization and modernity to Africans. The results proved devastating to the region in many ways. To enforce his authority, Leopold relied upon a violent military squad, known as the Force Publique..
  6. Staying poor: Ghana's political economy, 1950-1990. Oxford: Pergamon Press and the World Bank. Roberts, Richard L. 1996. Two worlds of cotton: Colonialism and the regional economy in the French Sudan, 1800-1946. Stanford: Stanford University Press. Rodney, Walter. 1972. How Europe underdeveloped Africa. London: Bogle-L'Ouverture

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  1. Because Ghana has a primary commitment to use its export revenue for debt repayment, the government cannot afford to use its earnings to fund socio-economic programs or to make long-term investments. In fact, at the height of SAPs in Ghana, the government was spending about four times more on debt servicing than they were on health care
  2. December 2020, Ghana had the second-highest number of coronavirus cases in the region of West and Central Africa with 54,771 persons having tested positive. Acknowledging the multiple efforts made by the Government of Ghana, the paper calls for further investment and actions to address the adverse effects of the pandemic, especially on children
  3. Cape Coast is about 165 km west of Accra (capital of Ghana) on the Gulf of Guinea (5°06′N 1°15′W; 5.1°N 1.25°W). The city has a population of 169,894 from 2010 Census (Ghana Statistical Service) and occupies approximately 122 sq km of land
  4. effects on health systems. On the 15th of March, President Nana Akufo-Addo ordered the closure of all education institutions . in Ghana, effecting some 9.2 million basic school students (kindergarten, primary and junior high schools) and 0.5 million tertiary education students. By the 10th May, Ghana had recorded 4,700 . confirmed cases of.
  5. Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images. Ghana's independence from Britain in 1957 was widely celebrated in the African diaspora. African-Americans, including Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X, visited Ghana, and many Africans still struggling for their own independence looked on it as a beacon of the future to come.. Within Ghana, people believed they would finally benefit from the wealth.

The Gold Coast was a British Crown Colony on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa from 1821 until its independence in 1957. The term Gold Coast is also often used to describe all of the four separate jurisdictions that were under the administration of the Governor of the Gold Coast.These were the Gold Coast itself, Ashanti, the Northern Territories Protectorate and the British Togoland trust. Colonialism and development in Africa. The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 formalised what has become known as the 'Scramble for Africa'. European powers arbitrarily divided up Africa between themselves and started administrating their new colonies. Seventy years later they bequeathed to native Africans countries that looked remarkably. China's role in Africa defies conventional stereotypes and punchy news headlines. China is both a long-established diplomatic partner and a new investor in Africa. Chinese interests on the continent encompass not only natural resources but also issues of trade, security, diplomacy, and soft power. China is a major aid donor, but the scope. Like a scourge, the slave trade was visited upon Africa for four centuries before the eventual colonization of the continent by Europeans. The nature and form of the trade was so violent, vicious and inhuman that it could only leave a devastating impact on the continent of Africa

There have been positive effects of colonialism on Africa, but the effects have been far more destructive than beneficial, especially in the countries of the Sub-Saharan region. Though advancement and technology is finding its way to Africa slowly but surely, massive poverty and disease linger and looks as though it will remain for decades to come The American Colonization Society (ACS) was formed in 1817 to send free African-Americans to Africa as an alternative to emancipation in the United States. In 1822, the society established on the west coast of Africa a colony that in 1847 became the independent nation of Liberia the effects of European colonialism on Igbo society from an African perspective. Hence this essay is an attempt to show an insight of pre and post colonialism on Igbo society. It is argued that the interaction between the whites and the Igbo people had both negative and positive consequences

*POSITIVE EFFECTS 1. Sense of Nationalism and Unity. Long before independence, Indians didn't considered something that they belong to a single nation. But when we united to fight back the colonial ppl then NATIONALISM was the central winning stra.. HIV/AIDS patient in a household was an independent risk factor for ESBL faecal colonization. Conclusion. Patients living with HIV/AIDS patients may constitute a significant reservoir of ESBLs in the hospital and community. The results highlight the need for better surveillance of ESBLs in the hospital, and Ghana as a whole The year 1960 symbolised hope, prospect and freedom for seventeen states in Africa. For African states, independence signified the opportunity to adopt sovereignty and finally occupy equal footing with their former imperialists in the changing global arena. Beyond this, self-determination relayed the foresight of economic development and shared fiscal benefits

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Britain Takes Control. September 9, 1821. In 1821, the British Government took control of the British trading forts on the Gold Coast. In 1844, Fanti chiefs in the area signed an agreement with the British that became the legal stepping stone to colonial status for the coastal area. From 1826 to 1900, the British fought a series of campaigns. Colonialism is the economic, social, political, and cultural domination of a society over an extended period of time. Increasing demands for wealth and resources heightened tensions between European civilizations and compelled European states to expand their territories into Asia, Africa and the Americas in order to extract resources

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  1. a) The term 'decolonization' is likely to give the impression that the process of getting independence was a peaceful one. b) In some countries, the process was relatively peaceful as in some of the French colonies of Africa like Senegal, ivory coast in West Africa and in some British colonies such as Nigeria, Ghana, etc.. c) Some of the countries attained independence through the.
  2. The Linguistic Colonialism of English. Some argue that the historical and current bloodshed of Western imperialism has transformed the English language into a universal tool of communication. Through centuries of colonialism, neocolonialism, Cold War expansionism, and, most recently, globalization, the West has spread its preferred systems of.
  3. The major impact of colonialism in African is that it brought about the under-development of African territories in many different ways. It is usually argued in favour of colonialism that it brought western education and hence western civilization to the shores of Africa which by implication is a positive contribution towards African development
  4. The Effects of the Slave Trade on Africa Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website
  5. g of territorial expansion, and the \southern problem. 1 Introduction What was the impact of the transatlantic slave trade on African economies and societies? Traditional answer
  6. Gender disparity on the effect of Colonialism and Apartheid on South African Skin-Bleachers . Although many men bleach their skin in some region of Africa, skin bleaching is more prevalent amongst women (Ajose, 2005). There is a high rate of skin bleaching within South Africa

Legacies of colonialism: Weak states and economic underdevelopment. The weakness of postcolonial nations was a result of colonialism—which left a political heritage of weak states with limited control over territory and regimes that relied on ethnic divisions, a centralized authority, and patronage systems inherited from colonial rule Keywords: Africa, Christianity, Civilizations, Colonialism, Imperialism, Independence, Islam, Sahara, Transatlantic Slave Trade. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Pre-colonial Societies 3. The Spread of Islamic Civilization 4. Transatlantic Slave Trade 5. European Exploration and the Establishment of Imperial Rule 6. Colonial Rule 7 Positive Effects of European Exploration The introduction of new trade routes. The Spice Trade existed in Europe starting from around the 1st century AD after Rome discovered a sea route with India. By the 11th century, spices became extremely popular amongst European lords and ladies, which drove up prices and demand exponentially..

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  1. Colonial education creates a blurring that makes it difficult to differentiate between the new, enforced ideas of the colonizers and the formerly accepted native practices. Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, a citizen of the once colonized Kenya, displays his anger about the damage that colonial education wreaks on colonized peoples
  2. The effects of the partition on the continent are many. They range from social, political and to some extent economic effects. In is important to note that the effects are felt strongly in the social and political sectors. First of all, the partition of Africa laid the foundation for the Europeans to colonize the continent
  3. including Ghana, the SDGs came into effect in January 2016, and aim to foster economic growth, ensure social inclusion and protect the environment. The SDGs encourage a spirit of partnership between Governments, private sector, research, academia and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) - with support of the UN..
  4. Marlow's story in Heart of Darkness takes place in the Belgian Congo, the most notorious European colony in Africa because of the Belgian colonizers' immense greed and brutal treatment of the native people. In its depiction of the monstrous wastefulness and casual cruelty of the colonial agents toward the African natives, Heart of Darkness reveals the utter hypocrisy of the entire colonial effort
  5. British colonialism led to the spread of the English language in Africa, and many former British colonies still maintain English as an official language. The official languages of Kenya, for example, are English and Kiswahili, while Zimbabwe -- formerly Rhodesia under British colonial rule -- uses English as its only official language
  6. eral wealth, which earned it the name of the Gold Coast. Within ten years of arrival, the Portuguese had built a castle in El
  7. systems had devastating effects. In all parts of the world there were voices calling for stronger systems of social protection and income security. Impact of globalization on culture and identity 68. Another common concern was the impact of globalization on culture and identity. Some saw it as threatening traditional institutions such as the.

With the collapse of the Atlantic slave trade in the 19th century, European imperialism continued to focus on Africa as a source for raw materials and markets for the goods produced by industrialized nations. Africa was partitioned by the European powers during the Berlin Conference of 1884-85, a meeting where not a single African was present During colonization period, colonials used divided and rule tactics, imposition and exploitation of African resources which had long lasting effects on African societies and economies even after colonization was ended. Lack of funds and advance technology along with climate, and population growths hampered economic development Ghana's economy contracted by 3.2 and 1.% in the second and third quarters of 2020, respectively, pushing the country into a recession for the first time in 38 years. However, a modest growth of 1.1% is for the full year of 2020 thanks to a strong 4.9% growth in the first quarter of 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis Although Ghana has a long history of emigration, the flow of emigrants seems to have intensified in the last two decades in response to economic decline in the country (Anarfi, 1999). Ghana's international migration has been dynamic and complex. Before the colonial era, movement of people was a way of life in Ghana, West Africa and Africa at large

WASHINGTON, October 15, 2015 - Ghana's strong economic growth in the past two decades helped cut the country's poverty rate in half, from 52.6% to 21.4% between 1991 and 2012.This is based on Ghana's national poverty line. But according to the newly released Poverty Reduction in Ghana: Progress and Challenges, report, sustained poverty reduction requires a commitment to reducing. 4. • The oldest university founded under the Americans was Siliman University in Dumaguete City, followed by Central Philippine University in Iloilo City. The University of the Philippines was founded in 1908 in Manila. Education under the Americans advanced rapidly and was not equaled by any other colonizing power. 5 legal tradition (since common law and British colonization do not overlap perfectly). Hall and Jones (1999) find that output per worker is correlated with language, with English having a particularly strong positive effect, which they see as being primarily caused by the positive economic effect of European settlement

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions The Europeans traded in slaves, sugar, pepper, ivory, wax, and gold during this period. The trade in gold was a major factor in the expansion of European interest in West Africa. Gold from West Africa, Ghana in particular, represented 1/10th of the world's gold reserve in the early part of the sixteenth century (Boahen, 1986)

Vaginal infections usually caused by Candida sp, organisms responsible for bacterial vaginosis and Trichomonas vaginalis are associated with considerable discomfort and adverse outcomes during pregnancy and child birth. The study determined the prevalence of vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC), bacterial vaginosis (BV) and trichomoniasis (TV) in pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at the. 10 Negative Effects of Tourism You Should Know About. Admin Responsible Travel Local community, Nature, Overtourism, Pollution, Wildlife. Travelling is a beautiful thing. It helps us to learn about the world, try new experiences, taste different kinds of food. But, unfortunately, if people don't travel sustainably tourism can have many. Indigenous activests are bearing witness to the effects of globalization: the frustration, pain, and rage accompanying stat-sponsored exclusion, displacement, and violence. Ivan Ignacio noted at the Indigenismo forum that globalization treaties like the FTAA represent for indigenous peoples a second colonialism